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November 30, 2014   03:45 AM PST
Alpha my sweetheart, now this is a surprise. I would really like it if you heed Chaii's or Zoheb's suggestion.
Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:41 AM PDT
nice information
March 23, 2005   01:44 PM PST
Thanks Anumita..i'm jotting it down in the mile long list.:)
March 23, 2005   12:55 AM PST
I am late! Is the party over? Comments pressure demands I add my bit... why doesn't everyone forget his birthday for the entire day and surprise him at 11.59pm, just a minute before bday gets over!
March 21, 2005   11:59 AM PST
Ravages: You are on an overdoze of something. You may need to figure out what.

Patrix: Yaiks! Stop reliving your fantasies on my blog. See, you have given Smiley HIGH hopes.

Ash: Yeah Gotto make sure birthday boy has horrible time. This is not very different to the birthday bums you get in India after the you have treated those ingrates.

Matrix: BOB THE BUILDER? this in the same lines as Patrix's and smiley's fantasies? No thanks.

Vaibhav: Ok, If you happen to see this, write pertaining comments to 10 of my posts, then I'll come to read your kissays. These days kids think they have it easy, I tell you.

Pi: Sweety Pi, OK just this once I will listen to you. I'll get you 10 movies of Shakti Kapoor.

Ashi: Too muddled for even my imagination. But I get the, then surprise and then no-surprise. Ravages, please help!

Gratisgab: grrrr..thanks for reminding me of that..I was pumping oxygen in my brains to keep sane. I have actually written about it somewhere in my blog too and cursed you all. Boston party at crazy neighbor's sounds great. I hope they have pet snakes coz Pi is scared of them.

Smiley: I just had to ask for help, and people are digging deep into encylopedias and getting ideas. Thanks so much. Oh that tatoo of Leela on your butt was during a mass tatoo session? here I thought it was all so romantic and all...

Toinks:After packing my bags, why should I spend the weekend with him? This idea has confusion written all over it. ..imagine how happy he will be when I say i am leaving him alone just to figure that I am not. I wanted 'help' in surprising not in suicidal attempts.

Phew Ricer, thank GOD you didnt give me any ideas. I was just about to slit my wrists and surprise everyone.
March 21, 2005   07:42 AM PST
had a surprise party for my 18th bday - thrown by mom - you definitely got the 'pretend you know nothing' bit right :)
March 21, 2005   03:15 AM PST
Pack your bags and take off for a week's vacation, meanwhile, stock the fridge with his favorite food, rent his favorite videos, invite his favorite people to come over and spend the lonesome week with him. And then, on the day of his bday, when everything is nice and settled, surprise him by taking him with you.
March 20, 2005   11:17 PM PST
Here is some help...
At the end you MUST throw a SURPRISE party or do something surprising. In other words you need to beat the expectations. Right? How about everyone gets a false tatto of Pi's name on their butts? When Pi enters the room, everyone shows their butt and say 'surprise'. (Please dont forget to send me your pics).
March 20, 2005   11:12 PM PST
Did someone say a gay strippers party? ...and Patrix is in? Whoa! Can I join? Can I join?
March 20, 2005   10:35 PM PST
Hee Hee just saw this and it cracks me up.. I can just see your face when we threw you your first SBP...or should I say Pi's friend threw himself one and we just gatecrashed :)...maybe you should do that for Pi, it's pay-it-back time baby :)...or send him to Boston and we'll take him upstairs to our NOISY neighbors who throw a party every saturday anyway, and we'll go SURPRISE!!!..
March 20, 2005   09:50 AM PST
you could just plan the whole (fictious) party...get all his pals there..make sure he knows what he's in for...and then whisk him off to Vegas leaving the rest course u could add those other two suggestions ( strippers and nubile girls) in the Vegas hotel room and give him a b'day pardy to remember!
March 20, 2005   02:37 AM PST
Alpha my sweetheart, now this is a surprise. I would really like it if you heed Elaichi Chaii's or Zoheb's suggestion.
March 19, 2005   10:07 PM PST
Stopped by to "Hi!"
My new post is up on the web@
March 19, 2005   09:06 PM PST
LOL...Twin,that's quite a surprise,I guess..:))
March 19, 2005   05:15 PM PST
ya these SBPs really suck!! make sure Pi doesnt surprise u...he's read ur blog n plannin to hire 10 strippers?? n abt some suggestions: how abt having a 'BOB THE BUILDER' theme party...
March 19, 2005   12:11 PM PST

Waaaay too much analysis of SBPs by Ravages !

