Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:42 AM PDT
nice information
March 21, 2005   03:42 AM PST
I wish all the good stuff had the same nutritional info...wouldn't torture myself with a guilt trip:)
March 19, 2005   04:22 AM PST
So alpha is back. I thought the ice cream had ended up being really really unhealthy !!
March 18, 2005   01:02 PM PST
smiley, let me finish eating for goodness sake. and how about looking at your own blog before making such blasphemous remarks. Update!

ricer, doing great..very busy.

anya, i think you are right abt the chappan stuff (in spite of being a southie)..yogi needs preschooling badly.

Thanks ye all woderful people, for dropping by and putting up with the same post...Now I'm off to get nutrition. Hording on carrots actually... high time. hmm...only if I could turn all these carrots to halwa.
March 18, 2005   05:57 AM PST
Had too much of Ice cream imagery this week. Can you post a sequel to that massage post? (or something like that, atleast. )
March 17, 2005   12:21 PM PST
hey! nice :) whats up with you?
March 16, 2005   09:41 PM PST
I didnt know that icecreams give blogamnesia.:)
Twilight Fairy
March 16, 2005   04:23 AM PST
now dont make me all jealous.. :p .. slurp..
Saltwater Blues
March 15, 2005   01:16 PM PST
howdy alpha
March 13, 2005   03:27 PM PST
1. i am reading this while finishing a pint of delicious walnut icecream

2. i always thought 'chappan' was 56. silly me.
March 12, 2005   10:59 AM PST
Any kinda ice-cream is eatable but I always like the favorite ones better :)
March 11, 2005   02:17 AM PST
:-) Yeah...yeah...all that cal stuff. :-)
March 10, 2005   05:40 AM PST
Loved the last line... bloody one hell of a creative writer must have penned those lines! Awesome!
March 10, 2005   03:20 AM PST
It sounds sinful! And sin is what we trive for! Hurray!
March 9, 2005   05:34 PM PST
exactly...when u r havin an ice cream y create a farce!! shaan se khaao!

healthy food can always weight..i mean wait!
March 8, 2005   10:41 AM PST
:-) yeah!! way to go woman!! usually all the really tasty things are NOT low it must be really mouth-watering..enjoy! good to know that there are some women out there who like the "real" stuff!!
hal theek hai...aap kaisi hai? :-)
have fun!! take care!!
March 7, 2005   06:02 PM PST
way to go ...
March 7, 2005   05:19 PM PST
Now that's being honest!
March 7, 2005   03:27 PM PST
Finally, someone selling stuff saying its not nutritious....we've come full circle methinks. *brings out long-forgotten dabba of ghee*...finally...
March 7, 2005   01:53 PM PST
Finally you admit that you detest carb counting...fave snack food place? Roly Poly?
March 7, 2005   01:50 PM PST
Hehe, good stuff !

Like they say, eat, drink and be merry for tommorow we may diet.
March 7, 2005   12:58 PM PST
just for the heck of it, i'm gonna support alpha here...chhappan to door, she din't have a single tyre in her manipal days...

ab ki baat is of course a little diff...
March 7, 2005   11:46 AM PST
you go philosophy- if you eat or drink anything that is diet- or low fat- then why bother. got to live for the real thing na?
March 7, 2005   10:54 AM PST
Coconut Tree Revised in light of this new information...Alpha was affectionately known as "Chhappan" in her Manipal days...thats 65 u igno-hindis...and the number stood for the total tummy tyres she had on saree day...!
March 7, 2005   08:17 AM PST
good. at least while working out you needn't keep wondering "did i burn enough?"...we know we could work out forever and it's still on our hips :-)
March 7, 2005   07:12 AM PST
Twin,that's telling it like it is,for sure.I do appreciate such genuineness....Great it says,u want nutrition,eat carrots.LOLOL.:)
elaichi chai
March 7, 2005   04:59 AM PST
i LOVE that ice cream ..made in ma own Madison, Wisconsin!!!! ... thanks for the pic ..brought back memories .. aur khao
March 7, 2005   12:20 AM PST
called reverse advertising...he he he...cld u send me some?
March 7, 2005   12:04 AM PST
as good as it gets :) for a change its straight and not giving us fundas !! :) LOL
March 6, 2005   11:27 PM PST
March 6, 2005   11:26 PM PST
That's quite a mouthful of plainspeak... yummy! honeshty being besht policy!

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