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The clouds and us

When the clouds show no promise of a silver lining, there is grief and there are many ways of dealing with this sadness.

Some blame Him, He who is the eternal punching bag. The weight of their gunny bag hasnít really reduced physically, but in their minds maybe they feel a little lighter. ĎHe brought in these clouds, He better bring in the sunlight soon. Otherwise, there is no God.í

Some wallow in self-pity and do practically nothing but just whine at their misfortune- ĎLife is not fair. Why canít these clouds hover above the neighborís house? Why me? I am helpless.í

Some are practical; they just look at the sky and say- ĎItís cloudy today. Itíll rain and things will be messy. Itís beyond anyoneís capacity to stop the rain; no point wasting my time worrying about it. Iím going ahead and doing what I was doing.í

Very few are determined action seekers, doing what they can, leaving no stone in the world unturned knowing very well that itís an impossible daunting task. Even at the most miserable and trying times, they have the capacity to smile and count their blessings while keeping the faith. They have a glimmering hope in spite of depleted resources and harrowing prognosis.

Itís a high time that silver lining made its presence felt.

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