Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:36 AM PDT
nice information
April 27, 2005   07:06 AM PDT
Gabby, while you are at it..please medicate my friend Prem here. Wonder what he means by identifying myself? Is it CIA? They have come to know?

Prem: That's confidential dude..that can never get to know me. I'm a myth..Goddess of Myth...even the temple is a mirage.

Angel: It's fine..I've moved on. I signed up with Head Hunters and got myself a better priest and priestess..thanks for your dedication so long.

Star: putting up new post..don't say I didn't warn you.
April 27, 2005   06:55 AM PDT
Alpha & Zoheb: You'll both need to be beaten up by traveling gypsies for talking about me!

Im on the phone to my head honcho bouncer traveling gypsy RIGHT NOW.
April 27, 2005   12:52 AM PDT
Hey, Alpha, don't worry...your wish is my you still wish for star?? In that case, since I am not as resourceful as your high priest it might take some time for me to convince her to get sacrificed, but with my charms I'm sure it possible...I apologize for the inconvenience caused :)
April 26, 2005   07:12 PM PDT
You still have not identified and introduced yourself to me...Tell me if you have your own temple. I will try to visit it every week,if possible.
April 26, 2005   06:20 PM PDT
Jesus H Christ! Zoheb and Alpha need medication. :)
April 26, 2005   04:29 PM PDT
Ohh Man !!! I have never been fired from a job so soon.
April 26, 2005   04:11 PM PDT
ZO: Stop shamelessly plugging for your blog you hardly update! Imagine how much royalties you are saving and here you are charging me for shipping and cutting business deals. I have changed my divine mind. I don't care for Star or her love child anymore. The gypsies can have both. I want change of priest.
April 26, 2005   04:05 PM PDT
While a free of charge Star may be shipped anywhere by any courier company, we will ship a 100% charged up Star to your location of choice. A 100% charged up Star can be used to pay off your internet charges within less than ten months of use, unlike a charge-free Star that may only be fit for sacrifice.
April 26, 2005   03:58 PM PDT
At we strive to keep our Goddesses happy. It is a common misconception that consuming Star will increase your ecological foot print. Infact consuming Star will save 8.6 earths thus dropping your ecological footprint to 1.4. We shall ship Star using 100% organic packages and she will be farm fresh.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that we are out of stock wrt Star's love-child. Our staff is working hard on meeting the requirement and at least one should be available after 9 months of processing.
April 26, 2005   03:34 PM PDT
OMG! Zoheb, FYI, I work at a courier company and can ship myself free of charge to anywhere on the continent.

My love-child (??) on the other hand, I've sold to traveling gypsies to pay my internet charges!!
April 26, 2005   03:29 PM PDT
Hello?? You thought I would lose sight of my responsibilities in the midst of all these praises??! I am not eating processed food..psst..this still is Earth Day post! My quiz results will become 4.3 like one Earth-trasher I know. I want her this ground shipping won't do. Not falling for any non-earthy love-child gimmick. Will give additional $3.00 for paper bags.
April 26, 2005   03:14 PM PDT
How do you want Star shipped? Overnight or by ground. Shipping is free for ground. If you are not satisfied with this product please rip off the bar code located below her medulla oblongata and mail it back within 30 days for a full refund. Allow 6 weeks for processing. Too much meat!!

Actually I am so confident, that you will love Star, that I will ship her love-child too for the small additional cost of $9.95, a $.05 saving, if you call right now.
April 26, 2005   03:13 PM PDT

Humans yumm! don't do anything to my avid fans who are getting to know me. abt Pi? actually Star is better, can you bind her and bring her over? She is being a big trouble. No fries please considering the cholestrol she has... Goddes of Girth prophecy will ring true very soon.

April 26, 2005   02:56 PM PDT
Aisi kounsi Goddess hai who gets to choose her priest. Its all politics I tell ya. I will get the humans for sacrifice though. Would u like fries with that ? Or make it a Happy Meal ?
April 26, 2005   02:42 PM PDT
zoheb: Nice try in getting to hook up with my head priestess. Shouldn't the Goddess be given the choice of her head priest? Nalayak Balak! I'm amok and get me some offerings & sacrifice a few humans! No flowers and diyas please.
April 26, 2005   02:17 PM PDT
Goddess of Girth - LOL !!! Your fan club is growing too rapidly. Soon you will have your own temple. I am willing to accept dakshinas as the head priest.
April 26, 2005   10:38 AM PDT
Yup,hoping to get to know you soon.
April 26, 2005   10:34 AM PDT
premkumar: yay! My guessing skills are improving. Get to know me? What is this, a high-school party? here I was thinking you were my avid fan! Anyway, for that you have to read all the long rablings till you realise it was a bad idea to start with. Thanks for the compliments buddy. Taken.
April 26, 2005   10:17 AM PDT
Yes,I am Premkumar. I am currently serving my National Service. I just want to get to know you. You are...I did not know about your blog until I saw your link in one of my friend's blog. I just happened to read your blog from today.Very interesting,but long I must say.I AM not sarcastic,but complimenting you on your postings in your blog.
April 26, 2005   10:10 AM PDT
sowmya: Thanks for the lovely things you say. It's very easy for people to laugh at right now I am starving and this dude Death is laughing on my face.

