Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:43 AM PDT
nice information
Twilight Fairy
March 16, 2005   04:19 AM PST
that's some jetti conversation going on here !! :)

BTW I have also spent at least 3 hours per day for 5 years in travelling up and down from Delhi to gurgaon.. sheer waste, read books, but never tried 'listening' to them.. ..
March 6, 2005   11:56 PM PST
Hawa mein udta jaaye Jetti less lungi !!! I have to stop before my imagination kincks in !!!
March 4, 2005   05:46 PM PST
HAH! must be bangalore love...anyways likely that he listens to everything but me yaar (read my blog; sorry for shameless advertising)
March 4, 2005   05:30 PM PST
D, Gratis: Are you guys getting some commission? Can I get a share? I like this kind of advertisement...put your stuff up and say something nice about the blog author. (Hear Jammy of cricket blog fame) I am such a sucker to praise that I am going to start distributing flyers in intersections. actually if you observe carefully, same people with different names come here. sometimes I put in some 3-4 comments to boost my ego.

Gratis, what doesn't your hubby listen to?! he amazes me...from folk songs to Chopin.

lungi people, keep 'em flowing! hawa mein udta jaye..mera checks lungi cotton
March 4, 2005   04:29 PM PST
I agree D, my girl here is famous. For someone who doesn't wear lungis herself (nor does she sell them. And Pi himself is a shorts man), look at how much interest she has stirred up!...My hubby mentioned this band too...everybody go check it out!!!
March 4, 2005   02:53 PM PST
Way off topic, but... check out. A bangalore based band -a good one. These guys were featured on NPR radio just the other day. They have their whole album available for free on their website. Thought i should post this here alpha, since everybody..EVERYBODY seems to come here.:)
Again, thermal and a quarter aside, I think you have a wicked sense of humour.
hyderabadi gentleman
March 4, 2005   01:01 AM PST
Yeah..wearing cheddi (= jettis in tamil) and while wearing lungi is like trying to have sex with your pants on. Yeah!
Madrasi Fisherman
March 3, 2005   01:59 PM PST
Lungis, similiar to the Scottish kilt are worn without jetti's, jettli's or jetta's. Please consider my word law on this matter.

Kind regards.

PS: Alpha, did you want pomfret or tilapia for your curry tonight?
March 3, 2005   10:01 AM PST
you forgot to add married before the older......they do call me eccentric and nutty you know.
March 3, 2005   10:01 AM PST
i didnt get to be called eccentric and nutty for fun you know.......
the fillerman
March 3, 2005   07:06 AM PST
Aiya Zoheb... I am cracking up at the image of Pi in a Lungi! Alpha: Lungi with Jetti provides excellent ventilation. A traditional Jetti is a Boxer like item... good airflow.
March 3, 2005   01:51 AM PST
Arrey alpha. Pi has been fooling you. Jetti is necessary with every lungi!! Cheee cheee Pi.
March 2, 2005   07:53 PM PST
fillerman: not bad. lungi people also read my blog. wokay pardon me, I was also wondering why people were asking my opinion on lungis. jeez! But me thought ventilation being key function of lungi, jetti hinders those very prospects.
the fillerman
March 2, 2005   07:23 PM PST
Christ! Yogu my man, Jetti always accompanies Lungi. Don't take the uninformed opinion of Alpha's randy mind. As a former Lungi wearer, an "awakening" or "unraveling" (the latter happens while sleeping in Lungi) is not pretty. Jetti is ALWAYS recommended except for the functions Apha had in mind.
March 2, 2005   04:36 PM PST
Aaaah! It comes back....yes indeed as a mini...when hairy-legs are in...
March 2, 2005   04:09 PM PST
gabby (I like Ash's nic for u): There is a talent for lungi tying without belt and undies. You could wear it as a long skirt or minis..convertible types.

yogu: when men are in lungis, the women generally walk around in awakening ka sawal hi nahin paida hota.

babita: hey!! New momdom keeping you awake I see! good to see u.
March 2, 2005   02:54 PM PST
That last was by me. Forgot to put my name. See what lack of sleep does :D
March 2, 2005   02:53 PM PST
Jetti, Jati :-)).
Thanks for the wishes Alpha!
March 2, 2005   02:32 PM PST
You don't wear Jetti under lungi??? What happens if there is an "awakening"? According to my unassailable logic, the lungi should unfurl.
March 2, 2005   12:35 PM PST
alpha, is that true? i thought jetti,belt everything is needed..?
March 2, 2005   12:03 PM PST
yogu: No jetti when wearum lungi.
bery=Bihari not Tamil.

Toinksy: yes yes..sure it was support. Hey record Hinduism? Ainks?

Wandy re, ki hal hai?! You try's fun. Now I have started taking them to the gym too..only problem is I dont have a disc man, so I sit in a the gym parking lot till my workout time elapses.
March 2, 2005   10:51 AM PST
Note in Yogustus' Tamil dictionary...

