Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:45 AM PDT
nice information
Twilight Fairy
January 3, 2005   01:50 AM PST
ah.. have been coping up with mice/rat probs too :).. they dont even die with rat poison.. species seems to have become resistant..
December 29, 2004   03:08 PM PST
yeah .. how about your own domain?
December 29, 2004   08:46 AM PST
arey feel happy that the roaches are just in your kitchen and not in the food like in the uni hostel..a nice high protein diet.nutritious and fulfilling.:D
December 28, 2004   03:52 PM PST
Liz: aiala, why do I get pests who'll eat only the gourmet kind. I have some extra Bulgarian cheese, will that do? I'm sure the cocks have been to Madagascar too. They look well rounded to me. Clean apartment? Now you are asking for too much. I'll clean the tubelight for you.
Mr. Lizard
December 28, 2004   02:44 PM PST
Stay at your place ??!! I might consider it ... provided the roaches are the madagascar variety ... I am into exotic food nowdays. Also, clean the apartment a bit atleast ... we lizards have high standards !!
December 28, 2004   11:24 AM PST
fillu: Only if they knew its a motel. When they start thinking of it as home, its difficult to have them check out.

Name: Its terrible, I tell you. I wish they at leats paid me to host cockroaches on my site too.

Pallavi: Good idea, shud get Tom. How about roaches? Lizard..Liz...You want to stay in my place for sometime?

Heretic: er... You might have landed in Pi's inbox. And trans Arctic?...if you had to send him, why not France so that he could buy me some nice clothes and shoes.

Leela: Potty training nahin re..I was trying to gift wrap them for you.

EC man! What? You in India for good? The US authorities came to know kya? Email me!

Apple: tch tch..I pity you. Give me your sister's id, I'll send some juicy emails.
December 28, 2004   04:18 AM PST
SHUCKS!! I want somebody's password too! Ii'm drop dead bored of my sister's stoooopid teenage-ish emails! :((:((

I'm still stuck on that... :P

elaichi chai
December 28, 2004   12:26 AM PST
feed em some spiced tea .... in unrelated news- im back in Bombay for good ....
December 28, 2004   12:02 AM PST
You killed roaches with toilet paper?? Are you sure you weren't trying to toilet train them?
December 27, 2004   11:41 PM PST
Can I apply for joining the list of wanted tenants? ;)

btw, why is ur mailbox so empty? Pls lemme read the saucier mails re. Promise not to reveal the contents to anyone else. Btw, Wish Pi the best for his Trans-Arctic assignment. *grin
December 27, 2004   11:19 PM PST
I meant a murderer....LOLOLOL
December 27, 2004   11:19 PM PST
i have frequent sessions with cockroaches and my husband calls me a murdered.. coz he cannot squash them like I do.... LOLOLOL... mice and cheese... reminds me of tom and jerry !! heheh !!
December 27, 2004   10:09 PM PST
I HATE roaches. You don't know how hard it is for me to come to this page with those things crawling on top! WHY????
the fillerman
December 27, 2004   09:49 PM PST
Roach motel. Roaches check in, but they never check out. Works like a charm.

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