Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:37 AM PDT
nice information
April 22, 2005   02:12 PM PDT
thanks pallo...I really worked hard for it.
April 21, 2005   10:46 PM PDT
Yeah lurveeee the template
April 21, 2005   02:18 AM PDT
Alpheceous, thy gooblydok is spreading over to thy commenting section.
Gabby, I be very beeg strong super wonder tapori queen of zee city. u no wanna beat me up no? you will be one very ungabby gal then.
April 20, 2005   11:38 AM PDT
It is your imagination. So much ado about orange, makes one feel Ukrainian. Almost.
April 19, 2005   06:22 PM PDT
cc: why didn't you tell me earlier?

gabby: very close to a fancy meal at Burger King...If you click more, maybe I can take you along too. No need to thank me.

rhyncus: do I detect sarcasm or is it just my imagination? Blue might get replaced by orange if I get blue very soon.

April 19, 2005   06:06 PM PDT
Now that you've got denim background and all, the residual orange will also go soon? Just asking.
April 19, 2005   01:33 PM PDT
Just feel like doing some bashing, Toinks is as good as any subject :)

I have been clicking. Do you feel anything yet? (As in at least half way to fancy dinner?)
April 19, 2005   01:24 PM PDT
Whoa, finally, awesome template, very easy on the eyes :), way to go!
April 19, 2005   01:18 PM PDT
gabby, you have anything against Toinks? bechari usne tumara kya bigara?

aar, my ray bans broke..hence this change.

name: thanks for all these life-changing tips. What about having a full-time job? any money in that venture?
April 19, 2005   12:03 PM PDT

Another way for you to make money is to an id from amazon. When you have a link to any amazon book(or anything else that amazon sells), you append your id at the end of the URL.

If someone uses that link to buy the product, you can get upto 10% commission on that product.

Just another tip...I think I pointed you to google ads..:-)
April 19, 2005   11:21 AM PDT
The strip on the top can be a bit more colourful... like the good old bright orange:-)
April 19, 2005   10:40 AM PDT
I like the beating up idea.. me game alphu
April 19, 2005   10:23 AM PDT
anumita: I thought of being of some help to you.

Anyone offering hit-man/bouncer service? Please beat up Toinks for me.

Pleo: The amount I went thru with your name changes..i guess this is very little to ask for.

Star: sure sure...Why don't you melt those nenon orange condoms and paste them on the screen everytime you visit.

yeverybody, I agree! Chugs says thanks.
April 19, 2005   07:23 AM PDT
Awesome template. Very neat, clean, tidy, simple lines and visually symmetrical.

I kinda miss the horrific orange though. It represented you like no other good-looking color scheme ever will.
April 19, 2005   04:30 AM PDT
Such a nice warm template... except for those squiggly gooblydok in the centre... oh dats your posts... :p
April 19, 2005   03:21 AM PDT
What for you need free shrink?
April 19, 2005   02:47 AM PDT
It's good. It's good. :)
April 19, 2005   02:03 AM PDT
much better!
April 19, 2005   12:18 AM PDT
All hail Chugs... fantastic job this! Somehow, Alphu, you seem deserving of this template. :)
April 19, 2005   12:04 AM PDT
I kinda miss the alpha orange...
April 18, 2005   09:28 PM PDT
Thank god, or the invisible pink unicorn, I dont see that "strike first ask questions later" garish orange anymore.

Chugs, may you live a million redesigns more
April 18, 2005   09:21 PM PDT
Wow, this looks good ! Nice and clear and colorful :)
April 18, 2005   08:43 PM PDT
Good to know it worked, but this might not always work with other browsers, like firefox.
(Moral of the story you may still need chugs)
April 18, 2005   05:47 PM PDT
Thanks Kushee, it was lot of hard work consenting.
April 18, 2005   05:44 PM PDT
Nice! :)
April 18, 2005   05:42 PM PDT
Thanks Nag. Yay! It worked..You rock too! Awesome.. You'll be my fall back option if Chugs decides to abandon me (he is on the verge of it). Maybe I should give you the choice.

Zo: I'm overwhelmed. But your template..*yeesh* Trying hard not to be mean.

Fillsu: I hope Nag's comment helps you too. Maybe not. I guess everyone is done with the blinding orange.

April 18, 2005   05:11 PM PDT
Until chugs fixes the problem of random question marks, just make a small change in your templet.
search for <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> at the top of the template and replace charset=UTF-8 with charset=windows
April 18, 2005   04:52 PM PDT
Now that I have already left 4 comments here, I feel obliged to leave a 5th. A nice round figure.
April 18, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
Diaper coupons .... yes please. Always hated having to get up and leave in the middle of interesting conversations. Is that why you buy them too :-)

the fillerman
April 18, 2005   04:46 PM PDT
Go Gators indeed! Your orange is not the bliding gator orange yet. Also need the blinding blue to complement it.. the yin and the yang of college colors.

Let me know if you figure out the annoying question mark thing. When we e-mail review comments to authors from our conference review system, the same crap happens.
April 18, 2005   04:45 PM PDT
My default choice was "stud". I cant help it if you go ga ga over orange. BTW, I was "inspired" to change the look of my blog because of all the upheavals on your blog. Check this

Too much studliness. You can stop drooling now.
April 18, 2005   04:41 PM PDT
tu bhi or not tu bhi...that is the question (mark)!
April 18, 2005   04:38 PM PDT
yes, I also saw coupons for diapers... you need?
April 18, 2005   04:37 PM PDT
Alpha !!! Your luck !!! Did you see the Google Ads for grocery coupons on your blog. Pi is going to have a mighty laugh when he sees this !!
April 18, 2005   04:36 PM PDT
gabby: yeah.

zo: Ok fine, make the punctuation changes and copy them over to your blog. You can take the puzzle pic too. Permission kab se poochne laga?
After this experience, I can tell from a guy who knows how to fix templates (sorta) from a guy who picks default templates. Aur default bhi kya pick kiya..wah wah!
April 18, 2005   04:14 PM PDT
Ye ??? kya hai ye ???. See alpha u should have picked the template I designed specially for u. No ?? problems. And ya, blogdrives html has to be the most god awful mess. I personally experienced it. But finally I did manage to put that puzzle.jpg in place. But its gone now :-( I can offer to Rohan Pinto your stuff on my blog, if you want your posts copied elsewhere.
April 18, 2005   03:59 PM PDT
Patty: I knew it! I hadn't gone cuckoo!Please be my eye-witness!

Matty: why are you asking me? I don't know myself.

April 18, 2005   03:59 PM PDT
Nice, very nice.
April 18, 2005   03:19 PM PDT
Main kahaan hoon?
April 18, 2005   02:55 PM PDT
nice look...except for the irritating question marks.
April 18, 2005   02:45 PM PDT
Chugsie, I thought I was seeing white instead of the blinding orange. I am going mad!
April 18, 2005   02:44 PM PDT
Go Gators!

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