Prem: What's so funny on being my avid fan? are being sarcastic! Fine fine..Guess who you are? hmm...wait wait..don't tell ok...yes!! You are Prem?
April 26, 2005   12:04 AM PDT
I am an avid fan of your blog. Hahaha.Try and guess who I am...Slowly reading your postings...
April 25, 2005   09:47 PM PDT
hi alpha
ur write ups make laugh so much(a thing i do very less) that i am planning to make it a part of my daily schedule... like a midday boost..

Way to go.. I liked the look of the previous blog too...

Cheers to u for looking at the funny side of most situations... plan to do that myself for sanity purposes

April 25, 2005   05:06 PM PDT
Amitji: There were ofcourse more questions that just one..what year was Earthday founded? How much air pollution comes out of cars and such interesting trivia. You would have got a high.

Patrix: I have a non-green finger (flesh coloured). I tend to kill every plant except cacti. So I'd rather have them for lunch than let a few measly fungi devour it.

Richa: gee..I really don't know.

TF: Lol @ you trying to catch up and leave 3 comments on different posts. Too cute. Yeah I realised that about blogger..but by then i had done the damage of defaming it. I remember in the past I would avoid any blogs hosted by blogsopt.

Rakhi trauma in delhi too? I dont feel bad in converting a sanctimonious north indian festival to something like this.

NIC: Man, that was totally out of I haven't yet gotten over my quiz results and you bring this? I'll let my doctor friend know how much they suck. Thanks.

Star: Good point you make. My sanity could anyway not be accounted for.

pallo: yeah..maybe that was the whole deal.

Yogu: First of all you are not shamelessly plugging for your new post, secondly you are saying nice things to me (ignoring the fact that you give stupid excuse for not reading my blog)... very suspicious behaviour on your part leads to lot of suspicion on my part.

Jo: Thanks.

angel: arey?! Goddess of Girth? *looking at distant gym*

Thanks!!! Unconditionally flattered that I am going to ride on it for a while... I can see coke coming out of some nostrils. You should have emailed me separately, taaki nazar na lage!

Gabby: aapke ideas hum kaise le? But the thought did occur.
April 25, 2005   02:11 PM PDT
LOL! Din't sprinkle cream sugar on cookies to make them look home-made ??? :)
April 25, 2005   01:49 PM PDT
Since there is no greek, roman or hindu goddess of mirth (hoping my knowledge of mythology hasn't betrayed me), I declare Alpha to be the goddess of mirth....offerings in the form of chocolates will be accepted by her high priestess (that'd be me) can mail me to obtain the address its to parcelled to :)
April 25, 2005   11:57 AM PDT
Good going Gal ! May you host many more "Earth Day"'s ! So that we get more funny stuff to read..:-)
April 25, 2005   10:31 AM PDT
You are so funny Alphu...but dangerous!!! And now I remember why i stopped reading you at work!My boss just walked in as I was doubling up with a stiffled laughter and he actually thought I was suffering a massive stomach ache!!! My face went through extreme emotions of delirious laughter to extreme seriousness in less than 0.003 secs. Cripes! Its hard work I tell you. But anyway, you rock are the best!

And NO...I do not have a new post up. Just wanted to see what you are upto...:)
April 25, 2005   07:28 AM PDT
well some good work done there at least :)
April 25, 2005   07:04 AM PDT
Im not sure what this "save the earth" deal is about. All I know is that armageddon is on its way ... and if I have to save anything till then- it might as well be my sanity.

PS: I actually recycle and reuse like a freak. As I've explained to you.
Not In Context
April 25, 2005   06:39 AM PDT
AAPI, (American Assn of Physicians of Ind Origin) with 35,000 members contributed $55,000 to the PM's Tsunami Relief fund. That's abt $1.57 per head, from what is often touted as the richest block of overseas Indians. For that miserly amount they even managed a meeting with the PM!!! Of course, NRI contributions have always been on similar lines.

The reason I put this to you is becoz of your Tsunami post.
Twilight Fairy
April 25, 2005   06:05 AM PDT
Talking of rakhi brothers.. I once had to tie a rakhi to a guy simply coz a few more girls were tying it to him and I didnt want to be teased with a "oh so u arent tying him rakhi coz u have a crush on him" kinda thing :p :)
Twilight Fairy
April 25, 2005   06:03 AM PDT
BTW the new template is really kewl.. and I can see little bits of ur fav color here n there :).. n yes, blogspot doesnt force u to post comments anonymously - u can always select "other" and put in ur name and URL
Twilight Fairy
April 25, 2005   06:02 AM PDT
well.. a whole lot has happened here since I visited last! including a post taken off, reposted, a new template etc.. well dunno, what was so "un-understandable" abt that post? even if i hadnt read gabby's post i wdnt have had a problem with it anyway.. but it was a good 3rd person POV :)
April 25, 2005   03:10 AM PDT
why does all this confusion happen to you only, darling ?
trust you to make earth day hilarious too .
April 25, 2005   12:05 AM PDT
Well, at least you learnt something. I got a free T-Shirt for learning some green earth facts :)Did you have your plant for lunch today too or spared the bechara thing on Earth Day?
April 24, 2005   11:03 PM PDT
LOL.Twin,u're quite an unusual candidate to be plugging an 'Earth Day' cause,judging from what all 'unearthly' things u did.:)But,good to hear u say that u carry a cloth bag to the grocery store and take Earth Day quizzes.But,did ur quiz have only one question?

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