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The best kind a friend is the one you could sit on a porch, swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you¡¯ve had.
April 21, 2005   10:50 PM PDT
Assumptions mother of confusions ??? LOL
April 11, 2005   05:20 PM PDT
gabby: keep it up? oh well, All this is hoping for your man to read my blog.
April 11, 2005   05:19 PM PDT
aapka naam? Thanks for that. I can make some from the google ads only if you click. After I get the check..I'll invite you over to the party. thanks for clicking.
April 11, 2005   04:45 PM PDT
thank you thank you. much easier on the eyes. keep it up!
April 11, 2005   04:39 PM PDT
this looks a lot better. And good to see you using google ads.

Are you making anything off them?
April 11, 2005   04:21 PM PDT
Matrix ji, Thanks a bunch. Next you'll ask me to use slate and chalk to do my roadway design.

For putting Surf ki Lalitaji up there, Rin got all jealous and gave me a years supply to remove her face. I had to use it somewhere!
April 11, 2005   03:57 PM PDT
celebrating earth day.. how abt walking to work n back, save on some fuel :p or not eating/drinking to save food on earth for another day...well if u'vent already given up on celebrating Earth day aft these masochistic ideas, let me know i shall think of some more...

btw did u use Rin instead of Surf on ur blog? Safedi ki chamkaar jyaada
April 11, 2005   02:11 PM PDT
money plant: Just move your lazy ass in that case. Man, you need so much prodding.

Zoheb: Pervert and me? You are the one missing your meetings and fantasizing about plants..of all things.
Nubile Young Money Plant
April 11, 2005   02:04 PM PDT
Hey dont TOUCH me like that over there alpha !! You pervert !!

<i> Yay !! Got it right this time </i>
Nubile Young Money Plant
April 11, 2005   12:45 PM PDT
Hey dont me like that over there alpha !! You pervert !!
Money Plant
April 11, 2005   12:03 PM PDT
*OUCH!* My ass hurts...easy with the fork now...
April 11, 2005   08:46 AM PDT
soumya: Good to see you here. Regarding sighting of the plant, I plead temporary blindness (for 4 months)
April 10, 2005   11:07 PM PDT
I am shobha's cousin Sowmya.

That was heroic though i dont know why u happened to see it withering on that day only??

Well for one i am glad u reached out to a plant that too "The money plant" If u get richer let me know ;-)

It reminds me of Samantha Fox song" Do what u wanna do"
April 9, 2005   12:09 PM PDT
Matrix: on the same lines of your about he didn't think I was saving money. Well, I am hazaar impressed with your greening efforts. Throw me some ideas. Making green cookies is not my idea of celebrating Earth day.

Blues: I will surely have to check Buddyguys. Will have to alert my friends too. Any plans on coming this side and showing me around blues bars?

AmitL: taking a poll will just be haanikaarak to my I'll skimp on that.

Aar: It's called Distraction.

Shoba: They call us Ghaas poos? How dare they! They ought be called Meat eaters henceforth. bah!

April 9, 2005   03:53 AM PDT
HHAHHAHAHHA! LOL, No wonder nion veggies call us(veggies) Ghaas Poos :P:P
April 9, 2005   12:45 AM PDT
What was that word - bloghorrea? Nice to see a series of posts. Keep it going...
April 8, 2005   10:47 PM PDT
LOLOL..Twin,I can't imagine someone asking such a question about extreme lunch..but,of course,you with a fork,in the kitchen and jabbing at dirt and plants....whew....quite an image.I really wonder sometimes,what impression your officemates have about you.:)(Run a poll,someday,please.)
Saltwater Blues
April 8, 2005   09:52 PM PDT
lol ... how u doin Alpha? - that comemnt you left had me LMAO. you have a good weekend. Btw, have you been to <a href "">Buddy Guys Legends</a>?
April 8, 2005   09:34 PM PDT
The colleague commented for he didnt think u r from the ivy league!

i should stop going close to the ivy in our office (incidently i'm the official protector of the ivy in our office, responsibilites include all things u've mentioned, w/o a fork)!

the above info was to impress u :p
April 8, 2005   07:38 PM PDT
I know, actualy coming to think of it..I could just lick the bathtub off of the fungi.

It's the quality and not the quantity that impresses people (of course, you know that)

shameless plug... I will reciprocate when I get the check and eat at a fancy restruant.;) Oh well, maybe a click here and there won't harm.
April 8, 2005   07:18 PM PDT
Tsk Tsk..too bad your company doesn't have a lawn in the backside where you can graze...nope, I am not calling you a cow :)

BTW whats up with dhana-dhan posts..impressing your Singaporean relatives?

BTW I am "doing the needful" with ur latest addition on the sidebar. Reciprocation expected.

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