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January 28, 2015   02:25 AM PST
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Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:40 AM PDT
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April 3, 2005   11:36 PM PDT
ya .. check your gmail! ;-)
April 3, 2005   10:59 PM PDT
check your gmail. :-)
the fillerman
April 2, 2005   09:12 PM PST
So this teacher was also the Hindi sir? How did you end up with so many 'textbook' teachers? It must be because of the whole remote AP- tribal location. Actually, when I read about it, it does not sound all that remote.
April 2, 2005   05:09 AM PST
babes....I think you've read all teh April fool stories on my blog....lets start a union against sadistic teachers....wat say??
April 2, 2005   01:23 AM PST
Umm....I remember when i was in 5th standard, I used to do all donkey work for my favourite teacher coz I used to think that was so cool.......:| Used to carry her stuff, books and all everyday coz I thought that was a privilege.....haha! Oh man, I was her personal coolie! Well, my comment bears no connection to this post as such, but well....I just went a trip down the memory lane :P

But your teacher was very clever....s/he made a fool of an unsuspecting student who well never did have a choice.....I think s/he wud have been a butt of jokes the entire day, so conviniently made you the bakra to massage her/his ego! :P
April 2, 2005   12:32 AM PST
Its a win-win situation for teachers. Like your Hindi teacher who told you to slap your classmate or go out of the class.
April 1, 2005   11:13 PM PST
i love the times of india request- now that deserves a first place for blogworlds april fools act.
April 1, 2005   09:09 PM PST
Well,I dare say I have, but,some of those pranks are pretty unmentionable...anyway,Twin,guess u had a good laugh later,albeit,at that minute when u reentered the classroom to the sound of 'April Fool', it must made you go red faced with annoyance?:)
April 1, 2005   08:36 PM PST
zo, i know this is disspointing an unadultrated. but here I didnt even get fooled!!! At least I dont think so!
April 1, 2005   08:15 PM PST
Not the least bit sadistic. I am so unimpressed. Mazaa nahi aayaa. No brutal "Jhansi ki Rani" types story :-(
U cud try something sadistic on Pi and tell us about it :-)
April 1, 2005   05:44 PM PST
haha.............no i havnt. thnk u 4 sharing this with us maam. man it seems u got pranked a lot as a kid....so r u like trying to make up 4 it on this blog? pickin on patrix et al?
April 1, 2005   04:56 PM PST
This how the teachers "got into the spirit" :-)
April 1, 2005   04:26 PM PST
Haah..i was smarter than that, i wud never leave my bed on 1st Aprils, another reason to bunk school... the practice continues till date (1st April)!
April 1, 2005   04:21 PM PST
m, when your teacher instructs you to go get something, normally students are not allowed to say 'no, I wont go, it must be an April Fool joke.' It was just uncalled for. He used his powers to trick me! Horrid!
April 1, 2005   03:57 PM PST
i cant imagine you falling for such stuff- or is it that kind of stuff that makes you so perfectly sharp today.

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