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February 23, 2015   09:22 PM PST
I guess you haven't lost your touch - sorry abuot the not nominating bit - but there wasn't a "Incredibly Funny" category this time at the bloggies. <a href=""></a>
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I finally have somebody who has written just the way I think. Though a bad luck that I cannot write equally well like you, but you did it on my behalf and I am thankful of you to have understood the problem and written on as there are as many of people who undergo the torture just like me.
Twilight Fairy
January 31, 2005   11:54 PM PST
doubly insulted I tell u...
not only do I not get nominated for any awards (leave getting kicked out for later), I dont even get rohaned.. sigh..

smiley/alpha - let's all of us copy/paste each others posts.. that way at least our egos will stay intact re..
elaichi chai
January 31, 2005   08:47 AM PST
welcome back .... will be up to date with all your posts ..thanks to RSS! ... enjoy the nice Chicago breeze
January 31, 2005   07:51 AM PST
smiley,sure sure man..let me know what you won at the Hyderabad blogging meet.

lee, that's why I mentioned "stolen". You rohaned and got rohaned.

Amit, i leave that to your imagination are you?

Hi Shub, I was here only..just lurking.
January 29, 2005   09:57 PM PST
LOLOL.Twin,u didn't tell us the juicy part of what happened next at the reunion with the tattooed guy,and whether u asked him why he'd ur initials on his arm,before the 'disclosure' that they were his wifey's.:)Welcome back to blogging...
January 29, 2005   04:06 AM PST
Alpha dear, you've been Leela-ed. [(To be)Leela-ed = Misled]

It's not my surname. :-)
January 28, 2005   12:33 AM PST
hey alpha!!! welcome back!
January 26, 2005   12:17 PM PST
Erm, no...inland letter joke did not fall flat; and I fully expected you to pounce on to the timing :P !
January 26, 2005   09:17 AM PST
Yeah...even I am tired of no one nomnating my blog for one of these awards. I have always suspected the intelligence of my fellow bloggers.

This year we hbm ers are planning an award to all of us.

...and this dude Rohan not copying my stuff is an insult too. Gosh.
January 26, 2005   09:16 AM PST
aar, seriously nobody was visiting that case, how would google ads work..need to ask Patrix. Wonder where patrix gets his posts?

Ravages: Chill man, this award thing didn't affect me as much as you not calling me back while I was in Madras. Wonder why he knocked off that Humor category all together. I guess it pays to be Desi Larry Kings or better still, get hold of a freakin tag line.

Zoheb: Tattoo of Brad and Jen? tch tch..that wont make you famous kiddo, ask Angelina Jolie.

Lee: Na re..every Tom, D*** and Harry has written about it. People will notice those who didn't. Bravo! Oh Congrats, You have been rohaned too. The Rohan guy stole your stolen last name too. Can you believe it?!
January 26, 2005   08:35 AM PST
A third way to get noticed... write about the Rohan saga, eh Alphu? ;-)
January 26, 2005   06:33 AM PST
Ya, I kind of liked "storm sweeping the Indian Blog-o-sphere", the "A list celebs" and the calls to "email Lessig" to counter this gross violation of "intellectual property rights".

Back to brooding about Brad and Jen now. Dear alpha, did I tell u about the new tattoo I have.
January 26, 2005   02:21 AM PST
Funny one. I guess you haven't lost your touch - sorry abuot the not nominating bit - but there wasn't a "Incredibly Funny" category this time at the bloggies.

January 25, 2005   08:41 PM PST
I think the reason behind Pinto's stupidity is Google Ads.
January 25, 2005   05:03 PM PST
Wah wah...such timing. This looks like the inland letter my mom would write to my granny and have me write on the edges. If joke fell flat..plz ignore and move on.

Patty: God father ka zamana gaya re. Let make our own award ceremony and give awards to each other. Ok, I win, send me a prize now.
He was not my BF!!! pleaaase.. crush is completely different..with the 'crushee' having no clue.

Ash, No way! That's completely freaky. I seriously extrapolated and had to bite my tongue much ego is not good, they say.
January 25, 2005   04:46 PM PST
hey Alpha, good to see a new post after so long.

LOL @ Brad and Jen observation !

Sounds like you had a great time at the school reunion :) Hey, maybe that guy actually had that tatoo done for you, and then conveniently married a girl with the same initial to cover up ? You never know...heights of desperation, I say !
January 25, 2005   04:45 PM PST
Getting rohaned sounds like getting "sonny corleoned"..gross! Too bad the Bloggies missed you this time...but if it makes you feel better, they missed me that doesn't make me a A-list blogger.

Anyway, welcome back....u sure have some freaky Ex-BF...why would anyone dare admit all that esp.with the hulk of Pi hovering around is beyond me..

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