Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:40 AM PDT
nice information
April 1, 2005   04:25 PM PST
Amitji: Thanks for trying so hard to post this invaluable comment.:) So the hocus pocus thingie worked. Nahin yaar, why the hell is it not working for you..never heard of blogdrive being partial to my readers. Thanks again.
April 1, 2005   04:23 PM PST
LOL.Twin,this is the third time I'm trying to post a
comment here on this post...have u done some hocus
pocus to ban my comments,I wonder?Nice
post,nevertheless,of the good "ole" days.I guess all
of us have memories of being teased about
teeth,nose,obesity,etc,etc...(No,No,I don't get
carried away like u,talking of 'jobs' of all
kinds.)But,then,memories are usually what make life
worth living,huh?Reading between the lines,though,I
think u wanted to hear one of us say'Oh,and,that's how
the ugly duckling transformed into a swan?'.heh heh
April 1, 2005   02:57 PM PST
Ashwin: That's different from what I was talking about...Did you have a bucket butt? so are you saying you look really cool now?

Fairy: See, I aim to surprise!

Shoba: :D Got it sweets!

Smiley: Of course she is beautiful and married.So you better stick to TP and Patrix..or you might risk losing them too.

Matrix: If we get a buy one get one free, I'll go with the free deal.

Gratis: arey, why sudden interest on m? I'm the one who is muskaing her for her son's hand. She has a blog. See if you can influence her -
April 1, 2005   09:55 AM PST
Alpha, who is m?
m, who are you? you don't have a blog do you?
April 1, 2005   02:45 AM PST
from one long-nose plier to another:
r u still looking for company to try a group discount??
April 1, 2005   01:06 AM PST
Wait a minute! Is Gratis a gorg chick? Ha! you should have told me. I would have paid my attention to her. I have been flirting with TP and Patrix!
April 1, 2005   01:01 AM PST
Hey that was a nice laugh not a mean laugh....:D
Twilight Fairy
March 31, 2005   10:54 PM PST
Alphie, as a matter of fact I was expecting it in a comment box.. but mine :)
March 31, 2005   09:29 PM PST we go... i used to grease my hair with coconut oil everday morning before going to school. stopped when a female friend hesistantly advised me to rethink that strategy. oily hair and "vibhudi" mark on my forehead to go with itl (not the three-lined pattai..thankfully). difficult to imagine now that was really me.
March 31, 2005   07:09 PM PST
Smiley: hehe! Safety pins? No wonder all the magnets get attracted to you. Business magnates. Gorgeous? ohh, you flatter me...Wait a minute, were you talking to Gratis? grr..

Pleo: Are you saying beautiful parents like mine could give birth to an ugly duckling? Hai ram! Wait, don't go into possibilities of finding me in the dustbin or aliens handing me over at the point of a gun.

Fairy: Sure, Happy Birthday! Please tell me you weren't expecting this wish in a comment box.

Anumita: Flushed them? How? Didn't you have a mean dentist who sealed the braces to your teeth? Mine did.

Pallavi: Gave you a name. Hold on to it, Ok.

Babblefish: I am trying to picture you. A balding bucket with a tail and a paunch trying to bully others. oh, forgot the devil's trident.

Colours: I burnt them, drank the ashes, puked them in the commode and flushed them. I have a photo of that..interested?

rhyncus: How does one grow their lip? No, seriously..I can believe a bucket with a paunch..but an outgrown lip...was your village blessed in any way by Angelina Jolie?

Oye ashwin: When you give some, you get some. How come we missed yours? trying to out-clever me.

Shoba: Thanks man..By taking that as a compliment, I just sucked up to someone who laughed at me. Oh well...

Ricer: Hey mots, thanks for sharing that. only first half? second half mein kya hua? You killed them all?

Mr.Proboscis: I'm happy for you. I will tell Patrix, though I am not completely sure he wants to have your baby. Too much nose in the family can stink!

