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Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have toughed their lives.
January 20, 2005   05:28 PM PST
Microsoft matches your contributions. So if you send it off to your brother he will be able to match it through Microsoft.
January 14, 2005   06:37 PM PST
Actually...all my colleagues, my boss and my prof..asked me about the tsunami. In fact, a long lost friend of mine, called me up enquired about it. I guess, I was kinda surprised that they knew I was from Chennai.
January 13, 2005   09:04 PM PST
you guys are doing a lot already.. proud of you..
January 13, 2005   04:14 AM PST
no prob :)
January 12, 2005   09:33 PM PST
Thank you Visithra!!!! I hope this info helps her.
January 12, 2005   07:33 PM PST
Hi saw that you were looking for contacts in sri lanka on kiruba's blog. I have an email of a person in malaysia who is involved with organistions based in sri lanka. Hope this helps ure friend. Email Malar at
January 5, 2005   09:47 PM PST
I also hate this so called 'American Attitude'. It is as if their nation is superior to ours. I am so glad our PM Manmohan Singh said No to the American aid, which if my calculations are right, was equal to 22 Lakhs. For a comparative analysis, Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Karan Johar gave away 25 Lakhs each and BJP today has offered Rs 80 crores as Tsunami Aid! Now thats I ain't a BJP man!
January 5, 2005   07:04 PM PST
so any more news from ur office or back home????
January 4, 2005   09:34 AM PST
venga: T-nagar should be fine.

EC: ahydroxyatyahoodotcom
January 3, 2005   04:13 PM PST
malthusian theory was dead on glad all are okay. as for expecting any intelligence from this part of the world...........dream on......perhaps that is why it is easier to make it here than back home.
January 3, 2005   02:00 PM PST
Am glad to know your family is safe.

Thankfully, I did not have to send out such a mail (not that I would have). Most of my american colleagues were very concerned. though i do agree with the "slow brain" part
Twilight Fairy
January 3, 2005   01:54 AM PST
well it's all so much a matter of chance :(... being at some place at some time..

hope the new year will let the families of the ppl who lost their lives (not to 4get their everything else), cope with it..
January 2, 2005   03:58 AM PST
Didn't we know that the Americans were like that ? They care for no one else other than themselves. Self-centered assholes.
elaichi chai
January 1, 2005   11:58 PM PST
New Year wishes to you and Pi. dont have your e mail address stored anywhere. Glad to be out here rather than cussing out in an ignorant land.
January 1, 2005   10:48 PM PST
Wish you the best this New Year, Alpha:)
January 1, 2005   08:43 PM PST

Glad i found ur blog ( a good blog u have as well). hope u dont mind updating me on the situation in Chennai. My parents from Malaysia are in T.Nagar on a holiday. I read in a local paper that Chennai is chaotic with smell of dead bodies and such. but could you let me know if things are normal ? they are flying back on the 4th so i am a bit anxious.
thank you so much

January 1, 2005   12:50 AM PST
let it all out woman...don't keep your frustrations bottled up inside. yeah i know the only way we CAN help is monetarily cos we don't have the experience to or the skills to do much other good down there..still...doing SOMETHING is better than nothing. both my girls have started fundraisers cos they so wanted to DO something. hope 2005 is MUCH better...for all of us.
December 31, 2004   02:54 PM PST
Happy new year Alpha! You feature on y year end post btw!! :D
December 31, 2004   04:18 AM PST
Sometimes people need a little prodding. Good thing you took the initiative and sent the mail.
December 30, 2004   03:19 PM PST
HPP: oh my god, that is tragic. I am so sorry to hear that.

patrix: Left a lamba comment to your post. But I do agree that CNN is overdoing it by showing the same damn images again and again. You cant help but show gory images in a tradegy of this magnitude. There is no escaping, but yeah..could be toned down a bit..but I will not compare Sept 11th and this. BBC comes here for just half hour and they have much better news.
December 30, 2004   11:06 AM PST
Again, I am glad to hear that everyone is fine at home. Initially I had appreciated the american media giving ample coverage to the disaster, showing pictures and stuff but guess now they are overdoing it..showing gruesome pictures...considering the sensitivities expressed during 9/11, I am not sure if they showing the same concern for developing countries...they talk about thousands of lives as if it were a few.

I echo your sentiments on being completely helpless but you can do your bit by appropriately sending in relief in form of money or necessities. There are enough volunteers already on site.
December 30, 2004   06:50 AM PST
Yes, it hurts... a friend (and colleague) went to Sri Lanka for a vacation, and got caught. Have found it hard to pass by her cabin... I guess time will heal. But at least, the response in this part of the world (sing sing) has been spontaneous -- with almost everyone asking about my family, and donating generously to the office drive for red cross.
December 30, 2004   06:33 AM PST
Raj: I am so glad your parents are safe. One of my aunt lives in Muthupandiyan Avenue close to the beach (near MGM). She actually saw the waves coming from her balcony and wipiing the entire fishermen colony. Yes the presdident!!! Dont even get me started. During Sept 11th (not trying to belittle any tragedy) the media coverage actually went on for months after the tragedy. Some of the radio DJs need to be shot.

sanju, you are absolutely right..there are lots of people helping out which is great!

Sam/Kash/Apple: Thanks for the note and take care,you guys.

Ashwin: Sorry to hear about your cousin's friend.:(

Pallavi: Thanks for your efforts. I did check your site.
December 30, 2004   12:37 AM PST
Alpha check my blog to see if you can help .. from your part of the worls.. thanks a lot !!
December 29, 2004   11:50 PM PST
a cousin of mine had a close shave,but a friend of his was at the wrong place at the wrong time...and fatally so.

its impossible to fathom the destruction...especially in indonesia and sri lanka.really such a cruel tragedy.....
December 29, 2004   11:29 PM PST

Can't think of anything smart to say... Can I leave a hug just this once?

Glad to know your folks are doing fine. There's a whole lot I can say, but we'll leave that for an email maybe! God bless...
December 29, 2004   10:21 PM PST
Glad to know that your family and friends are safe. The scene looks grimmer as each day passes. God bless all.
December 29, 2004   10:04 PM PST
Good going Alphie. Glad to know ur kith and kin are safe. And may God bless all the people helping out with the relief operations !
December 29, 2004   09:55 PM PST
forgot to leave my name!
December 29, 2004   09:54 PM PST
hi! take a look at this :

not everyone is as bad as you think
December 29, 2004   09:42 PM PST
Alpha- Glad to know your folks are fine. My parents do walk at the beach most mornings but chose not to go that particular day due to some immediate business. Pretty close call. I agree with you on the lack of concern from most Americans. Infact, Only one person at work even bothered to ask me. The media coverage has been pathetic and The President!!!..... it took him three days to even acknowledge!!..... Didnt he react just as slow during 9/11 ?? I guess it is a case of Slow Brains!

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