Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:44 AM PDT
nice information
February 22, 2005   09:38 AM PST
Madhu, do you serve Bjs in your restruant? I'll send him there.

:-): Some people are willing to work for free and some people for a price..that's the logic.

Star: But you'll have to kiss my feet and call me memsahib and sometimes help me with spellings.
February 22, 2005   07:15 AM PST
Alpha - Planning on paying me? Yay! I could use some moolah!!

:) - Dont worry, I'll share some with you, you can't forget the little people when you hit the jackpot!
February 21, 2005   09:33 PM PST
Star: Doing good? How about you?

alpha: Why would you want to pay star when I am freelancing. ? whats the logic behind it?

Jammy: You can do something like what I am doing. Just reply to all the comments and add: These replies are sponsored by Jammy. Actually Leela would be your best advisor.
February 21, 2005   03:54 PM PST
Star, Smiley is free-lancing. I'm planning on paying you actually.

Jammy: I can only hope you don't start pop up adertisements. This is slightly tolerable.

Apple: Now people are advertising their guys.

lee; Seriously! This from a guy who is a sucker to football jerseys! But cool idea, i am impressed, dubai ka hawa is helping.

Amitl: All you guys should get some lessons on romance from Patrix.

Parmanu: he does do stuff, but I choose to keep it a secret.

February 21, 2005   02:41 PM PST
Alpha, if you have enough $$ to hire a full-time comment-replier for your blog, you have enough $$ to buy Pi something next year for V-Day, teek hai?

:) - how you doin'?
February 20, 2005   11:48 PM PST
Jammy: The last thing this world needs is an 'In your face' ad for an amateur guys 'in your face' commentary. But it worked . :-)
February 20, 2005   09:15 PM PST
Leela: For the first time I saw a girl using her brains. Congrats.
February 20, 2005   02:53 PM PST
I wonder how you'll react when Pi really does something special one year. Have you asked yourself that?!
February 20, 2005   10:43 AM PST
This is an advertisement ;-)

Visit my Blog for in-your-face cricketing opinion.
February 20, 2005   04:20 AM PST
But wasn't it the same Pi who wanted to celebrate the proposal anniversary? See there's a clue: line up a whole lot of chores for him on Feb 14 and he'll take you to the most expensive restaurant in town. ;-)
February 19, 2005   01:40 AM PST
... And he's sensible too! DROOOOOOOL!!!
February 19, 2005   12:09 AM PST
Star: That was the most dramatic comment I ever read.

Pallavi: Didnt know you are taken. Jeez, who do I left with on this planet? TP and Adi?

Note to all 'hot but taken' babes: I have so many flowers and so much love to share.
February 18, 2005   09:32 PM PST,that's what I call'raining on someone's parade',twin..what a let-down...but,personally,even I feel that V. Day is a bit too hyped up by card companies wanting to sell their cards n gifts.:)But,again,as long as it brings peace and goodwill to the world,it doesn't matter.
Mr. Lizard
February 18, 2005   05:52 PM PST
Ofcourse I explained it ... didn't you read the "bloody" pig thing ??!! ... And then you tell star about neglecting you by not reading your post properly !! Whatever happened to practicing what you preach and all that ??
February 18, 2005   05:32 PM PST
Star, maybe I shud start hording on food to look romantic.

garfy, TLC? That TV channel where they get you a blind date and do remodeling of your spouses? hmm...strange, never got that advice before..will try and let you know.*running off home to watch TLC, trading partners.*

angel: You finally found a post that would break your is honoured! Thanks to my jilted Valentine's day.

Khotta: Not bad kya? bery bad!

Liz: You competing with Khotta for least number of words in my blog? Bahut sochta hai tu. You forgot to explain the red decor..he might have puked all the beetroot he ate last night on the covers. but, interesting analogy to make me feel there are surely no men who can do good for Valentines.

Mr. Lizard
February 18, 2005   01:58 PM PST
Truth 'could' be stranger than fiction ....

Having forgotten to pay the electric bill once again, the man had no choice but to light candles throughout the house. I saw that he had managed to scrounge up some Maggi, and had left some of it for me. Thank God .. the bloody pig. I noticed he had decided not to sweep up any of the leaves that had been blown into the house as a result of him leaving the door and windows open while 'reading' the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated".

A box of cheerios was spilled on the bed, with one of those plastic rings having fallen to the floor. I was so upset that I started to cry ... and which point he opened the tap and asked me to wash my face, since I was looking quite ghastly due to the kaajal spreading all over my face. I was ready to choke him.
February 18, 2005   01:56 PM PST
not bad for a Pi.
February 18, 2005   12:21 PM PST
lol...I'd been waiting for this don't know me....ok hi...I'm a regular reader, the silent types...couldn't keep silent today though :)
February 18, 2005   09:52 AM PST
LOL! Try smothering him wid TLC (overload of it!) every single day (even if it kills you!) emphasizing that he was rite and that this i-love-you deal shouldnt be relegated to one day a year but every single day! Lets see how it goes from there! >:)
February 18, 2005   09:26 AM PST
ai, my bad, you were lying about your McD's date!!

But still, I think Pi is more romantic than you. Atleast he's a giant cuddly teddy bear! What more could ya want?
February 18, 2005   09:13 AM PST
Patrix, he knows he won't die in my hands..hence he ends up taking such risks. Cooking? What made you think he is cooking?

Smiley, er excuse me..what kind of sadistic friends I have. He really boycotted!!!!

EC: Maybe you wantto get married to both can lead unromantic lives.

Sam: I had to make realistic lies and also ward off any evil spirits...never know these women. BTW, I am planning on hadpofying my co-worker's guy for myself.

Pallavi, cross my toes and heart for you.

m: what's the vaccum cleaner for? Trust you to spoil the mood.

Star, to break your illusions on Pi's romantic skills..I didn't even get that bio-friendly non-enhanced single dilapidated ROSE!!!!!! I don't get a rose, you dont read my about being neglected.
February 18, 2005   08:59 AM PST
Apparently in his seemingly unromantic state it has eluded you that Pi is not only romantic but also an environmentalist at heart. One rose speaks volumes more than a dozen!!

And florists create their flowers in hot house conditions that are harmful to the environment. The roses that are oft found in the grocery stores are purchased from local gardeners who dont use fertilizers or other enhancers!!

Thank God for Pi- due to whom your kids and grandkids will have a future!!
February 18, 2005   07:28 AM PST
all i can say that rose petals strewn on a bed dont do much for any party except create a huge consider yourself lucky. plus you could get a gift you hate and then you would have to be nice to him just for the gesture. catch him for your pound of flesh on a non valentines date.........
February 18, 2005   01:18 AM PST
my man also escaped with teh hint of a surprise which he says will stun me... yeah I am waiting :)
February 18, 2005   01:10 AM PST
That was me, btw, with the previous comment..forgot to type in my name! Galti se mistake types :P
February 18, 2005   01:09 AM PST
Wat lies you made up..Single rose from the grocery store and a trip to McDs...AWESOME !! :D :D :D LOL!

Good to see u back in action after a hiatus Alpha :)
elaichi chai
February 17, 2005   10:39 PM PST
That man Pi takes after my own heart ...God bless his soul
February 17, 2005   09:23 PM PST
Just the post I was anticipating. ' he was boycotting Valentineís Day without consulting me' .....'grandkidís Valentineís day fund'...LOL...
February 17, 2005   09:06 PM PST
He didn't do anything??? He sure has a death wish..good thing that he is cooking these days...otherwise who knows?

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