Jetti=Stinky Underwear.
New Gaali= Jetti kaheen ka!
New Song= My shirtum bery sexum, my lungi double sexum, my jetti super sexum re!

March 2, 2005   12:08 AM PST
Why dontcha record a lil something about hinduism? And uhm... tanx for all da support extended on aiaioh's blog. Support extended to me that is. That was support right?
March 1, 2005   07:01 PM PST
Never tried any ~ always thought they would be a little weird!! guess not! know a lot of people who listen to them while driving...
the last bit is hilarious....:-)
take care!!
March 1, 2005   04:15 PM PST
grati: :) chill..everything is under control. I can see the blog now..for a while I didn't see much. Thought you ran away.

m: You must be the only mom I know setting up your son to an older woman. I guess me and PC will surely get along.

Zo: If you hate me, tell me directly. I'll bardash it.

March 1, 2005   03:59 PM PST
Help Help.!!! Why can't you see my blog Alpha?????
March 1, 2005   03:11 PM PST
pc and you have one more thing in common- both love audio books.......hmmmmmm
March 1, 2005   02:05 PM PST
Why go for audio CDs? Try reading a good book when driving. Life is much more exciting that way.
Observant observer
March 1, 2005   12:43 PM PST
They are two different Ash's...
March 1, 2005   11:54 AM PST
Ash, (again? hmm..why question someone's absentmindedness and old age): It's really cool when the narator actually changes his voice to depict other characters.I was freaked out at first, but you get used to it. It's like your dad reading you a story all the way home.
March 1, 2005   10:57 AM PST
amit ji, e-books nahin, they are audio books. That is my plight. anything to save me from torturous drive. Actually you ought to give it a try.

Gratisgab: Thanks thanks..if I hadn't seen a mean comment afterwards, I might have given you a third thanks. Phew! That J wasn't me in your blog. I was almost going to run and get a haircut at Dahlia's.

PVS, Pallavi, Ash: jetti amused you so much, you should listen to the freakin tape man. Ariens (like in people born in April) drank Monday and brought in underwear and wind. Till then I used to think the Aryans drank soma rasa and brought to India 'Jati' and 'Varna'. I am utterly confused. Sam Sara are not 2 people, it is samsara (as in life's struggles). Phew. I am afraid of his students now.

Lee: Do u have a local Library? Try Islam.

Smiley: 5 hours is not a big deal when you think about the millions you make. But you know my salary? They had better let me work at home, in my bed!

Patrix: You know, I will look for it. saaley kameeney... calling me kanjoos! As if you will pay for my kid's education. typepad actually looks better with all that space for pictures. will look into it. I need space..not really concerned about the looks. I compensate for that in person.
March 1, 2005   10:53 AM PST
Hey, cool idea :)
I love reading and I cant imagine an audio substitute, but hey, its a good way to kill that road tedium.
March 1, 2005   09:45 AM PST
patrix hit the nail :-)...yes the paying part might be a bit of a deterrent for alpha...but I SWEAR it isn't her I've been ranting about in my blog today...
March 1, 2005   09:14 AM PST
I dunno if such a thing exists but you could subscribe to a Netflix-like audio library...but you have to pay..ah-ha! forget, you aren't gonna do it :)
March 1, 2005   04:28 AM PST
Sweeites, if its any further consolidation of consolations, I just drove five hours to attend a meeting in Hyderabad, only to learn that its cancelled. Oh, did I mention that I have to drive back now, to sign a document.
ever smiling
March 1, 2005   01:31 AM PST
Sweetie, if it's any consolation, I spend more than two wasteful hours in traffic myself! And I thought my travel woes had ended when I left Bombay. If you hear of some serious road rage incident in the Middle East, you'll know who started it. >:-(
March 1, 2005   01:21 AM PST
wow... didnt know listening to a book would be so agreeable.. heh nice one abt jetti :))
March 1, 2005   12:43 AM PST
hahahah Jetti and Jati !!!

hey I never tried out audio book when I was driving... must try this out !! goes for a lot of entertainment I must say.. cool !!
March 1, 2005   12:41 AM PST
That one about Jetti was ultimate. Had me smiling for a long time!!!
February 28, 2005   10:45 PM PST
Hee Hee :-) Omigod, the Jati line cracked me up girl!!!

But please keep anything....anything to keep you driving back and forth safe and sound...minus tickets and what-not...
February 28, 2005   09:19 PM PST
LOL...Twin,I was wondering whether u were referring to movies of these books..But,no,u refer to e-books.:).Can't imagine getting the same pleasure by 'listening' to a book,as you get by reading it.And,when u get books like the Hinduism one by a foreign author,all the Jettis and Varna's are bound to create a furore (of laughter,I'd think)..:)Happy further reading,err,listening.

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