Alpha, good luck with your planning...with the kind of ideas being pitched around her, Im sure Pi's gonna have a rotten time...and thats good right ?
March 19, 2005   12:06 PM PST
If the idea is to give birthday person a tough time and yet surprise him...and also heed Zoheb, EC, and Fillerman's advice...give Pi a gay strippers party dressed in Bucs uniform...he'll never be able to see a football game without remembering a particular party ..hehehhehe...and no, I ain't gay so I can't come...but record the whole thing and send it to me...and of course, you are welcome.
March 19, 2005   11:51 AM PST
I am going insane. Actually, I am pretty insane to begin with. So much so that insanity is my sanity. And therefore, If i were to go insane, I get saner.

And the saner I am, the insaner I get. WHich comes back to me being pretty much insane.
March 19, 2005   11:46 AM PST
Ravages, thanks for the flowchart..i got it the first time itself.. *picchifying thalai* Read my comment below..actually it seems like I commented before you could explain..howwzzat! Now you are going insane..take some vallium.
March 19, 2005   11:41 AM PST
Well, reading that little circular maze of words i just called a comment, I think I ought to explain matters better.

Here's the deal.

Everyone takes for granted that they get SPB's (thankfully, not the real life spb - getting him would result in getting a fractured hip)

So how to surprise a person who expects a surprise?

By not giving a surprise

How do you not give a surprise? In this case, by not giving him a SPB

By telling him he will be getting a party , you take the surprise out.

But since he is expecting the not-surprise party, you spice it up a bit by telling him something he looks forward to dureing his party - i suggest you tell him you'll get him his ex girlfriend or whatever.

Now. you have the victim nice and easy to lower the axe. He is expecting a party, and whats more, all his old flames too. So how do you now surprise him? By not throwing that party at all.

Instead, on his birthday, you just scream surprise. and get on with your life.

Is that clear?
March 19, 2005   11:40 AM PST
ravages, got your point thambi...but that is not an option. People will faint if they know Pi didn't get a SPB in the end...sorry SBP. And the Spouse society will curse me to join the ranks of Surpanaka and Kaikeyi.
March 19, 2005   11:37 AM PST
Colours: Are you sure you can host 40 people in your apartment for a week? Thanks! I'll take your offer. I hope you also know that the Birthday boy and spouse (who organizes..i.e. ME) doesn't pay a penny for this extravaganza..It is split among you lucky folks.
March 19, 2005   11:34 AM PST
Amma! The idea is that you surprise him by not giving him a surprise which he know. As in, he knows he won't be surprised, but you actually surprise him by not surprising him.

Got it?
March 19, 2005   11:18 AM PST
Following on the same vein as Ravages, don't annouce it to him.. let Pi allow himself to get whisked away, but take him to an airport and fly to Frankfurt. On the flight tell him there is no surprise and you wanted it to be just the two of you.

When you land we will be there to surprise him.

Please accept this proposal so that I can get to meet Pi.
March 19, 2005   10:52 AM PST
ravages, thalaivaaa! By announcing I am giving a party to the birthday boy defeats the whole purpose. That'll make me an outlaw... It won't work.
March 19, 2005   10:49 AM PST
Here's an idea. Don't give him a SBP> Tell him now that you intend to give him a party, and that you've invited all his high school girl friends.

Then don't.
He is surprised that there is no party, and more importantly no girl friends.

And you don't lose your (in)sanity.
March 19, 2005   10:42 AM PST
Amit: Would I be informed..arey yaar, It's me who has to make plans! Will you fly to Las Vegas?

Zo: With that making the headlines, it wont be a surprise you see. BTW, maybe I should give him a talcum powder party.

EC and Fillu: If you haven't yet realized..the theme is not to make the Birthday person have a good time or anything. In fact, the whole idea is not to make anyone happy. So there, your ideas won't work.

Smiley: I thought you were playing "Spot the 10 differences".
the fillerman
March 19, 2005   10:27 AM PST
Since Pi knows what's coming, you need to add a different element of surprise. Have a TB Bucs theme party.
elaichi chai
March 19, 2005   09:53 AM PST
or you could just hire 10 strippers to show him a good time .....
March 19, 2005   05:38 AM PST
*sheepish grin* He he , I thought I hit 'cance' instead of 'post' the first time.
March 19, 2005   05:36 AM PST
First thing first, thanks for moving down that ice cream cup.

LOL....'after all itís not your birthday and you are dieting. '

LOL...'get whisked away as nonchalantly as possible'
March 19, 2005   05:34 AM PST
First things first. Thanks for moving that ice cream cup down.

LOL....'after all itís not your birthday and you are dieting'. I did that several times.

More LOL....'get whisked away as nonchalantly as possible'
March 19, 2005   04:24 AM PST
Hey why not get a nubile young woman to invite Pi to a hotel room. And then give him a "Shakti" style surprise there.
March 19, 2005   04:09 AM PST
LOL.Twin,that's a nice concept..SBP's of all kinds would make a suck..err, a person's bday sooo much more memorable,esp if he or she was treated to a theme of strip clubs,etc....imagine looking pleasantly surprised at such a time.Good luck to Pi,of course.Tell me, would u be informed as to his SBP plans?

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