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February 18, 2005   01:25 AM PST
hahahah !!!

well I made sure right from the beginning the result of an already burnt relationship that this time .. i better read him right..

i cook.. delicious food just as he likes it.. and he does the dishes..

he cooks.. ( when I am tired or late from office) and I shall gladly do the dishes..)

and I flatter him to no end about his cooking and also taught him a few bengali dishes... LOLOL

and well just my luck that my husband loves to cook selected dishes more than me ... and I take the time to do all the silly things that women do....

Already told him long back when he proposed and underlined to him.. that though I love cooking.. he should not expect it that I cook for him everyday...

LOLOL painted a horrid picture of me.. works well.. so they do not expect much.. LOLOLOL

hmmm in our case both of us are hogs.. but me a little more ( a lot more ) than him... aint I lucky ?? hahahah !!!

Oh and I dont have fights I have COLD WARS.. LOLOLOL... total incommunicado... he haaaa !!!
February 17, 2005   02:59 PM PST
whats that? izzat? mitti? Is that like meethi mutti or something new you're trying in the kitchen?
February 17, 2005   01:56 PM PST
ricer, how be you? Long time se no see at all. hope you have fully recovered.
February 17, 2005   01:55 PM PST
alpha be thine name
February 17, 2005   01:55 PM PST
jeez people, my izzat is all milaofied in the the slimiest of mittis. Housewife indeed! time for new post..fancy seeing you in these forbidden parts, shooting Star. Can I make a wish?
February 17, 2005   01:47 PM PST
I visited the rest of the brat-pack so I thought I'd come check you out as well. Man I've been missing out on alot. Patrix got a girlfriend, Yogi got a, well, entertaining evening with Ashwariya and you're busy competing for the best housewife award! Whats this world coming to????
February 17, 2005   07:17 AM PST
hello. coming here after a long time - how you been?
February 16, 2005   07:29 AM PST
muaaaa...thanks guys for visiting...I am so damn busy, I can't tell you. I will/should/ought to write one soon.
Twilight Fairy
February 16, 2005   03:40 AM PST
ah.. no val day buffoonery? how how? tell tell..
February 15, 2005   09:45 PM PST
Hey...I am getting tired of checking for a new post. I demand a new post. Else I am gonna take Pi's side and feed him with all the tips and tricks.
February 14, 2005   06:52 PM PST
no Valentine day tragedies?
February 9, 2005   03:08 PM PST
cooking is the eternal weapon my is worth all kinds of currency.......
February 9, 2005   09:55 AM PST
Goddd! Am still laughing! Hats off to ONE talented writer :)
February 7, 2005   01:34 PM PST
ha ha ha ha ROTFL :-)

make a man cook, will ya *evil grin*
February 7, 2005   07:50 AM PST
Tofu Ma Pao Pad Hak - haha
Twilight Fairy
February 7, 2005   02:20 AM PST
hmmm.. make him cut/peel/wash/clean the veggies *and* do the dishes.. while u just put them in a vessel and wait for it to get cooked :)..fair enuff no..
February 6, 2005   05:50 PM PST
Oh, that was just hilarious. Just one of the joys of married life? ;) :)
February 6, 2005   04:05 PM PST
Hey Alphu...which journal was your proposal published in??

Lemme guess what happens now...

*censored scenes*

February 6, 2005   09:27 AM PST
EC: just marry a sucker like me..just to let you know, the species is dwindling.

Sid: You torture Tan too? Shay! I thought only my relationship was going haywire. Some consolation.

Fillerman: That's what I thought too. It's proposal anniversary..could have happened before the wedding? What proposal in the first place?

Ashwin: Its getting to be 4. Ofcourse I am still young. I had a child marriage, when I didn't know good from the bad. waaaaahh! Want my mummy!

colors: Tinda is like the 'dristi spot' on my blog. I try to insert it here and there. By the end of it, I'll hand out prizes to peaople who can tell me the exact number of times the word has featured here. I can already see the winner.
Parmanu is really living it up. Now he has stopped washing? tauba tauba! Eat out everyday...only non-veg.

