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April 22, 2005   04:19 PM PDT
Gabby, you can still get to alpha's missing post from Patty's bloglines !
April 22, 2005   03:57 AM PDT
I dont hang peoples.
April 21, 2005   10:35 PM PDT
April 21, 2005   09:47 AM PDT
pssst, toinks, here! the gabby story din't go well with anybody except gabby and alpha. due to popular demand I might have to recreate it from memory and post on my hang loose..
April 21, 2005   06:54 AM PDT
amitL: 8th wonder? I wonder! Pi has been going to often he is practically disappearing.

toinks, and you were talking about this post? Like I said, yes, there is a parthenon in Nashville! Serious!
April 21, 2005   02:22 AM PDT
what gabby story? why whole world read stories and i no get to read any?
April 21, 2005   02:21 AM PDT
Are these a reminder of the famous byline'If you have the 'inclination',we have the time'?:)Twin,I really couldn't observe Pi anywhere....oh,that's the eighth wonder,u mean?:)
April 20, 2005   04:38 PM PDT
?? no yaar, your long winded comment- I saved it in my hard-drive and I am seriously working on my written skills. No more gossamer fabric. I tried being a guy for a while and guess what- it sucked! It wasn't you don't take credit for my actions. If you'd rather be anonymous..I'd rather be vain. Thanks!

Rhyncus: Oh no..I'm concious abt it now..too much has been said already...unwanted is not as good as yours.
April 20, 2005   04:24 PM PDT
First off, I did wonder why no one was commenting on the pics you posted, Alpha, but then I came across some favourable comments on Rhyncus' post and got side-tracked. It happens to the best of us.
Second, sadly, I never got to read your take on Gratisgab's (may I call her Gabby?) post. I read her post though. Rich with scope, it is. Too many people though have given alternative interpretations. Unlike Shinzo (you may think of him as an old Chinese chap, I'll always know him as Shinzo). Mail that deleted post to me, will ya? :)
Star: 'Lucrative' to me means something which enriches me. All other forms of lucre are 'filthy'.
April 20, 2005   04:17 PM PDT
I guess the only accepted modes of commenting on this blog posts are "Cool", "That was so nice" "You are so funny" "You writing amazingly well". Constructive criticism makes you take your post off the wall and bolt?
April 20, 2005   01:31 PM PDT
hired gun: you are so sweet..where did the sweetness go yesterday? I guess the fact that they didnt bother to read Gabby's post made them touchy...or that they didn't bother understanding that i was simply being silly and not trying to compete for a story competition. Anyways, it's gone.:(

Ricer: Nahiiin!!! Then how will i call you gollu?

zo: That comment prolly did it! I couldn't get to the end of it. And any more unsolicited advice, this post will also vanish...ermm...I guess in the end, I'm the loser.
April 20, 2005   01:07 PM PDT
Post delete karna tha to kar deti. Mera itna mehnat se likha hua comment kyo delete kiya !!! Eeesh !! I should seriously consider R'Pintoing your stuff. Dunno when it will all be gone.

As for this post. YOU GOT THE PUNCHLINE WRONG !!! You should have posted Schwarzenegger's pic and called it - my hubby in the gym. And yea, I am pretty sure Pi reads ur blog.
April 20, 2005   01:05 PM PDT
hello! howve you been? well ive been going to the gym lately ... so u never know what can happen!
April 20, 2005   01:04 PM PDT

I too thought your take on GratisGab's story was fun. Wonder what made all those dissenters so touchy. Bring the post back and delete their comments.
April 20, 2005   12:20 PM PDT
Omega! So true... That leaning tower of pisa suddenly crops up on my way to work, just like that. I was so shocked the day I saw it that I almost rear ended a car. Still can't get over it. See, now why would I go to Italy?

Star: Sure what makes you think twin is not already in some of my mailing lists. Rhyncus, not only that, I made her close her blog so she can spend all that time here.
April 20, 2005   12:15 PM PDT
Alpha: Dont forget your twin. Im sure he'll want to be on any mailing list you create.

Psst Rhyncus: Alpha pays me to say nice things about her. Its a very lucrative business.
April 20, 2005   12:11 PM PDT
Trust the Yankees to co-opt. Reminds me of the DHL ad in which a 'gora' consultant in mandatory blue shirt and khaki's delivers (DHL, of course) drawings and models for the pyramids to half naked Egyptians and patronisingly directs its construction!!! Basically, spoof can sometimes be jarring.
April 20, 2005   12:02 PM PDT
er..people..don't you have anything to say about the pictures I posted? uh? uh? everyone's hung about the past. Maybe it's in my best interest to ignore the blatant indifference. Anyday better than gaali.
April 20, 2005   11:59 AM PDT
rhyncus, don't you dare take up gabby's post and churn it into something much beter than what i had attempted (which I am positively scared you will). Twisted gaali hi nahin, I'll tell star not to leave any good comments on your post. You see, today she is smitten by me.

