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March 1, 2005   07:26 AM PST
wow, but you have your whole name/photo etc..any interviewer is bound to do a search. But since you write such good stuff, you are bound to get any job sans the interview.:)
March 1, 2005   12:45 AM PST
Haha !! the other day.. while at an interview.. i was like writing this very tough test... and suddenly out of the blue the tester asks me.. OH YOU BLOG TOO>..

JEEZ he had me by my lungs.. I could tell..

and then we had an interesting three hour discussion which had nothing to do with writing... LOLOL see what blogs can do ??
February 28, 2005   03:27 PM PST
Aiyo, I used your formula to calculate Patrix' last name and I think you got it wrong.

Patrix' last name starts with your 4th letter and ends with your 15th letter.

Patrix's mothers maiden last name starts with your 3rd letter and ends with your 7th letter.

Your fathers last name starts with your 1st letter and ends with your last letter.

Got it?
February 28, 2005   03:04 PM PST
chakri, congrats on the discovery. You seriously don't need my permission to make a fool of yourself. broadcast it one really cares for this info as much as you do. Actually forget me for the time being, find out Patrix's last name. It starts with the 6th letter of mine and ends with the first letter. the second and fourth letters are palindromes and the 3rd letter rhymes with 'bababoo'. You can use +-*/ to arrive at conclusions.
February 28, 2005   02:41 PM PST
Chakri is chakram..he is threatening with you with some wrong info..let him "broadcast" it..badly need a laugh :)
February 28, 2005   01:29 PM PST
got it. it is g. I just confirmed it and I now have the whole last name.

Hey Alpha,
You do not want me to broadcast here, do you? :->
February 28, 2005   01:02 PM PST
Chakri: tch tch.

Star: True Genius! I would have goofed up and said G.

Gratis: What justice? India got independence long ago? Now, that is called a PJ.

patrix, how come you didn't help poor miserable Chakri here? And what's so 'grrr' for you if I change my posts?
February 28, 2005   12:51 PM PST
Gratis, don't believe alpha even if she is your girlfriend (hmmm..interesting visual) the only reason she hasn't been rohaned (ask Alpha what this means) is coz she changes her previous posts a lot...grrrrr..
February 28, 2005   12:16 PM PST
Lets put it this way Alpha, Pi is the lesser of two evils...:-)..I'll still stand for justice when that's sorely needed though ...

Chakri it's O as in in Alpha Pi Omega..PJ!
February 28, 2005   11:49 AM PST
Chakri, I can tell you that one.

It is 'N' .....

ofcourse I have a 1/26th chance of being right ..... or else Im wrong....
February 28, 2005   11:44 AM PST
Hi Gratis,

I need a small info from you. Can you tell me the first letter of Alpha's last name?
February 28, 2005   11:19 AM PST
gratisgab, common enemies? Pi is your enemy too? sweety, we'll all get you up and running. See, you already are...abusing me and all.
February 28, 2005   11:02 AM PST
Alpha did a good job "cleaning" out her blog while the sequence of events described in "Do you do the B-word" were on...I've looked and looked...the QueenOfE doesn't seem to have dished much on me or mine. But hey she left the common enemies in there much to my glee :-)..
Patrix I was in Alpha's town for the longest time before moving to beantown, and what I know about Alphs is way more interesting than what Alpha's reveals here :-) Alphs don't go "dearing" me!!!

God I am so behind..

February 28, 2005   10:11 AM PST
starbucked: Now I know where my friend 'Star' dissappeared to.

Ravages: Even saints sometimes feel vulnerable to the forces of violence..repeatedly.

aar: nah re..not nerdy neelu. oh please, only jobless/going-to-be-jobless people have the time to blog.

nsc: You seem to be having an identity crisis from a few days now. Stick with one name please.

zoheb: I also have L'Oreal lipstick.

twilight fairy: copycat!

ashi: You have your real identity on your blog, I don't. That's the difference.

Star: You see Star, when I loose all my real friends (because of you), you ought to know that you will get my undivided attention.

Patrix: If you noticed, I didn't use Tinda this time.
Are you taking revenge for what I did to you when your mom was checking your blog? GratisGab, he is just getting back at me..nonsense fella. I swear I didn't say 'dear' friend.
February 28, 2005   09:03 AM PST
Ditto Ravages...suddenly an affinity for "pulverize"..learn it recently or Valentine-Day aftermath? Ooooh so this is the "dear friend" who landed up one day from Boston and.....oops, not supposed to say that aloud, I guess.

Welcome GratisGab!!
February 28, 2005   07:15 AM PST
who is this new to-be-greek-symbolled-in-the-alpha-family? Does she know how you have spoken about your friends on here? All the cuss words, all the moaning and bemoaning about how much you hate them? ....
February 28, 2005   06:02 AM PST
when i first started blogging i wanted EVERYONE to do it

crazy bloggers huh?

just checkin out your friend's blog...:)
Twilight Fairy
February 28, 2005   05:01 AM PST
some blog identity crisis going on here :p :)

alpha.. good to know you are putting your brilliant writing to good use (like me, of course).


February 28, 2005   02:34 AM PST
How come you have a girlfriend and I dont :-(
February 27, 2005   09:54 PM PST
hey alpha,

I also know your identity...though, probably not as much as gratis..:-)
February 27, 2005   06:00 AM PST
Is it nerdy neelu?:-)
February 27, 2005   05:58 AM PST
Is it only me, or is there a sudden increase of the word pulverize on your blog?

Violent emotions hey Alpha?
February 27, 2005   01:09 AM PST
Lucky you only imagined your identity was compromised.
My identity was ACTUALLY betrayed a couple of weeks ago to a multitude of friends while I was in the dark all along...
But no sooner had I heard comments like "I have an argument against what you wrote in your blog" and a "hey, dont write about me on your blog" I changed my identity...
February 26, 2005   11:33 AM PST
Gratisgab: aialla! The whole reason why I started blogging was to get away from you real people raining on my party! exaggerate and me? you must be someone else's friend.

We better strike a deal..want me to kiss your toes? massage them till they are blue? leave 20 comments on your posts? No ganging up with Pi on this one.
whatever, it's great to have you around! I needed someone to give me blog gossip.
February 26, 2005   10:51 AM PST
O Crafty One! My Queen of Exaggeration; now that I know where the people-bashing is happening, I will represent the innocent masses here...give them a voice! I will help keep things in perspective dear alpha-readers...I have been sought by Pi many a time to help with this very problem..I am glad I can now do it at the web-stage of life!

Ok but your writing..still haven't made my way thru it all but am getting there...making reality-check-notes as I go :-)...
February 26, 2005   07:59 AM PST
Twinie, some people will miss it even if I point it out. sob story.
February 25, 2005   10:00 PM PST
LOL.Twin,that was quite a revealing dialogue...and,I wonder whether people missed the last line...(...brilliant writing to good me,of course...)...heh heh.

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