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Probably the best thing to do. It is to try something new every time that you can. A friend found out that he can be a professional runner because he tried it out.
April 11, 2005   09:59 PM PDT
Jokes float around us optimistic Seattleites (along with the clouds)- if u can see Mt Rainier, its about to rain, if u can't then open ur umbrella fool its already raining! ther r only two days in a year, a rainy day and a non-rainy day.

let me know the next time u visit Seattle!
February 4, 2005   05:39 PM PST
yahoo gave me ample space. Go on..would like to 'stud'y galloping sea-horses.
February 4, 2005   03:59 PM PST
Ya !! u got it right. If u have gmail I will mail u the video of sea horses that I took at the aquarium. Total studliness !!
February 4, 2005   07:39 AM PST
amitl: thanks man..someday I shud.

Khotta: Not my picture..It's Eric's. But thanks anyway.

Yogu: So that I get one more comment from you. Ji nahin bharta.

zoheb: I was even singing our reunion song. Next time aquarium.Shud checkout the stud like fishes in Seattle...sea horses?
February 4, 2005   01:17 AM PST
Arre Seattle aquarium is stud. My rainier trip also ended in the middle of a fog somewhere. Thanks 4 looking out 4 me, I was also looking 4 u B-)
February 3, 2005   11:26 PM PST
Total ignore kya?
February 3, 2005   01:18 PM PST
nice pix. mayb someday you will get to mount tht mountain. gluck with tht.
February 2, 2005   09:47 PM PST
Hi,Twin..I never took u for a good trekker...but,it looks like u are one-here's wishing u good luck at climbing the massive peak of Mt. Rainier someday..:)Might be u'll make it to some record books,yet?
February 2, 2005   08:36 AM PST
patty, sure here thought you would get roll your sleeves and make a site from your own very hands...*sniff* I miss my mommy!

Chenthil: Thanks man..You are really sweet to think I am capable to writing a book...if only I had enuf money to pay people to read it.

TFairy: Doping in the cave? How did you find out? pass the sutta..will take your advice on the photos.
Twilight Fairy
February 2, 2005   02:46 AM PST
yeah.. must be the dope if not the cave.. alpha u can use webshots, flickr, imagestation, photobucket.. there are umpteen sites for uploading ur piqued pix :).. u can try the most basic too..
February 2, 2005   01:19 AM PST
"couldn’t catch a peek of the peak, which certainly did pique my interest "

Nice word play. Guess the blog is a practice field for your book.
February 1, 2005   05:30 PM PST
also download Picasa can directly create a photo page using that software..and a quick download too.
February 1, 2005   04:13 PM PST
zoheb: aqaurium? I thought you worked in microsoft. I did look out for you.
February 1, 2005   04:06 PM PST
Wow! Nice postcard.
February 1, 2005   03:26 PM PST
Hey, you came to Seattle ! Did u visit the aquarium ? Thank god u did not die of happiness.
February 1, 2005   11:45 AM PST
Eric: heyy! Thank you for the picture! I checked your site, you have some real good pictures of places you've visited.

ashi: will do when I get time..It will have to wait as patrix didn't offer to help.
February 1, 2005   10:34 AM PST
Use Flickr, dear...where have you been living? in a cave? (

And am all for mounting Rainier (now now no perv thoughts) when I surface for air next.
February 1, 2005   09:51 AM PST
yes...please do post the pics!

n's ok to be subdued sometimes...:)
February 1, 2005   08:54 AM PST
man patrix, I can't be funny when I am mourning. Next time...Wanna join us if we venture climbing? maybe you can be the lucky charm and get us burried in an avalanche. other pics still downloading...sad part is i cant host any in this site..just no space. Do you want to volunteer in setting up a domain for me?
February 1, 2005   08:43 AM PST
shyaay! U didn't climb it? I was expecting more, re...anyways your post sounds a bit different and subdued. Rainier ka cold got to you kya?

Anyway where are the other Seattle pics?
February 1, 2005   05:56 AM PST
lovely picture... the blue sky must be quite a contrast to the sky you saw from below. You make me want to travel.
February 1, 2005   12:36 AM PST
Nice picture of Mt. Rainier!
January 31, 2005   11:10 PM PST
What a shame! I do hope you get to climb it. Man, you've made me all nostalgic now...

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