Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:36 AM PDT
nice information
April 25, 2005   08:45 AM PDT
I agree totally...ask my sister. :)
April 23, 2005   04:41 AM PDT
Talking about rakhis brings back this one incident that I cant stop laughing whenever the topic of rakhis is raised.

In school there was this road Romeo who was madly behind this girl. And on the day of rakhi she cornered him with a rakhi – a well laid out plan.

We all thought he would bunk the class but to our surprise he was there with his arms willingly extended.

She tied the rakhi to her own surprise I guess and was happy. But she had absolutely no idea what was coming her way.

Romeo looks at the rakhi has a smile and instead of cash or candies had this remark; “tu meri behan aur may sala behan chod”

Poor Juliet didn’t stop crying for a whole year till she moved to another school.

My apologies to alpha for sullying her pristine blog.
April 22, 2005   06:45 PM PDT
Nope. wasnt me :). If it really had been me, whats there to hide?!! ;)
the fillerman
April 22, 2005   02:07 PM PDT
Rakhi brother! We learnt to bunk school on those days.
April 22, 2005   01:04 PM PDT
The disclaimer was unnecessary. Even those who protest/will protest/already protesting very well know that what you mentioned is the trend in schools. Remember, blogs are still censor free;)
April 22, 2005   11:27 AM PDT
Alpha you ROCK.And funny post.Duh.All ur posts ARE supposed to be funny innit?
April 22, 2005   09:04 AM PDT
Matrix: sorry, Golden words are never deleted. It hurts me to know you are condemned for bachelorhood for life in my blog.:(

Ashwin: comon were one of the boys and now you nicely twist the story.

Pallavi: you too?! haha. You thought they were buried and all.

Angel: I'll put an end to your longings. You see Matrix a few comments before you? He even gives out candies as incentive.

Rhyncus: No, your school wasn't any less corrupt than mine. I guess in our society incest behaviour is prefered to plain girl-boy love. 'Licence to Flirt' it was called.

Toinks: Don't sulk, Matrix bhaiya is always there.

Richa: How did you not fall to peer pressure? what were you made of?
April 22, 2005   04:08 AM PDT
LOL @ I’m in it for the cash, of course

i had heard such horror stories about rakhi bros , that i was always wary ...i think i made a couple of rakhi bros only when i graduated ..never in college or school.
April 22, 2005   04:03 AM PDT
I have lived a deprived life :(
April 22, 2005   03:10 AM PDT
Where I grew up, the 'rakhi brother' funda was used by wannabe couples to spend oodles of time together without anyone getting overly suspicious. Arre, he's her rakhi brother na, everyone would say. The ones in the know would do the snide-smiles-nudge-nudge routine detailed in your post.
I musta grown up in a decadent place.
April 22, 2005   01:18 AM PDT
Studying in a girls school has left a serious dirth of rakhi brothers in my life....hmph...
April 21, 2005   10:34 PM PDT
HOLA and I love the new template
April 21, 2005   10:34 PM PDT
haha I went through the same..peer pressure .. also everybody goes through it I guess.. I have my own skeletons.. LOL...
April 21, 2005   06:38 PM PDT
Interesting post :). brought back some memories. In class 7, 2 of my best friends had a big crush on the same girl about which she came to know. On "rakhi day", both fellows were absconding from the class while she tried to chase them around the school :P. She did not succeed but moved to another school in 2 months anyway so I guess it didnt matter. The rakhi is definitely a useful tool you girls have.
*repeats your disclaimer and applies the same to this comment*
April 21, 2005   06:04 PM PDT
errr... does this mean my MEB (most eligible bachelor) value will slip down now?? i shud consult u next time b4 releasing any official statement...can u delete my comment pleeez pleeez??
April 21, 2005   04:31 PM PDT
Gabby, Yeah he tried waking me up with that method..that creep. luckily I sleep with my eyes closed. (I know, how random!)

Zo: Next time consider taking less drugs.

Matrix: If I were you, I wouldn't admit this. I guess you were a potential threat to all those girls... or no one was interesting in marrying you. Candies were the added bonus.
April 21, 2005   04:19 PM PDT
is raksha bandhan round the corner or is this an off-season post?

Those school days, i wud b the rakhi-favorite of girls in my class.. only few years later i realized tht was coz of candies i gifted, shud 've distributed karelas instead!
April 21, 2005   02:38 PM PDT
Whoops the girls did not ask for a rakhi but they wanted to tie it !!! Have to be more careful with typos and what not !!
April 21, 2005   02:07 PM PDT
When I was doing my Masters, there was a huge hungama in the class newsgroup when a bunch of girls explicitly asked for a rakhi from a guy on rakhi day - publicly on the newsgroup. Wah kya scene tha !!
April 21, 2005   01:31 PM PDT
Mirchi powder in your eyes!!!! Jeez I underestimated the boy. Tell me more.
April 21, 2005   01:04 PM PDT
star, will you believe it if i said, i really like the idea of tying threads and claiming brotherhood. I wanted to bring that up and also stop this cheesiness assosciated with rakhis as you mention in your example. I hope to change the world with that disclaimer. Go and read patrix's comment box for further references to Disclaimers/deleting posts and such.
April 21, 2005   12:20 PM PDT
I have a confession to make. When I am in a hurry I glance over your post. Then I close the window and get back to work. I come back and read it at leisure and then make a proper comment.

However, given the fiasco of my not replying to your last deleted post- I had to hurridly formulate a comment this time. Which in hind-sight makes no sense.

See what you did you me?

This is my real comment:
The anecdote was fine, till the disclaimer. That disclaimer is ridiculous. You shouldnt have to do things like that.

Your story also reminded me of this old Hindi movie, where the lady was cheating on her husband but gave the guy she was cheating with a rakhi in front of her husband to prove to him that she wasnt cheating.... kinda tacky.
April 21, 2005   11:38 AM PDT
Gabby: me and bully? No way! Ask my blood brother. He's the one who put mirchi powder in my eyes (I'm actually blind, but i pretend i'm fine)

Star: Why will he keep rakhis that I 'intended' for him? Answer that first. *just a ploy to keep you commenting again and again*

Name: No, please lets stop this guessing game now. You need some rest dude!

Patrix: I didn't even tie you a rakhi and you are all set to protect me? *sniff* Maybe one of these days, I will tie you the rakhi..Keep some cash handy. Trust you to start raking up the issue I am desperately trying to bury. Nahin re, I actually mean that. As regards mean/nasty people, they can go to hell...I'll tie myself a rakhi and protect me.
April 21, 2005   11:30 AM PDT
Is the 'disclaimer' for those who might find it offensive and lead to another post deletion? Woman, you are getting old and running scared these days...bindaas bol, apun tere saath hai.
April 21, 2005   11:30 AM PDT
Which school/college did you study in when this happened? :-)
April 21, 2005   10:44 AM PDT
Does Pi have a few Rakhi's that you meant to give him??
April 21, 2005   09:54 AM PDT
"Ask my blood brother" LOL!

Good post.

Btw, the poor guy has been subjected to so much bullying all his childhood by you, his is no longer a valid statistic. :) People, he is a sweetheart, very gentle and un-alpha-like :)

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