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April 21, 2005   10:51 PM PDT
hahah I have our counterparts there calling me PAAHLAAVI
April 16, 2005   04:54 AM PDT
Interesting blog you have it seems!
Will havta come more often! :)
-- Akshaya
April 9, 2005   01:33 PM PDT
uspeed, sudeep..wah wah..what creativity. uspeed should be easier for 'them'.
April 9, 2005   01:10 PM PDT
with my name (sudeep) the problem is they are toooooo familiar with something very close (sandeep), and they say the other one perfectly :-D
April 8, 2005   06:54 PM PDT
chakri, you are nowhere close..just chill!
April 8, 2005   05:57 PM PDT
true, Suman Jha
April 8, 2005   01:24 PM PDT
Gabby, Thanks sweety... i'm glad you just walked into the blogworld and haven't started calling me alpha on the phone.
April 8, 2005   12:59 PM PDT
One busy morning and by the time I come to this ma'am has posted, post-mortemed and what-not!...Sumana I'm the only one who prefers Suman to Alpha it seems...
April 8, 2005   11:56 AM PDT
Patrix: Oh wait, I have many more posts on my name. So take a deep breath. And what are you waiting for..click the ads and return the favour. No typepad for me. A good dinner is more like it.

Boredwife: I told you to get that divorce before you become skeptical and increasingly bored in life. See, now that's whats happened.
Hope that was snooty enough for you.

People, I am still planning on posting as alpha..so don't slash-Suman or bracket-Suman me. I seriously won't take offense.
April 8, 2005   11:40 AM PDT
Your face is nice and all :-) but that photo came out weird. Suman is a nice name. But I think Suman means a person having pure thoughts. Maybe ur parents were being sarcastic when they named you ;-) Alpha hydroxy on the other hand is suitably scary!! Noone would want to mess around with Alpha Hydroxy unless they knew what they were doing.
April 8, 2005   11:40 AM PDT
Hey Alpha/Suman,
Must say your name plus your picture has ruined the charm of this blog. I thought you were this ultra cool lady who was snooty with a care a damn attitude. Now you are just another person who has mastered the art of humor writing....:( :( !!!! Anyways congrats on being selected the what?! ah yes... blog of the week!
April 8, 2005   11:36 AM PDT
.........boredom takes me down many unneccessary paths- i would hardly call that obsession.........blunt to the point of rudeness perhaps i might be- but hardly obsessed.
April 8, 2005   11:07 AM PDT
ailla...now that u have decided to splash your name all over Singapore, we are subjected to that name thousand times in one post....tsk tsk...I like Alpha better.

BTW what do I see here? Google Ads??? trying to collect money for Typepad?
April 8, 2005   09:36 AM PDT
LOL.Twin,why not tell them to call u Alpha??:)Funny pronounciations can get really,err,funny,u know....:)And,I can't really believe u told ur boss Su as in Subramanikanteshwar. Poor guy would have fainted....why not su as in subtle,for instance?BTW,what was the new guy's name????Out here,I've had my simple name pronounced as Ameet,Hamid,Hameed,etc etc...:)
April 8, 2005   07:26 AM PDT
Heretic: When I read your solace over your last name I just about coughed up my coco puffs.

Alpha(Suman) cant take solace over that either. Her last name, if converted into life size dimensions could cover three states-end to end!

Ashwin: Yo! Just tell them to call you Win! Problem solved.

