Vimax Asli
June 2, 2014   02:36 AM PDT
nice information
May 5, 2005   11:55 PM PDT
THough I am an only kid and I have been spared all this and have been free to get up to all the mischief in this world that I can get... I did have a phase where my cousins.. took unnatural interest in my personal life... BRRRR... luckily... I shed their shadows from my back... since I was the native in my town and they were newbies and could not blackmail me

all one could do was read my diary ( i stopped writing one after that)

after which I decided to take action....

... specially when i knew about their secret girlfriends and smoking habits... #$%@#$ mags.. so would blackmail them in return... BUhahahhaah !!! they realised they could not get one on me and left me alone... hahaha !!!

So I guess... for me it was a case of people living in glass windows should not throw stones.....blah blah... story.. .LOLOL

April 29, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
aaah.. Songs... Actually this song would be a better choice for a theme to this post:
<i> Phoolon ka Taaron ka,
sabka kehna hai;
Ek hazaron mein,
meri behna hai;
Saari umar,
Sang rehna hai; </i>

Ya, thats just about what I know!
And I was talking about my own sister back home in Chennai and no one else who might be lurking.. As they say back at home - <i>Nalladhukku kalame illa</i> (there is no place in time for good intentions)! :p
April 29, 2005   04:23 PM PDT
hai bhagwan! for a sec i though i was looking at the back of a tamil cd cover! thennavan!
April 29, 2005   04:18 PM PDT
thennavan: I almost had a heart-attack. I was wondering what prompted you to dedicate such a song (esp after that deep poem). Thanks for that elaborate note at the end. I'll keep you in mind if there is a tamil quiz contest going on.
April 29, 2005   03:37 PM PDT
Snehidhi Snehidhi
Anbulla Snehidhi

Snehidhi Snehidhi
Anbendraal Neeyadi

Siru Siru Pookkalin Manam Pole
Mounaththil Asaigindra Malar Pole

Dhinam Dhinam erpadum natpukku
Indru Edhum Illaiye...

(Title song from the Tamil serial "Anbulla Snehidhi" sung by Chinmayee (of Kannaththil Muththamittaal "Oru Deivam Thantha Poove" fame). The serial was based on the book "Sister of my Heart" from Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and produced & directed by Suhasini)
April 29, 2005   03:32 PM PDT
Adi Bhaiya: What kind of music do u listen to? *concerned*

Ash: Yeah *same pinch* Even I am stuck with nerds and dorks as friends(Prime example being patrix)

Jay-Z: Too much pent up anger on poor kid

Yeah cc, It was a little over the top. He made extra efforts not to end up in the same company or marry the same guy.

Anti: Scrabble/ Gilli danda/ should be able to get defeated to boost male ego/ Maiden overs/ gaalis...seriously man, are you looking for a bride or a custom-made software?
April 29, 2005   03:00 PM PDT
Gabby: I am impressed cos I am a scrabble lover. But it certainly remains to be seen what kinda scrabble was played, cos though I thought scrabble was not mainstream enough, a couple of friends of mine had this wonderful idea of playing "Gaali" scrabble as a party game! Major rule being, atleast 2 ppl who were not playing the game shld recognize and affirm that the claimed gaali was actually a gaali! A lot of ppl learnt a lot of new words that day.

Lalithaji: Whoa.. whoa.. time out..time out...Ummm! You can keep Pi for urself :p

Wouldn't mind if you'd find a female scrabble partner for me. Mind it though, I am utterly competitive in every thing i play, scrabble or gilli danda! And I am only used to bowling maiden overs and have never been bowled over by a maiden while competing.

I should probably get in touch with Pi discreetly to find out essential qualities that I shld look for while searching for a scrabble partner! And mebbe the experienced person he'd be, he'll probably tell me all the qualities (that he wishes that he caught earlier during his search) to run away from too...
April 29, 2005   02:32 PM PDT
lol. Whoa, that's one heck of a long time to be following your sis about ... your brother literally followed your footsteps! :)
April 29, 2005   03:00 AM PDT
Pesky lil bros.The things you do for them.Only to be told u embarrass them!!!So unfair.Oh those uncaring thankless lil bros.I speak from experience.
April 28, 2005   09:53 PM PDT
hee hee :P
April 28, 2005   06:55 PM PDT
You two sound like such characters !

Mys si was my chela as a kid and always tried to ghusofy in my groups...and my mum used to force me to take her wherever she went..., she's the cool one with the fundu friends and I'm stuck with the nerds and dorks (prime e.g Patrix)...
April 28, 2005   06:07 PM PDT
Was tht his fav song ;-)
April 28, 2005   06:06 PM PDT
mujhe meri didi se bachaoooo !!
April 28, 2005   03:59 PM PDT
Gabby, methinks AnTi wants to play (in general anygame) with Pi. hence the sigh. Ants, he is taken.
April 28, 2005   03:56 PM PDT
Anti - Wow? Scrabble is easy for general people who have no spelling problems :)...*sigh*? you scrabble-lover or are you just impressed? :)
April 28, 2005   03:46 PM PDT
Scrabble with Pi? Wow...

