Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:41 AM PDT
nice information
Twilight Fairy
March 30, 2005   11:45 PM PST
lemme guess who this 'Name' is.. I think it's Pallavi.. she's the only one who goes LOLOLOL :)
March 30, 2005   02:46 AM PST
we have one of those Swoosh gurgle thingy here too in those bowling alleys... gave me a scare at first .. lOLOLOL
Twilight Fairy
March 30, 2005   01:21 AM PST
LOL! this reminds me exactly of one of my posts where I had written stuff about hi-tech toilets in Japan.. aisa hee thaa mera experience.. terrifying.. and wondering how on earth they could waste *so* much water in a bid to be modern!!!
March 29, 2005   02:09 PM PST
Smiley, what's with the OSHO feel here?

Adi: Toilet paper tails? I sincerely hope they are not used ones.

Gabby: give poor Smiley a hug.
March 29, 2005   10:32 AM PST
What's with :-) and all the love? It's all over his blog too...??
March 29, 2005   10:13 AM PST
sigh ... toilet paper tails used be such fun i office ;-)
March 29, 2005   09:15 AM PST
alpha baby, give me a warm and nice hug. I love you.
March 28, 2005   02:39 PM PST
hai bhagwan...Alpha, tumhara kya kiya jai????
March 28, 2005   09:01 AM PST
m: I am not sure if they come back after one round. Must file complaint..that way this toilet paper episode will not happen.

Rhyncus: Who said anything about Statues? Now you totally are freaking me out.

Amit: Thanks for the insider's info..I think we have faulty ones here.

Smiley: Are we talking about ice-cream floats, floats in a parade or something that aids in swimming? To answer your question, I don't know what happens to floaters.

anumita: On the same note, The toilets in Amsterdam airport are freaky in their own way. They WILL NOT flush. I tried all kinds of stunts from jumping jacks to pilates. I looked high and low for hidden switches and buttons. Finally giving up while choking, I decided to risk venturing out and prohibit people from entering. I opened the door and *Whoooosh*. Merciful lord, it flushed at last! It had a door sensor! Sheepish grin to the 50 women, knock-kneed, waiting for me to get out.

babblefish: lol, I wouldn't overlook the 'haunted' scenario.

suds: Inmates' butt in what they'll let you get close to.

star: I think it's paranoid people like you that designed restrooms here. Thanks.
March 28, 2005   07:35 AM PST
Now if only they had an automatic door opener when you're done in the stall and in the restroom. Those handles are yucky!!

PS: Happy Belated Anniversary!
March 28, 2005   06:58 AM PST
I am surprised no vetti researcher has ventured to study the effects of daily exposure of the human butt to infrared...

And I am supposed to pick a thesis topic asap..Hmm..the effects on Playmates butts maybe..
March 28, 2005   12:26 AM PST
LOL... good one.
Atleast you guys have a hightech loo that flushes itself. I have one of those bygoen era overhead flushtank that is precariously balanced on my head that flushes itself. freaks me out.
March 28, 2005   12:05 AM PST
Hehehe! Great piece! The first time I experienced this at an airport I quickly looked around for hidden cameras!
March 27, 2005   09:41 PM PST
what happens if there is a floater?
March 27, 2005   09:29 PM PST
Twin,u don't know the worst(best) about infrared based toilets...and,believe me,I got it from the horse's(manufacturer's)mouth, since I order them for some of our projects here....the fact is that if u've relieved urself a lil more than the full capacity,if the first flush does not clear out the WC totally,, then,u have to (a)sit on the pot again and (b)get up again,so that the sensor feels that a new round of flushing is required and flushes again...the steps have to be repeated :):)LOL......Hats off to modern technology...err,or,should that be 'bottoms up'?
March 27, 2005   05:27 PM PST
So this is the new frontier in potty-training? Statues on the commode.
March 27, 2005   04:27 PM PST
you mean they skimped and didnt install the revolving plastic seat cover contraption..........tch tch......send the complaint letter in.
March 27, 2005   03:18 PM PST
Ash, I hope you were also eating breakfast. *shit* scared is the word!

Suds: ahem, just heard that rains in TamilNadu flooded Kauvery. Yeah, I do that at home now...

Zoheb: :P Imagine that...*seriously thinking of times when I haven't flushed, washed hands, dried them, and coudn't open the door!*
March 27, 2005   02:19 PM PST
I hope they didnt go to all the revamping trouble just for you!
March 27, 2005   01:44 PM PST
As if the Kauvery is overflowing with water now! :p

Another major prob is that when you get used to the automatic forget to flush when you use an ordinary toilet!! Pity the next guy! :)
March 27, 2005   12:50 PM PST
That was great post to read first thing on a Sunday morning !

Yeah, I got shit scared the first time the automatic flush went off ... n another prob is that if u wiggle your butt even a wee bit, the motion sensors go off n the automatic flush whooshes while you're still in the midst of ..ummm...activity ...

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