Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:42 AM PDT
nice information
July 10, 2005   02:41 AM PDT
What a sick, insensitive brute of a teacher.
March 7, 2005   05:11 AM PST
ihndI gaja,laaoM ka BaartIya saaih%ya maoM mah<vapUNa- sqaana hO. p`stut hOM ihndI ko nayao puranao SaayaraoM kI kuC cauinaMda gaja,laoM

THIS is Hindi??
March 6, 2005   11:54 PM PST
No No .... that wud b apart from the general junta that Yogu loves :-P
March 6, 2005   11:04 PM PST
Smooching? That happened during ragging.
March 6, 2005   09:22 PM PST
:-O please tell me the rajashekar who is commenting is a blogger with some personality disorder.
March 6, 2005   09:15 PM PST
LOL.Twin,give anyone ideas?What ideas?*Most innocent look.*
March 6, 2005   08:29 PM PST
Yogu:Kitna baar remind kiya tereko ki yeh PG 13 blog hai? Raj ka baccha pad raha hoga.
..and you love me 'too'? ..apart from the general junta that loves me?
March 6, 2005   06:14 PM PST
Raj wants you to kiss his butt cheek??? Yikes! Balwan Singh really messed him up! Entertaining as usual!!! I love you too Alphu :)
March 6, 2005   02:53 PM PST
Raj beta, so traumatized you are that you kiss youself on your own cheek?

Ravages: ainks!? Never contested his virtues.

Matrix: Stop copying cheap script from Desi directors. Nahin re, ever since he ate my tiffin he has been line maroing my mom...and you know how that works.

Lee: I think your comp is not kooky (kooky?). That language you see there is Hindi, India's national language. It's slightly different from it goes from left to right and many Indian people know how to speak it.
March 6, 2005   08:58 AM PST
Btw, just where did you pull up that link on Jhansi ki Rani? And which language is that! Or is it my kooky computer?
March 6, 2005   04:10 AM PST
aah...this is a perfect setting for blossoming childhood romance...girl slaps (smart) guy...the guy feels "Sorry you had to slap me", the girl feels sorrier n makes it up by sharing her tiffin with him...alpha dont tell me, rajasekhar didnt end up being ur valentine!
March 5, 2005   10:30 PM PST
Mr. Balwan Singh is an amazing teacher, you know
March 5, 2005   10:13 PM PST
Now you tell me. I can make up with a kiss on my cheek.
March 5, 2005   04:57 PM PST
amitl: tit for tat? dont give anyone any ideas! I dont have a conscience..what really bothered me was the moral lecture I got.

Leela: Wish you were the principal of my school. guess what there were some wirdo bitchy girls who claimed that they would have walked out of the class if they were put in a similar situation...bah them too! wannabe Jhansi ki ranis!

xxxx: You are a fan of damaged goods?

pleo: what about smooched?

parmanu: yeah man... I'm slowly testing the market and then come back full time with childhood memories.

Raj: If you call me 'woman' one more time, I'll come and slap you again. *heehawhaw pulls hair and looks at ceiling*
March 5, 2005   04:27 PM PST
*sob sob* I am still reeling from your slap like Dan from Karma. I could never recover from that shock and I am institutionalized somewhere in Chicago. I see a desi woman drive by everyday and I guess she lives next door...and god knows, why I feel she is she? :(
March 5, 2005   11:48 AM PST
But Leela, thanks to that teacher we all got an alpha-childhood-episode to read, didn't we? I had been missing it for quite a while now.
March 5, 2005   02:46 AM PST
We had a similar nutcase, and no surprises, it was my Hindi master in 7th. If you answer incorrectly, you get slapped by the person who gets it right. Or get caned/pinched depending on his fancy.
March 5, 2005   02:15 AM PST
Thanks to Leela we now know why Alpha's psyche is damaged. :-D
March 5, 2005   01:56 AM PST
Jeez!! That's a sick way to teach ethics, if you ask me. It damaged two kids psyche, made everyone around uncomfortable, while making the prof holier-than-thou. Rest assured Alphs, if anyone around deserves the Hitler tag, it's the prof. Bah again!
March 4, 2005   09:12 PM PST
Twin,tsk tsk....couldn't u guess that that was just a personality test?:):)I pity the poor guy...well,there's no harm done...if he's read ur post,and still feels hurt about that day,he can come and do a 'tit for tat' now also,na?That'd give u a conscience u can be happy with.Heh heh.

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