April 28, 2005   02:03 PM PDT
ZO: What are you lamenting for? I thought I fired you.

Secondly, thanks ji for pointing out my illiteracy (sp?). Yes, I suck at spellings (but that one was bad!) and instead of being a spy (one is enough considering my brother's interesting activities have come down drastically- all he does is work these days), you could be my spell checker. I'll draft responses and send it over to you. You could also correct all the transmittals to my clients, grandma, apartment owner, cell phone companies ..etc. while I play Scrabble with Pi.
April 28, 2005   01:44 PM PDT
Arre, I am already spying on your bro. Now you want to see who does the better job, me or M? It sucks to be the bro of an alpha female. Sucks to be employed by one too.

BTW, alpha you can thank me for pointing out that you have spelt "privilege" wrong in the comments. Congratulations on getting "consequences" right :-)
April 28, 2005   12:42 PM PDT
drummie: Called me old and annoying at the same time. hmpf!

colours: I pity her... tough life.

rhyncus: dude, what are you talking about? About what?

gabby: I'm still waiting for the day when your older siblings pay for your therapy.
April 28, 2005   12:16 PM PDT
How about older siblings who do everything "so perfectly" that life becomes one "keep up" race? Of course paying for your therapy is only one of the many ways they can make it up to you...
April 28, 2005   11:48 AM PDT
I preferred the "About What?" instead of the line you have up currently. Isn't there someplace here where you can comment about the sidebar?
April 28, 2005   09:59 AM PDT
My sister thought the same until my mother started working in the same school. Now she works in the same place as my father.

In contrast with both she certainly prefers my company :).
April 28, 2005   08:23 AM PDT
Hehehe, I am just happy my elder sis (who is incidently just a year older than me) was never like this :D But what the heck, it must have been fun for you :P
April 28, 2005   07:22 AM PDT
AmitL: Don't let go of your trademark.:) After that ragging incident, my brother treated me like a stranger for a while. No, he doesn't blog..or maybe he does..hmm.. must be one sister-bitching blog.

Sowmya: I think they ought to be thankful at least.

smiley: I never beat him..just made him do a few errands here and there.

anumita: I think I might have to share this pride with my parents.*darn*

sanguine: Yeah total previlage! Poor kid.

Ramana: I miss him you've mushed me up! But you guys also have your share of fun... I had written a post on that .other POV.:)

Matrix: Yeah, you could do with some spyting activity if you are sitting up at 4 am and posting comments. email me and I'll give you address of the target. Make sure you follow him into bathrooms too. You could contact Dr.Fillerman and get details on the case while transitioning it from him.

Toinks: aila! What an irresponsible kid you turned out to be...Pani puri?!! Give me your brother's id please!

April 28, 2005   06:28 AM PDT
I have an older brother. Bugger lives in London. Bugger's friends live in Mumbai. Ruin my happiness every single time. When I get into running trains, when I eat pani-puri, when I bunk classes...
Am starting the DOS
Down (with) older siblings club.
Your bhai ka mail id de.
April 28, 2005   04:58 AM PDT
need spying in Seattle?? (i do know a few frustrated folks doing PhD and would gladly undertake any kind of spying activity)
April 28, 2005   03:24 AM PDT
:), but in the end I too turned out like your brother. And what the heck, despite our pillow fights, she dotes on me and vice versa..i guess it's the distance. She lives far away in the north and I do miss her sometimes.
April 27, 2005   11:26 PM PDT
the post reminds me of the times when i was told by my kid sis to back off again n again n again ... but i am not gonna… hee hee hee .big sis privilege.
April 27, 2005   11:23 PM PDT
Ah! That's one proud sister patting herself on the back.
April 27, 2005   11:17 PM PDT
LOL..."And I also got a slave for a few months" cruel sistas
April 27, 2005   10:32 PM PDT
hi alpha
I am the elder one at my place and i guess my sis must be releived i stayed away from her for the last 4 1/2 yrs because of my studies.... She was frustrated with me around...