Alpha(Suman): Im taking over your comment box if that's ok with you.
April 8, 2005   01:21 AM PDT
Aaah! The first name is really open to surgery, especially after it gets anglicized to the lil menace of a brat who keeps harassing old Mr. Wilson. It might help if one is named after one's pet... mine is Dino :D

It gets easier with the surname: I get away by explaining it reflects where my forefathers came from... Most of them get the Eire part right. :))
April 8, 2005   12:35 AM PDT
Finally the real name has come out. :-)

Its only a matter of time before your boss reads your blog. Spare a post tell us how nice and handsome he is.
April 8, 2005   12:08 AM PDT
so sue-maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!
ok baaaad one! :p
April 7, 2005   11:12 PM PDT
Heee heee! :-)
April 7, 2005   10:33 PM PDT
one of my friends named Anant had a tough time aswell, 'An Ant' is how they interpretted it. now the poor soul is stuck with it!
the fillerman
April 7, 2005   08:08 PM PDT
Ah, natural post, now that the name is out. I had stopped thinking of you as Suman. Feels wierd now.
April 7, 2005   06:11 PM PDT
lol ashwin, I bet they get the win part right...loosers! ermm..I am sure we go around butchering their names too.. John is actually Jaan.
April 7, 2005   06:08 PM PDT
Matrix: Suddenly bringing lalitaji into the picture is scaring the shit out of me. Please don't do that again. How are they to blame when the 'Ra' is pronounced differently in Raju and Ravi?

Teja Singh, De ja apna beja! What link? What scared? Poor kid, I guess you are hallucinating.

Star: No, male version of my name is Suma. Oh well, what would you know abt Indian names. poor Pratik was called prick.

Name: Now that is a name no one would confuse. Transpo Engineer? I take care of the smooth operation of Traffic by designing great roads. Pardon me, while I blow my whistle and flash a Stop sign. Maybe a post about this is due.
April 7, 2005   06:07 PM PDT
i have been at the receiving end too. telling someone here that the "Ash" part is pronounced as "Ush" as in "usher"(not the singer) results in me being called "Ewwshwin" most of the time..
April 7, 2005   02:34 PM PDT

What does a transportation engineer do?
April 7, 2005   02:07 PM PDT
is the male counterpart of your name suwoman? .......

Dont feel bad, I wouldnt know they were calling you either!
April 7, 2005   12:45 PM PDT
hey.....firstly....I was scared to click on that link coz I've had a bad experience with a link that you put up on your blog earlier but did it anyway... my inquisitiveness never gets curbed....secondly another name-menace that you should mention is the way a beautiful long name gets converted into irritating shorter ones....my shorter version sounds like a hindi movie villian :)
April 7, 2005   12:38 PM PDT
damn they cant even get my name right? Lalita ji will surely get angry at this!
April 7, 2005   11:59 AM PDT
m, haha I did realize it was PC's name. see, everyone is coming out in the open with their real names. And thanks for calling me cute. Did PC approve?

Star: You are at least lucky. When people are calling me by the male counterpart of my name, I wouldn't even know. Good thing abt this country- They dont know Suman could be a boy's name.
I'm lucky in a way too. There is no couch nearby.
April 7, 2005   11:29 AM PDT
I've gone through my name issues before but it still bugs me that people dont get my name right sometimes. I think I have the most american name ever and they still call me by the male counterpart of my name.

Is there a couch nearby where I can lie down and tell someone how I feel about this?
April 7, 2005   11:28 AM PDT
should read as my sons name- better clarify-knowing you - i will be known as the weirdo with a guys name.....haha.
April 7, 2005   11:23 AM PDT
i ran my three names through a test run of 15 office staff - before i chose - pravan- believe it or not - they could all pronounce that one right..........
April 7, 2005   11:09 AM PDT
shoba: Lol amma..now that would have scarred me for life.

zo: as you can see, I have been dying to tell this all this while. You don't like my face, my name... I'm inconsolable now. Anyway, I will be blogging as alpha.
April 7, 2005   11:03 AM PDT
So alpha has now officially turned into Suman. 2 Bad !!
April 7, 2005   10:49 AM PDT
Heheheheee....u bet, I am called Amma by some friends :| Dont ask me why...but am so sued to the friggin name tht I actualyl turned back once when iw as in the road a kid yelled Amma....the point is one gts so conditioned....hehe!

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