Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:37 AM PDT
nice information
April 21, 2005   10:48 PM PDT
SIGH my hubby has the same reaction... and I always try to slip by... he he ... and heck when i baked my cake.. I added ghee instead of butter for improvisation and it was YUCK... LOL .. baking and improvisation definitely does not work for me.. LOL
April 20, 2005   11:40 AM PDT
I noticed the cake cuz on the average they are tastier than diapers. Not that I've tasted the latter. Or even the cakes baked by you.
April 18, 2005   03:27 PM PDT
thanks ayyoo! just maybe he'll take the hint.

nonickji, it's all Chugs's fault.
April 18, 2005   11:30 AM PDT
alphaji, this template i like.
April 18, 2005   11:29 AM PDT
A nice ploy to make Pi do all the shopping from next time. :-)
Very well written article !!
April 18, 2005   09:01 AM PDT
Nag: How nice of you to pay for me. The lady whom I paid for was 'behind' me. Don't ask how that happened.

Rhyncus: Thank God at least you noticed my cake story. It seems to have gotten overshadowed by me paying for diapers. No, I bake soft cakes that look like cakes now. As for taste...ermm... I'll get there.

Matrix: Where do you shop buddy? *looks frantically at the back of grocery bills* Seriously, where the heck do u shop?

Gamemaster: days with no snowfall in like no days ..(just elaborating your joke for slow people here).
Oh well, that jewel preferred card is first of all a scam (they give discounts on increased prices)...secondly they dont remind people like me..and the bill has the audacity to say-
'If you were to use the Preferred card, you would have saved a whopping $0.30. tsk sucker'
Gamesmaster G-9
April 17, 2005   03:47 AM PDT
The coupons aren't ever worth the bother. WheneverI have tried using them, the checkout clerk will point to the fine print which says something like - not valid on days with no snowfall - or something suitably arbit.

But not swiping the Jewel Preferred card! Now thats unforgivable.
April 15, 2005   06:27 PM PDT
i only proof-read the backside of my grocery bills to check if i've won free massage or better a free lap-dance at Ricks...'m sure Pi was lookin for the same, n failing so vented out his frustration on poor u!
April 15, 2005   05:08 PM PDT
So you still make those blue saucer cakes? Or have you sworn off baking? But salt for baking soda isn't that just put in sodium chloride instead of sodium biggie. :)
April 15, 2005   03:42 PM PDT
When are you going shopping next time???, I'll try to be in front of you..

HA HA...

Anyways my $0.04 to you from google ads...
April 15, 2005   03:18 PM PDT
anumita: But paying for others is pushing this angel thing a bit too far i guess..anyways, as long as i know you'll support me. secondly i don't go shopping all the time.

amitL: Why can't adult wear kids clothes? Don't you know abt everyone has a childlike quality in them?

m: That would be the logical thing to say..if maid was a possibility. That too a maid to go shopping..wah wah!

babs: You seriously are one lucky soul. Look at all the people who got spooked seeing that. I did social service by covering it.

fairy: oh he gets that all the time...only difference is I crib , he doesn't.
Twilight Fairy
April 15, 2005   08:25 AM PDT
mebbe u can say 'but when will u learn' too sometimes ... for instance while cooking for Pi, etc etc.. :)
April 15, 2005   08:25 AM PDT
You are so funny Alpha. :-). Hey, I just read the post where you revealed yourself. When I scrolled to the right to see your pic there wasnt any. It was blocked by Lalitajee. :-(. I want to see your picture.
April 15, 2005   08:13 AM PDT
my answer- i am too busy making money- hire someone else to save it - send them shopping.
April 15, 2005   02:24 AM PDT
LOL.Twin,indeed,when will u learn???:)Poor Pi,I can imagine his annoyance....BTW,I didn't really understand the bit about the lady whose baby must be wearing your diapers and eating your baby food....u mean u ain't out of infancy yet??Then,all chances given to u to learn are indeed justified.....Hehheh...hilarous post,nevertheless...would luv to see u shopping,one of these days.
April 14, 2005   11:44 PM PDT
Nothing to learn, don't bother. You do the shopping. You pay as you wish and for what you wish. Others should be glad for having an angel who takes care of grocery which turns into food-to-eat.
April 14, 2005   11:11 PM PDT
Gabby: 'I want to have my mystery retained in this blog' Pi allegedly told one correspondent.
April 14, 2005   11:01 PM PDT
name: thank god I waste time at office and nowhere else...the money I get erases any such unnecessary guilt feelings that might have otherwise cropped up for not using coupons. phew..and thank you! have you talked to Shoba De abt how you feel abt her?

Zo: Yes, of course..I have google ads which people ignore. Help me raise for my
1. eyebrow fund
2. absentminded fund

mehnat karna hi hai tho useful mehnat karo.

Patrix: I didn't expect any better from you...friend dhrohi.

Ashwin: I did. Hope it works.

Kushee: You too! So there are more people like Pi..some consolation.

Gabby:precisely! I know I can count on you to give him a hard time. Actually I can count on you to give anyone a hard time. Nice dhamki! He is now worried about his image in this blog..forgets a small point- any image he has here is because of me. I control his fate..hehahaha!
April 14, 2005   09:31 PM PDT
If only alpha did as much extra mehnat at the checkout counter as she did to post this incident ....... we would have nothing to read today.

So me says, lets sponsor alpha's goof ups. Heres my $0.02. I am going clickety clack on the Google ads.
April 14, 2005   09:21 PM PDT
people who CARRY the grocery bags that CUT thru their skin get to choose whether to use coupons, preferred cards and all that crap...the rest should just unload groceries into the fridge and be nice. Pi, you are getting a call from me NOW, run for shelter!

Hey when will we get to use Pi's actual name?..On second thoughts I'll rather type 2 letters than 22! :)
April 14, 2005   08:23 PM PDT
Is hilarious, have to admit. But happens to nearly everyone.

And I've proofread the bill many times, because something those checkout people do the same item more than once! :D
April 14, 2005   07:22 PM PDT
happens! tell Pi to chill :)
April 14, 2005   06:05 PM PDT
U don't save on grocery coupons and don't use the card???? blasphemy!!! I sympathize with Pi...when will you learn?
April 14, 2005   05:30 PM PDT
You should ask Pi - "Mere paas Google ads hai - tumhare paas kya hai"
April 14, 2005   05:06 PM PDT
written eloquently, just like the other entries in the blog.

You are wasting your time in the office, gal, go write a book.

You write better than Shobha De and she is supposed to be the "lady Khushwant Singh".
April 14, 2005   04:45 PM PDT
Narad ji, I wish all the people near me feel the same way. and yea..somehow I did notice you came first. Sorry this time no awards.
April 14, 2005   04:34 PM PDT
n first for a change. didja notice?
April 14, 2005   04:34 PM PDT
if learning means having to stop posting such hilarious posts then I wish u never learn. Narayan Narayan!!!!

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