ha ha ha but i had fun getting my way aound and still looking loke an angel :-)

have a great day/evening whatever it is gonna be
April 27, 2005   10:23 PM PDT
LOL.Twin(I cannot resist beginning my comments with that,coz that's the reaction to the posts,usually).:)That's pretty interesting.Never knew u had such a scheming mind(Quote"And I also got a slave for a few months if I kept this from parents.")..The best part was the ragging event.Thank God u weren't arrested on grounds of trying to rag those guys..Heh heh.:)Good luck to ur brother.(He a blogger,too,by any chance??)
April 27, 2005   04:33 PM PDT
I think people got that deal. If you were the kind saving lives, you wouldn't be wasting your time here. And if you really want to save a life, you could send me a check for $5,000 dollars (imm.)'s my dying wish. what can I say, I'm shallow even during death.
Dr. Fillerman
April 27, 2005   04:29 PM PDT
I am a PhD, not a PhD person. The only good that came out of that deal has been that I can put a Dr. before my name. Can't save no lives though.
April 27, 2005   04:07 PM PDT
Star: youck..that'll be my nightmare job.

Dr. Fillu: oh, you figured out I was talking abt you. How? I kinda vaguely alluded to it. You are a Phd person for a reason. Anyway, thanks to all the detective work you did, I was on top of things. And yeah, better not curse me..I'm still not over losing my wallet because of you! The other three times I lost ze wallets must also be due to remnants of that same curse.

the fillerman
April 27, 2005   03:48 PM PDT
Frustrated? Spy? I want to curse you, but then if something goes wrong because of your freaking stupidity, the blame will be on me... like in the past.
April 27, 2005   03:09 PM PDT
No, no, dont need any more torrid or horrid affairs.

Btw, what is this about you working as a spell-check developer??? Whoever submitted your resume for consideration never checked your own spelling powers eh?
April 27, 2005   02:48 PM PDT
zo: make fun of me..make fun of my brother..but my spellings ke bare mein kuch kaha tho...I'll give you the 'bald eagle shaap'. You know the consequences(sp?) of that na.
April 27, 2005   02:37 PM PDT
You can look out for bald eagles in Chicago na. Waise there is a position available for an auto-matic spellcheck developer, you should consider applying.
April 27, 2005   02:25 PM PDT
I know Pats, He was hoping that wouldn't happen. Do u think they'd have an opening for me in Microsoft? Zoheb, kuch karo na..I'm bored not being able to look out for anyone anymore.

Regds to you bro, I can't comment without hurting I'll pass.
April 27, 2005   01:06 PM PDT
Thank heavens he doesn't work in the same company..following your elder sibling ki height hai yeh Alpha-Beta ke kisse!!!

I couldn't tolerate my younger brother bonding with my friends until I realized that it was futile coz he was the 'cool' one and my friends were ready to dump me...the buggers!!
April 27, 2005   11:59 AM PDT
Star, Are you saying my brother is not appreciative of my efforts? and if you still want torrid affair with Muslim guy, there's always Zoheb. Looks like you guys connected yesterday.

No, you can't be my twin. For that You need a paunch. As for coming first- Yay! No prize..all my saved up money goes in buying blog shares.

angel: They call you sister by your name? why? Does she have a name? *confused*

ramana: I pity you dearly.

Aunty: Trust me, you sister is doing penance standing on one leg and thanking the almighty that you are no where near. Sorry, had to break your bubble. My bro refuses to take up a job in Chicago or even Peoria.

So, tell me about Cleaveland someday.

Gabby: Keep a handky to be safe.

Zo: Acha..tu kya kar raha that wahan? brother is an adult at least.

April 27, 2005   11:42 AM PDT
Alpha, I saw your bro yesterday coming out of that movie theatre here ... you know .... and he still had the happiest face on campus. Glad to tell you, your kid bro hasn't changed one bit.
April 27, 2005   10:15 AM PDT
Haahaaha! But u know what, I miss being around my sis (younger) thro her college years. A cousin told me about this guy trouble that my sis had in college and I called her up one day from here to ask her what was up and put the idea in her mind that I have someone I know at her college who could talk to the guy (freshie like my sis) if he got too troublesome. She was surprised that her goody goody bro (boy, was she mistaken!) knew "people". But I think she got away from trouble without trouble! Atleast I hope she did...
April 27, 2005   09:49 AM PDT
Totally, totally. I have lots to say, will be back.
April 27, 2005   09:10 AM PDT
I have an elder sister too and I totally related to this post, alpha. Boy, you mushed me all up with nostalgia!
April 27, 2005   07:52 AM PDT see I'm the eldest....I don't even have a measly cousin elder to me...but hey atleast your brother is lucky enough to be not stuck with your name, my poor sis is still called by my name :)
April 27, 2005   07:33 AM PDT
Hey! I made the first comment!!!!!

Do I get a prize or award or anything? Do I get to be your twin?
April 27, 2005   07:32 AM PDT
Thats the problem with older siblings ... they look out for you far more than you need looking out.

I'll never forgive my elder cousins for ruining my torrid summer romance with the muslim neighbours son, years ago in India.

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