Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:41 AM PDT
nice information
March 30, 2005   02:50 AM PST
LMAO sheesh he must have been ina real chatty mood that day !! LOLOL
March 25, 2005   08:48 AM PST
The problem is the Gummidipindi sounds like some funny cousin of Rawalpindi. I would much rather have the tamil version - poondi or pundi. With the gummidi in front of course.
March 24, 2005   02:26 PM PST
Smiley: Somehow I thought I saw your comment. *scratching mustache*
March 24, 2005   12:07 PM PST
matrix: Hmm..are you sure you were not the guy yourself? And I dont have an account in blogger as alpha..someone stole it.:(

Amit: check with Anumita but don't listen to her when she says you can use Orientals unless you want to be rolled flat as a carpet. Just 'Asians with chinki eyes' will do.

Anumita: Thanks. Free space, use it all you want.

Fairy: :) Party is only in May! I am freaking out from now.

Twilight Fairy
March 24, 2005   06:47 AM PST
LOL.. aage se (since u attract such creatures), try the reverse game.. eg.. tell him that u'll name capitals and he'll have to tell the country.. then u can start with all the local villages you can think of :)

BTW budday party over?? mere ko bhee pi ke birthday pie ka pie-ce chahiye..
March 24, 2005   04:54 AM PST
Sometimes when you can't beat them, you got to join them!
And with your permission, may I answer AmitL's query...
AmitL: You may call them Asians or Orientals and without the LOL.
Sorry, Alpha, for using your space.
March 23, 2005   11:19 PM PST
Gumminipindi..I heard this name before. *scratching beard*
March 23, 2005   09:01 PM PST
LOL.Twin,if not Chinks,then what would u call them??:)As for accosting nubile young uns,there's no trains in Dubai,more's the pity..The first rail system expected by 2009.heh heh.:)
March 23, 2005   04:21 PM PST
u shud have tried diverting his attention by sharing ur general knowledge abt bonsai, 7 samurai, kendo, aikido, origami or mebbe wear burkha while travelin in train...heartfelt sympathies though
March 23, 2005   04:04 PM PST
Pleo, I seriously urge you to use the Atlas for finding such details..J or T. You know what, I should have asked that old man the capital of Japan and see him fall down. *ingenious me*

Fills: Did everyone need to know what a control freak I am about your hair that usually is out of control. regarding the boy-like, i am not done with you!

Adi: No I don't carry a board for the fear that you might approach me someday.

Kushee: I didn't have much of a choice.

Ravages: Are citizens of Gummudipindi going to sue me?

Ashwin: wonder what that is. I would discard it for sure.

Amit: Calling Asians chinks is akin to calling Islam a violent religion. keep that in mind when you accost young nubile pretty girls in trains to show off your GK.

Smiley: Try Head and's snowing suddenly.

toinks: did you just feel glad? Sadist...hmpff..saayonara.

apple, ash: interesting is not the word...

Anumita: Glad i cud help.

Aar: Long time kiddo. You seem to share Patrix/Gabby's sense of humor..and here I was feeling bad for Patrix.
March 23, 2005   12:14 PM PST
Lol !
Interesting way to start off your day...
March 23, 2005   10:57 AM PST
Must be the Japanese way of taking to gufaaon.
March 23, 2005   04:40 AM PST
Finally I can say, "Why you? Why you?" Instead of "why me?"!!
March 23, 2005   12:12 AM PST
God you really do meet the most interesting people Alpha! LOL!
March 23, 2005   12:05 AM PST
and here i was thinking that i was the only one who attracted weirdos. Am glad am glad and aaso to you too :)
March 22, 2005   09:52 PM PST
hey, did I read this post before? *scratching head*
March 22, 2005   09:28 PM PST
LOL.Twin,that's a situation quite well-handled by you,without being rude to the poor Chink.:)Me,I'm sure I'd have gone 'Oh,sure,sure,I can see u're great,now,please leave me alone'.:)Of course, the fact that u were from the fairer sex must've encouraged the guy to show off his GK a bit more than usual,right??
March 22, 2005   09:12 PM PST
there is definitely something about you that attracts such characters :)
March 22, 2005   07:47 PM PST
Gummidipundi, isn't it?
March 22, 2005   04:56 PM PST
Well, I give you this much - you sure do have a lot of patience :D
March 22, 2005   04:36 PM PST
quick question ... do you carry a sign board saying "hey freaks ... make my life miserable"???
the fillerman
March 22, 2005   03:40 PM PST
Well, Alpha has tried some "mental suggestions" approach with me. She has me sufficiently trained that I attempt to get a hair cut any time that I plan to spend any time with Alpha. Luckily that has only been about 30 hours in the past 4 years.

Alpha: You are a little boy-like. I will avoid a detailed analysis here.
March 22, 2005   01:06 PM PST
Why is this turning into a comparison between me and Siddharth Basu? Stop calling me names! (hope that was sublime and suggestive)

Gabby, how come you know such excruciating details about the basu boy? Any liking in the past?

Fillu, how come you are not contesting the part where Gabby calls me boy-like?

Star, from when did your image become the point of interest? and what image can a blog-less person have anyway?

her-highness: loads of patience..I even deal with Star on monthly basis.
March 22, 2005   12:35 PM PST
You sure have lot of tolerance..way to go...
March 22, 2005   12:10 PM PST
Excuse me Fillerman, I dont think alpha knows the meaning of "subliminal" or "suggestions." I've only ever received direct orders from her.

I hope this doesnt negatively impact your image of me.

the fillerman
March 22, 2005   11:36 AM PST
Siddharth Basu is a control freak. Do you know why his quiz shows were all so orderly and nice and move at a fast clip?

Alpha is a little different from basu... she exerts her control through subliminal suggestions.
March 22, 2005   11:03 AM PST
coz i've been humming that stupid song for few days now...damn!
March 22, 2005   10:34 AM PST
Hey! I said you should have asked your Japanese friend that question to see him do a double take... and maybe fall down in the process. Him, not you.

Btw, I know the capital of Japan. Its the letter J, right?
March 22, 2005   10:14 AM PST
So why the train Alpha?..Pi pinched your car again?

LOL @ "Aaaja gufaon mein"...

afishcalledgoonda- very few must have noticed this but siddharth basu used to do a lot of squirming-like-he-needs-to-go-to-the-loo aka alpha, (it used to be only a Quiz-time chair problem it was thought initially but the problem was noticed on other shows too..)...and he WAS a little girl-like..and alpha is a little boy-like :)

March 22, 2005   09:22 AM PST
Lee, I'm sure you would have enjoyed the guy's company. You both could have exhausted each other with quizzing.

Goonda: I love your name..resemblance between me and Basu? er.. why do you ask?

Pleo: Maybe lee here could answer that question for you. Have you tried Google?

Star: Come hither? To that old man? on a cold morning? oh well, I guess I am to blame for the image I have built for myself.

patrix: gufaaon mein? excuse me please...I wonder why you use plural?

March 22, 2005   08:47 AM PST
I'll replace that "come hither" glance by a more indianized version - "aaja gufaaon mein" wonder it made him a lil soft in the head.
March 22, 2005   07:19 AM PST
Thats what happens when you shoot any Tom, Dick or Chu Wan your 'come hither' glance!!!

March 22, 2005   06:15 AM PST
:-) btw, what could possibly be the resemblance between you and siddharth basu???
March 22, 2005   12:19 AM PST
:)) The trouble you get into. You should have asked him the capital of Japan.
March 21, 2005   11:47 PM PST
I agree. Nothing more irritating than people who don't get the hint that you want to be left alone.

Btw, Alpha, do you know the capital of Brunei?

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