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March 21, 2015   08:37 PM PDT
who told you that there's a big red mark on your forehead?:)
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March 21, 2015   08:36 PM PDT
do not apologise for an overactive interesting mind...
Active Instagram Followers che
March 21, 2015   08:36 PM PDT
do not apologise for an overactive interesting mind...
February 23, 2015   09:25 PM PST
Gooood, I was wondering when you would get that!Thanks for sharing :D
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February 23, 2015   09:25 PM PST
Gooood, I was wondering when you would get that!T :D
instagram followers
February 23, 2015   09:25 PM PST
Gooood, I was wondering when you would get that!T :D
jual kosmetik murah
January 11, 2015   12:45 AM PST
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Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:39 AM PDT
nice information
Twilight Fairy
April 5, 2005   02:27 AM PDT
ulp.. err.. .. i can see the rani jhansi avatar now.. :p :D

scary image <=> u have a skunk as a pet.. and you can "shoot" anyone who dares mess with u..
well I suppose no one does it better than u (even if it is verbal)... for other instances u can use jim carrey :)
April 4, 2005   06:21 PM PDT
errr. Alpha now coz of u i will suspect all the Roshnis and Sapnas of this world! darn...u could 've prolonged ur confessions till somebody called me Kittu Puttu on chat.
April 4, 2005   03:38 PM PDT
I'll take the yaar part of that, not the ghadar. If I remember correctly YOU did that and then informed me of your said actions. I was shocked by your atrocious behaviour to the point where I was speechless!

That I took equally gleeful pleasure in reading replies sent back from Yogi to alleged-Sapna I will not admit!
April 4, 2005   01:39 PM PDT
Gabby: hmpf! Ok this is funny. I had ordered a new cell phone for me sometime ago. Then you said you have sent us a wedding anniv gift. So that's in my mind when I finally see a package waiting for me downstairs. I rip it apart and see a really cute cell phone. I am thinking to myself, Awww thats so sweet of Gabby to know I needed a phone. But then she doesn't know I ordered a new one!!!
April 4, 2005   01:22 PM PDT
alpha - REI piece was hubby's addition - looks like he had his own scores to settle ! :)
April 4, 2005   12:26 PM PDT
Gabby saali, all that REI hype and all...what with me drooling. waiting all week for mr. postman. rude joke indeed. bah!
April 4, 2005   11:42 AM PDT
Gooood, I was wondering when you would get that! :D
April 4, 2005   10:25 AM PDT
Pleo: Ego boosting for me happens even if a skunk is involved.

Patrix: *blink blink* *deep breath* *Twidle thumb* *shift uneasily* *swallow* *pursed lips* repeat chorus.
April 4, 2005   10:15 AM PDT
You wrote: “Oh Gosh, Alpha! Its YOU!!!! Jeezzz! My God! I feel so dumb! Hehehe!” *embarrassed smiley*

I ask: What was Smiley doing there? and why is he embarassed?
April 4, 2005   10:01 AM PDT
Alpha, you were my senior. You sure I would have helped boost your ego?
April 4, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
Gabby, I am letting your hubby recover. Also scouting for newer pastures.
Well, your gift prank was a good one. I completely fell for that.
April 4, 2005   09:41 AM PDT
yemm: Which idiot apologized? .. that too on my behalf? Hall of 'shame' is for the people I fooled.
April 4, 2005   09:40 AM PDT
Alpha - I think you are slowing down girl, or is your bag-o-tricks near empty?...Is saal slow tha nahi?..Or am I speaking too soon? *glancing around suspiciously*
April 4, 2005   09:18 AM PDT
do not apologise for an overactive interesting mind..........
April 4, 2005   08:52 AM PDT
Star: I bet you forgot the extreme fun we had trying to set up Yogu to believe he was getting an email from Sapna. yaar gadhar!
April 4, 2005   08:42 AM PDT
Pleo: Somehow our class guys didnt too much of us (or we didn't think much of them)..the grass being glossier on the other side. We had to make do with guys like you to boost our ego.

AmitL: April fool jokes were lame. I said na, I am becoming tamer. red mark? I bet you must have got that too.

Heretic: I always wondered if we spoke the same mother tongue. Whatever you say, its always good to see you around.

TF: You know what, before people find out the truth, I need a few things-
1. Skunk (TF, could you double up as one. you could be a natural some people tell me. Or else...I might have to ask Star)
2. Hubby who would fight for me (TF? nah! This one I will figure out myself)
3. Scary image


Star: 'Creativity curbed because of accusations of joblessness by ruthless people caused her and her pet skunk's demise'. Can you live with that on your conscience?
wait, my whole wedding was a prank? What good news! Or is this a prank to get Pi all for yourself?

Ricer: Sure, no problem. But why do you thank me? *on my guard*
April 4, 2005   07:33 AM PDT
Thank You!
April 4, 2005   07:14 AM PDT
Yes, yes, I agree with Twilight Fairy's last assumption. You could only be this 'vela' because you have a skunk as a pet and no real hope of having a prankless relationship with anyone!!!

PS: Does Pi know that the guy who performed your wedding wasn't a real priest but just one of your classmates playing a prank on you???
Twilight Fairy
April 4, 2005   06:11 AM PDT
a few more reasons why you havent been 'victimised' could be ..

- people are less original/creative than you. (say thanks)
- they dont have as much time/resources as you to plot and plan. (read as they arent vela :p )
- they are scared of the rani jhansi class monitor types.
- you didnt realise you were being 'victimised'... like u spared ur class guys.
- you have a very possessive bro/hubby who hit anyone/everyone who comes near 2 feet of u or dares to think of victimising u.
- you have a skunk as a pet.

April 4, 2005   05:09 AM PDT
BTW,who told you that there's a big red mark on your forehead?:)
April 4, 2005   05:03 AM PDT
LOLOL....Twin,I guess,by comparison,the jokes u played on April Fool's day were pretty tame...:)
April 4, 2005   01:29 AM PDT
Roshni? You were Roshni too?

Damn... I stopped dressing up too... not as Roshni (which promises to be fun--but is not my area of specialization, but as an moghul emperor). However, wearing the Emperor's clothes to meet Roshni would be a good idea. Except that wearing them to a restaurant might be hazardous to my health. Hmmm... sir ghoom raha hai. Must be from reading up your posts.
April 4, 2005   01:06 AM PDT
To think I was eyeing VM ;)
April 4, 2005   01:05 AM PDT
Adarsh Vidyalaya? Ha ha, I have heard of them hipper babes. :D

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