Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:38 AM PDT
nice information
June 9, 2005   01:23 AM PDT
i am having a hard time deciding: which is your better post: this one or the karthik iyer one.
April 21, 2005   10:49 PM PDT
Ok the only thing I am vain about are my lips :) LOLOL
April 15, 2005   01:00 AM PDT
Alpha, love your idea of letting the hubby learn the trade. Watch out, Sid!
April 14, 2005   06:12 PM PDT
I have the same prob as you :(

And Im too used to paying Rs 15 in India to pay $$$$ here :x !

April 14, 2005   02:11 PM PDT
gamemaster: devon deters even my strong mind.

matrix: lol.. they have started sticking pamplets on my car.

April 14, 2005   02:03 PM PDT
i wonder after so much talking abt ur 'iblouse' ther hasnt been a single ad on the sidebar offering necassary service...wht r all entrepreneurs of the world doing...this was their golden chance n they've let it go! tcch tcch
Gamesmaster G-9
April 14, 2005   01:43 AM PDT
My friends all head to Devon when they want their eyebrows done. I keep mine bushy and stroke them like a deranged movie villain.
April 13, 2005   09:57 PM PDT
khushee: Join the only if i can find a nice lady's place.

gamemaster: If you can't find the teaspoon of water, we've got some at our place. Can you do eyebrows?
Gamesmaster G-9
April 13, 2005   08:22 PM PDT
Huh? Now I feel like some shady stalker. I think I will go drown myself in a teaspoon of water.
April 13, 2005   07:14 PM PDT
Lol! I get my eyebrows threaded at this lady's place. She's pretty alright. But yes, they grow back so quickly! Damn annoying hairy ugly things!
April 13, 2005   05:12 PM PDT
wasnt tht the aim??? 've just started
April 13, 2005   01:29 PM PDT
m: aapke liye separate comment *actually missed it...head got inflated with your comment* I'm glad you liked it.
April 13, 2005   01:26 PM PDT
richa: If I don't give a tip, next time she might spend 2 hours with me na!

ramana: Thanks a lot buddy! *twice*

Zo: Kai ku? Irsha ho rahi hai kya?

Tan: Next time I go to India, I'm having my hubby learn iblouse threading.

shoba: At least you feel sorry for me.

ricer: Use Rogaine.

April 13, 2005   12:08 PM PDT
lol. i dont even have them! almost ... !
April 13, 2005   09:13 AM PDT
this post evokes memories of my all time fav of all your posts- ammanakamaseen........i will internally guffaw whenever these two come to my mind. you really are a master at written performance.
April 13, 2005   07:32 AM PDT
Ouch, poor girl!
April 13, 2005   06:40 AM PDT
"iblouse??" Gawd! I nearly gagged laughing! Been laughing to myself, so people around are quite convinced I've flipped!
April 13, 2005   05:13 AM PDT
Hilarious! And great style of writing..*thumbs up*
April 13, 2005   05:12 AM PDT
hilarious. :) And boy, can you write! You know it's damn tough to write humor and you seem to be at home. *thumbs up*
April 13, 2005   02:56 AM PDT
Alpha, Gamemaster ka game mat le !!
April 13, 2005   01:44 AM PDT
LOL ..but you paid six dollars when she asked for five must be realllllllllllly flustered ... you goin to ask it back now ? :D
Twilight Fairy
April 13, 2005   12:23 AM PDT
arrey alphie.. this was done ages ago.. no music anymore.. at least the autostart is disabled.. and those who wanna hear it (yes such ppl do exist who really like it) can click the 'play' button.. :p
April 12, 2005   07:36 PM PDT
chugs: I hope you are in the same altrusitic mode when you wake up in the morning and your nasha comes down.

ayyo: Thanks! I use lawn mower on my palms. If I want to have a clean alien look, I'll use it on my face too.

gamemaster: why don't you just say you want to meet me? I have no clue about bloggers in Chicago.

matrix: go on, free space..vent.

sqrl/NT( wonder what the story behind this name is): I aglee!
April 12, 2005   06:42 PM PDT
How I miss my 'byutishun' in Mumbai... now I get my eyebrows waxed.. its actually painless.. but the results arent so gr8..
April 12, 2005   06:12 PM PDT
i thought only i've awful time at salons operated by Southeast Asians....i've been made to wait for 45 minutes once before being told tht it was time for them to shut. but then i've been lucky at times when i met a hot Montana girl giving me haircut n massage...the last time lady at the parlor almost shaved my head off when i suggested her to trim my sidelocks. could go on and on abt experiences at parlors...every trip is a new story!
Gamesmaster G-9
April 12, 2005   04:06 PM PDT
Hello, fellow Chicagoan-Indi-blogger-type-person (which is kind of like Wasim Jaffer patting Tendulkar on the back and saying "Hello, fellow-Indian-opening-batsman", but I digress).

