Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:41 AM PDT
nice information
March 30, 2005   02:48 AM PST
Congrats you two... by the way we also completed 4 years... this time.. we are deciding to take an expensive one out too.. I am crossing my fingers and hoping not to die !!! :)
Twilight Fairy
March 30, 2005   01:21 AM PST
"put on normal clothes".. isnt that "normal" a typo there? ;-)
March 27, 2005   11:53 PM PST
Congrats! I make the 4 year mark next month myself. Am stealing tips on dressing in silk and sipping champagne.
March 27, 2005   11:23 AM PST
that was me..wonder how I got nameless in my own blog.
March 27, 2005   11:22 AM PST
Fillsu: Thanks for warning me. I won't go that way. jeez man.. imagine that.. the whole reason why I fled from Chennai is coming to haunt me here. Doing research on cake-cutting and you come up with this?

Suds: *shiver* so plans are still underway?

Ashi: So cute...Girls are great.

Kash: The umbrella was shut. We were indside the house, remember.

:-): Six-piece nighty? The poor guy who has to go through removing all the pieces!

Thanks for the wishes everyone.
the fillerman
March 27, 2005   09:32 AM PST
Alpha: have you seen this? Puraitchi talaivi vazhke

Jayalalithaa's portrait in Chicago Hall of fame
Chennai, March 27. (PTI):A pastel painting, depicting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, clad in a green saree and against a yellow background, will be on display at the International American Friendship Society's 'hall of fame' in Chicago.

The painting was drawn by Ruckmani Thiyagarajan, general secretary, youth wing of the World Tamil Youth Federation and also a student of the college of arts and crafts here, a Federation press release said here today. The painting was presented to the Society's chairperson, Sharley Hammond and is "in recognition of Jayalalithaa's efforts to empower women", the release said.
March 26, 2005   06:34 AM PST
Goddaammmn!! How I wish I did make that trip to your place now!! Cant believe I missed playing kabab mein haddi on your anniversary!! Those lucky juniors!!
March 25, 2005   11:03 PM PST
he he he....4 years and u already feel like an old married couple alpha?? jeeez...u have to take lessons from us..*g*.

of course they get better after the 10th one (like everything else worth having) and if u've got a girl by then...then be prepared to have the most romantic evening she can conjure up with all your scented candles and canned soup and frozen!

(yeah..that's what the girls do for us)
March 25, 2005   09:01 PM PST
LOL.Twin,that's a nicely celebrated anniversary,for sure.Congrats to u and Pi.:)And,here's wishing for another 40 more to come.:)And,what nice friends..arriving at 'just the right moment'.:)
the fillerman
March 25, 2005   01:57 PM PST
Why do we cut cakes for all occasions? Need to look into that. Here's to wishing you a lifetime of happy anniversaries.
March 25, 2005   11:11 AM PST
congratulations- would love to fast forward and see what you say after 21 years( like me)............though i am married to a romantic- lilies and caviar every year.........
March 25, 2005   09:51 AM PST
Silly Married People...bah! (kidding sweetheart!)...belated hee sahee...wishing you both a very happy anniversary and the best that life has to offer.
March 25, 2005   07:00 AM PST
Congratulations!! And I agree with EC on the prize thing.. Only I think it should be the nobel peace prize.. LOL!
elaichi chai
March 24, 2005   11:37 PM PST
4 years! .... ek World Cup ka prize dena chahiye .... Pi ko ;)
March 24, 2005   11:19 PM PST
Silk lungis, eh? happy anniversary!
March 24, 2005   11:04 PM PST
Happy Anniversary!
March 24, 2005   10:13 PM PST
Wishing you a very happy anniversary, Alpha and many more to come.

So was Pi holding the umbrella? How was he eating then? or did u mean to have all the champagne to urself? :)
March 24, 2005   10:05 PM PST
Lets cut back on the cake thing and straight away cut to: alpha in silk part.

Yeah..bless us more of your tom and jerry posts for many more years (read: forever).

Hey wait! Next year try that six piece nighty. (you can rent it from vinny).
March 24, 2005   09:34 PM PST
Thanks for the wishes.

Ashwin: Nothing inappropriate except the 'younger' part. What's wrong with my old age?

Ash: I was in a Kancheepuram silk sari and Pi was in a silk Kimono with a silk umbrella and we were eating silk worms. hope that abates your curiosity.
March 24, 2005   08:02 PM PST
Congratulations! :)
March 24, 2005   07:26 PM PST
Wiah you a very happy anniversary Alpha... wish you many many interesting years ahead !

I gotta say, Im curious as heck as to what the 'silk' 'ab-normal' clothes were :P !
Nice to have good friends...would be even better if they had better timing, right ? :)
March 24, 2005   06:22 PM PST
wish you a very happy wedding anniversary :)!!
on a different note..if a girl who was a younger version of you ever existed ..i would marry her right away!! ;) :D.
(does that line sound inappropriate? :-s)
March 24, 2005   05:18 PM PST
gabby, thanks machi (universal brother-in-law hood). And thanks for divulging that classified information. Now they'll all think he cross-dresses. *shudder*

Matrix: Maybe a 'Tolerable married life' is more like it. Bowflex? Yikes! No no, we are not that much of health freaks. We just go to the gym three times a day. Font size looks ok..wait let me remove my microscope...yeah, i think its rather small. If one more person complains, I'll change it. That's how much I love you, matrix mah boy.

Gabby: yeah, looks like your man is not the only old man I know.
March 24, 2005   05:15 PM PST
Gratisgab, u filling in for Alpha today?? :p...well wishing a happy married life is like running the credits at end of a show,ppl simply walk out of the hall but u still need to run them!
March 24, 2005   04:38 PM PST
matrix - happy married life?????
What is with that???!!!
March 24, 2005   04:36 PM PST
did u decrease the font-size or i forgot my glasses @ home??

wishing u n Pi a happy married life!

u got a gift?? let me guess, bowflex?? or one year subscription @ gym? u need not wait a year for the champagne, i'm more than willing to have it now.
March 24, 2005   04:05 PM PST
you and pi are the cutest !!! love ya'll!

for the people interested in knowing what the un-normal clothes consisted of, let me tell you there was a lot of silk involved, yes even pi was in silk! LOL!!!

here's to a gazillion years more of happy complaining!!!! :) i'm hear to hear both sides and then spill the beans of course!
March 24, 2005   03:50 PM PST
patrix, thanks..i'm kinda glad there's someone who can deal with me

D: ahem..Tried to keep it as PG 13 as possible. But you know when guests pour in, you generally wear decent clothes.
March 24, 2005   02:48 PM PST
"put on our normal clothes..."
Congragulations on your anniversary!
March 24, 2005   02:01 PM PST
Hey, I dinn know u had ur anniv. Congrats to you and Pi for tolerating each other for 4 years :) hope you stay with each other and provide us with "interesting" stories for many more years to come....

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