Star, I ever take up your proposition, I'll have to create a mailing list that'll contain only you and me...maybe Rhyncus.
April 20, 2005   11:51 AM PDT
"Serious brains", Star? Sounds like some kinda twisted gaali. Thanks though. I wish you'd told me about my 'amazing' post on my blog though. :)
And oh, is there money in this proposition that you put forward?
April 20, 2005   11:07 AM PDT
I just read Rhyncus' post- amazing. You guys have some serious brains between you'll- how do you'll come up with idea's like this?

I think you should make this a recurring feature. Take someone's post every week and manipulate another POV. That would be truly something to look forward to.

BTW, I had nothing from breakfast, I didnt get your cheque in time.
April 20, 2005   10:39 AM PDT
oh stop it girls! *sniff* This is getting way too mushy even for me. I have to agree with my detractors, it could have been much beter..but there is so much I can do with my time. I really didn't want to hear abuses, that's all. I am a sensitive child. And yes, not very original... Rhyncus did something like this with my post (I had acknowledged him in my now invisible post)

Moving on, what did you girls eat for breakfast today?
April 20, 2005   10:33 AM PDT
I agree with Star. You change your posts while I'm reading them Alpha. And now you remove them! Come now.

Those who take offense can go HANG themselves. You stay your ground girl. You write so well! Why bother???

Though Star, in all fairness this idea was Rhynus's I think. He did a other-point-of-view of the train encounter Alpha wrote about. Both pieces were very nicely done.
April 20, 2005   10:20 AM PDT
While I was in the process of formulating a comment, you took it off. It came up with "Bad ID" by the time I hit post.

In all seriousness- it was a novel idea, just as much original, fun and rich like the Jivha-tongue post you did. I wish you wouldnt give in to detractors but just leave your stuff up once you post it.

Take a clue from Patrix, he posts in stone. Whats up- stays up .... err... blogwise speaking that is.
April 20, 2005   10:04 AM PDT
no bigs eyes Gabby, i obviously made it up.

Today I'm in a mood for niceness (like every other day)so I'll go back and read Star's comment again..awww..I'm sending you a check for downpaymnent.
April 20, 2005   09:51 AM PDT
i showed my niceness by not taking offense but twin gets all the credit because he is a twin *looking at the corner of ceiling with slit-open eyes*

which reminds me, you think i have big hmmm...eyes?
April 20, 2005   09:48 AM PDT
Thanks Star dear for reiterating this point. I will send those morons your way. No need to work on their spines, it's broken anyway. And why the heck didn't you post a nice comment then? I thought amitl had gone cuckoo (as usual) for liking the post. he was the only one. *sigh*
April 20, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
you poor thing. there's one thing though, the "Alpha" was coming out of the Mr.Enterpreneur a lot and sometimes it felt like Alpha is hitting on Gabby...and I want to feel safe around you. So lets move on.

You think Pi doesn't read your blog? He reads every line, every comment. I was zapped but he has slipped up time and time again and proven me right. But there's a guy with sleeveless shirt and all in the pic so people will think that's Pi and Pi will get not-really-needed ego-boost!

And yay! my passport came back with a siamese twin attached to it with a rubberband!
April 20, 2005   09:39 AM PDT
I liked the Gabby post. I like the posts where you do cool-shtuff like that.

Who took offense? Anyone within my immediate distance? I'll go beat them up for you!
April 20, 2005   09:39 AM PDT
I liked the Gabby post. I like the posts where you do cool-shtuff like that.

Who took offense? Anyone within my immediate distance? I'll go beat them up for you!
April 20, 2005   09:35 AM PDT
and hey, what about commenting to my non-controversial post of the day? apart from Pi, I hope no one takes offense..Good thing is he doesn't read my blog anyway.
April 20, 2005   09:33 AM PDT
gabby, patah nahin re..i was getting all kinds of unsolicited advice/threats from nameless people. Thought I might get assassinated on the way to work. Completely freaked me out. It wasn't the pink top that got to them; it was the spaghetti strap. The horrid/unforgivable part was they were getting the punch line all wrong! Oh well Gabby, tere liye I'll dedicate a painting and send it over in private.
April 20, 2005   09:24 AM PDT
Arrrre! Where's the Gabby one??? Ok just read Patrix's comment...why are others getting offended? Are they jealous of pink tops or that you are not writing about them? What happened?
April 20, 2005   09:15 AM PDT
Patrix: Pi is somewhere need to put on your glasses.

nahin re patrix..looks like everyone else was getting offended. context was completely lost on them. It was like the time when I put up Jihva's cartoons. When I feel like taking abuse, I'll put it back on. jeez!
April 20, 2005   09:10 AM PDT
Last post gone missing...Gabby got offended?
April 20, 2005   09:07 AM PDT
Pi is either invisible or are four people :) regards the "wonders of the world" all over US, no wonder they don't give a damn about the rest of the world.
April 20, 2005   08:42 AM PDT

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