So, do you have blogger meets in Chicago like they do in other cities, or are we not enough/not cool enough for things like that?
April 12, 2005   01:46 PM PDT
Great article, reminds me of the seinfeld episode where Elain is trying to get some work done on her nails...
A quick suggestion.. if the eyebrows are that thick, how about a lawn mower? :)
April 12, 2005   01:43 PM PDT

did i use the word hire?
April 12, 2005   01:13 PM PDT
ok i got it.

PS - do get in touch if u need help alphajee. no need to plot and scheme.
April 12, 2005   12:42 PM PDT
Sure m, now that would be the costliest brow-trim ever!
April 12, 2005   11:44 AM PDT
come to miami and i will take you the brow queen- she fixes your brows and you DO look like you have had a face lift. call me when in town.
April 12, 2005   09:57 AM PDT
Gabby, That hint wasn't lost on me. I try so hard to spare you guys.
April 12, 2005   09:55 AM PDT
Thank you so much for taking out orange. Eye brows? You have eyes?
April 12, 2005   09:14 AM PDT
my dear, $6, $5 whatever...just go..

(see you get good blog material, that's the ONLY reason I insist you go) :)
April 12, 2005   08:49 AM PDT
anumita: and that was the cheapest of the lot. To get better treatment, I would hav eto shell a 20. Whenever I go to India, I do a full service with the amount I spend for eyebrows here.

Shub: vely much thele. evly hail.

TF: You are my true friend...the only one. Love you.. but er..your template freaks me out at work what with music and all. Change it!
shub shub bolo..imagine ripping my iblouse out..that would require serious hibernation.

chug: Jigsaw puzzle.. get? Thanks for helping me collect for my eyebrow fund..and wait a minute, you are a web designer?? *scheming and plotting* Will get back to distracted. Now I am willing to get rid of the jigsaw too.

ho minh: dlinks? why?

April 12, 2005   07:58 AM PDT
Gaaawd the ordeal!!!
Ho Chinna Minh
April 12, 2005   07:47 AM PDT
did she give you any drinks b4 the tlimming? 1 hr hmmm...
April 12, 2005   07:40 AM PDT
*removes his special "alpha's-blog-viewing-specs"*

i still dont get the "jigsaw" though.

i see ads too. one click for changing the design. will come in handy for the next eyebrow trimming :p
Twilight Fairy
April 12, 2005   07:31 AM PDT
Another case of Karishma kapoor/Kajol eyebrows :)

Be thankful that the 5 dollar female didnt rip off ur "iblouse" completely :D
Twilight Fairy
April 12, 2005   06:11 AM PDT
where's the orange gone? damn.. damn smiley n everyone else who veto-ed it out! I liked it!

hey i thot i was the only one facing ppl's objections to my "unsually artistic" template :)
April 12, 2005   12:29 AM PDT
veli funny! so has all the hail gon?!
April 12, 2005   12:27 AM PDT
Jesus! You pay 6 dollars for eyebrows!! My Indian mind is busy converting but my miserable maths is telling me not to bother, it's just a heart attacking amount!
April 11, 2005   10:48 PM PDT
:-): Et tu? had problems with the orange? yeah, maybe I don't have eyes...since I decided to hang out with you!

AmitL: trace of mush? You kidding me?? I always have a full blown one...not poky poky.
April 11, 2005   10:36 PM PDT
LOL.Twin,I never knew eyebrows could be sooo fascinating,till I read this post..nor did I know that eyebrow bashing,err,shaping,is a specialty of Vietnamese..BTW,mischievous thought...the guy asking what the poky poky thing near the eyebrows was...wasn't referring to a hint/trace of a beard/moustache,was he??(I know u'll kill me for this comment,but,couldn't resist it.Sorry:))

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