Mr. Proboscis
March 31, 2005   12:43 PM PST
Finally, I have found the love of my life !!
March 31, 2005   06:08 AM PST
yeah - totally agree! first half of my school days were spent being called darkie - can u imagine - even in our generation - such blatant racil discr. and the rest of my life (to the present) being ragged for my weight ... all my nicks are size related ... fatts / motts / motu / golu ... :(
March 31, 2005   05:43 AM PST
<i>My accomplishments at that time included brushing my teeth without even opening my mouth.</i>
LOLOL! Now that was too funny! That's one admirable quality, to laugh at oneself and woh bhi poori imaandari se :D hehehee!
March 30, 2005   10:56 PM PST
after reading ur post there seems to be an outpouring of bad childhood memories by all visitors to your blog!! ;) u r clever! :D
March 30, 2005   04:41 PM PST
Braces? What are those? Where I grew up, you could either make your lips outgrow your teeth, or the teeth could be plucked out. I had a lot of friends with bulbous lips. There were also a lot of frustrated dentists in the neighbourhood.
March 30, 2005   09:06 AM PST
What happened to those before and after photos? Has Pi preserved them?
March 30, 2005   06:07 AM PST
Ouch! That brings back a lot of memories. Memories that I thought I had buried in the deep recesses of my mind.
Back in school THEY used to call be bully. Shifted city and the guys in the new school started calling my bull.
Come back home and the relatives used to call me bucket for the large butt I had.
15 years later I am still not satisfied with what I see in the mirror. Now battling premature balding and a ponch that refuses to go.
Vanity I guess is after all the Devilís favorite sin.
March 30, 2005   02:45 AM PST
LOLOL I also had to wear braces but gave it up... did not think it was worth it ... and no one is perfect for heaven's sake
March 30, 2005   02:30 AM PST
At home from the hostel I used to be fitted with braces and once back at the hostel I managed to undo the painful braces and flush them down the toilet. My parents gave up. Now I wish I didn't flush them, or, they didn't give up.
Twilight Fairy
March 30, 2005   01:29 AM PST
hmmm.. very true and familiar.. I think I should finally visit the dentist and put on the braces I have been meaning to :)..

Talking of surprise parties (ur anniv and pi's birthday) my birthday is round the corner .. u can practice by planning my surprise party before Pi's :)

BTW - left comments on a couple of ur prev posts too...
March 30, 2005   12:19 AM PST
Ugly duckling to graceful swan, eh? :)
March 29, 2005   10:57 PM PST
But seriously, even some one as gorgeous as you went through this phase?
March 29, 2005   10:44 PM PST
Gap between teeth! That brings lots of fond memories. Gap used to be cool when I was a kid. I used to pass one rupee coins, safety pins, kite threads through the gap. While drinking lassi the gap can be used to filter the unwanted particles etc. But later when I grew into a teen I never really opened my mouth ever to laugh. It took me another five years to learn to live with it. :-)
March 29, 2005   07:32 PM PST
I feel so too. The post is not falling right, needs a nip-tuck. But in general women are never satisfied with their looks.
March 29, 2005   06:29 PM PST
this is an odd post for you. i believe that negative feelings never really leave - no matter how much of a gorgeous swan one becomes.
March 29, 2005   03:51 PM PST
narad ji, I was talking about physical issues, not state of mind or clothes. Nah, I was never nerdy to begin with.
March 29, 2005   03:30 PM PST
n what abt the nerds? how cud you u fget the nerds who turned out cool later? :p guess u've never beeen there. anways take care
March 29, 2005   02:08 PM PST
Gabby, :-) You fell in the catergory of kids who didn't deserve one. So chill. Anyway, you have managed to fill your cheeks sufficiently so there's no telling.
March 29, 2005   01:37 PM PST
Ah my dear, consider yourself lucky. Think of the girls with that problem who were never granted that brace-dream..becos the parents had gone thru the dentist nightmare with the elder sibling and it just seemed to not be worth the wait and hope your cheeks fill out as that's the only way the teeth will look any smaller! :)

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