Ravages: Good idea... though I can't afford Madman's fees and flight tickets to Bangalore. Gado Gado? On second thoughts, forget it!

Yogu: If I do that, He'll room in with the Thai waitress..kyon re, meri shadi barbad karne pe tuley ho!

Smiley: Yeah man, we still behave like uncouth bachelors. I always get the raw deal...hmm..the cooked deal.

apple: only I am cute!
February 6, 2005   07:05 AM PST
LMAO! Cute both of you are!!
February 6, 2005   02:36 AM PST
reminds me of my bachelor days in US. me and my roommate shared dishes and cooking and always thought the other got a better deal. :-) lovely post.
February 6, 2005   01:25 AM PST
Just put him on a diet of healthy stuff like fruits and raw vegetables and see him rush to the kitchen to prepare something to his liking!!!...err...if I remember correctly..that would be Nacho Cheese.

February 5, 2005   10:57 PM PST
HE!HE!HE! LOL! Maybe, you ought to send Pi on an internship to Mr. MadMan. Get him to teach Pi to cook you some Gado Gado or other words like that.
February 5, 2005   04:23 PM PST
Tinda again !!!! We should check statistics on your blog about number of times the word Tinda has been used.

You put it perfectly ! Don't ask for how not to be exploited.. nowadays I wash and cook.. only difference is that I am the one who loves to eat out :)
February 5, 2005   12:55 PM PST
You sound too young to be married for five years!! ;) :)
the fillerman
February 5, 2005   11:56 AM PST
You have been married five years?! Somehow I thought that it was a little short of four.
February 5, 2005   06:49 AM PST
Hilarious! :-))

But wait, why does all this sound so familiar? Have you and Tan been talking? Hmm...
elaichi chai
February 5, 2005   03:57 AM PST
hilarious. .... aapun ko bhi Pi ki zindagi mangti hai ..
February 4, 2005   11:52 PM PST
Poly kutti, long time no see... I know man... totally backfiring this is. I had canned soup today. Now I am rethinking my strategy.
February 4, 2005   10:53 PM PST
:))))))))) Seriously. The things you do and the things you end up doing.
February 4, 2005   10:41 PM PST
Amit: I know...hmm proposal anniversary?when he can't even remember his own birthday..dal mein kuch kaala hai...seriously Pi..what is this daal? what is that kaala stuff you put?
February 4, 2005   10:15 PM PST
LOLOL.Twin,that's a smart guy u have there.For sure....I bet u're still trying to figure out what a proposal anniversary is.:)
February 4, 2005   06:34 PM PST
yay! made it!
February 4, 2005   06:32 PM PST
Ash And Patrix: Jeez man! Now you guys are purposely doing this. To make matters more interesting, i'll respond in 4 minutes too.:)

Ash: Hey, exploiting is what I am trying to do...untill I realized I am the one being exploited. Gals, suggestions please.

Patty: 5 years after your wedding, all this will become crystal clear...till then suspense is good.
February 4, 2005   06:28 PM PST
If Pi has to eat the food you cook, then I would say he has the shorter end of the deal

*censored scenes*

:) Why do I have a gleeful smile at the end of the censored scenes? Pi is gonna give me the walloping of a lifetime or thank me profusely...ah! the suspense is killing me.
February 4, 2005   06:24 PM PST
heyyy, when do we get to hear the uncut, uncensored version huh ?!

Hmmm, werent you the one who said "in love, I get smarter and exploit the guy" ?

Come on Alpha, you're supposed to be the role model..blaze the trails, lead the way, and we shall follow *grin*
February 4, 2005   04:28 PM PST
Zoheb, have tinda sabzi to calm those troubled nerves.

DVD edition will also include special scenes from my new movie... Gharwala Bahar.
February 4, 2005   04:05 PM PST
Tinda !!! Tinda !!! Tinda never works. DO not touch the Tinda !!!

When do we get to see the DVD special edition with all the censored scenes and directors commentary.

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