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May 9, 2005   02:04 AM PDT
Jeez! I haven't read so much tamil like ..e.v.e.r. educational your blog has become!! the only gifts i seem to get from my pals are the redeemable coupon kinds... the ones that can be redeemed after either their death or mine x(
May 8, 2005   10:08 PM PDT
I mean what I mean, but you can't be so mean!
May 7, 2005   08:17 AM PDT
It's telugu, is it? how many languages do people switch between in one comment?
May 6, 2005   09:23 AM PDT
thennavan: Every society is corrupt because of my bribes.

anti: oops..i jumped the gun eh?what did u mean?

pallavi: yeah, books which come with a gift receipt is great..i love getting books..*hint you all*
May 5, 2005   11:41 PM PDT
Okok I confess.. to recycling gifts... which I got at my wedding.. I got some 10 sets of pudding sets... which I have calmly distributed to other anonymous weddings where they did not know me too well... hahaah !!!

Otherwise I think ( unless I am not aware) i have seen my gifts being used very exstensively...

except now when i buy books as gifts I ask discreetly if they have read it... LOL.. gifting books are dicey... :)
May 5, 2005   08:03 PM PDT
Alpha: Mylapore Maami? I did not say anything to that effect :O
May 5, 2005   02:18 PM PDT
Alpha, if you call my literary or "baashai" speaking skills into question, I shall have to report you to the SPCVVS (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Varied Vernacular Speakers) :-)
May 5, 2005   02:09 PM PDT

Thennavan: Ediri-in bashaiyle paadina..ennukku onnum puriyaadu da! Actually any language you speak in is kinda vague anyway...and you get a case of rape slapped on you.. tch tch...such besmirch! This aar is out to get all the Tam Brahm girls to himself.

Anti: Mylapore maami? I am already qualified.

Hired gun: That'll be more worrying about finding the right gift. As much as I hated Interpreter of maladies, i loved th first story...but completely forgot the context of returned gifts in that one. *remind me*

Zo: Have you ever put- 'Mind my own business' in your TO DO list?

ricer: I'll be damed..who gives frilly frocks to people in the first place?

Vipul: Ji? Did you realise that you walked in here before and said funny. (see first comment) or are you laughing at what Thennavan said in Tamil? *perplexed at IIT Kharagpur behaviour*

Ashwin: You will soon live to regret such statements.

angel: Perishables... I hope your mom didn't give any to Anti. *shudder*

Aar: A telugu PJ Coming from a Mellu? These Telugu jokes have been beaten to death that these days I'm not just bored..I can Champestanu! Rape randi.

Thennavan: Poetic? After reading your Hindi rendition of pichley janam...I think I have attained salvation from rebirth.
May 5, 2005   12:27 PM PDT
Ayyayyo, why am I being besmirched here. Whover you are Aaar, arre Yaar :-), I am a seedha-saadha aam aadmi who is at worst, "dangerously poetic" :-)

Stalking? Is it something like Beanstalks? :-)
May 5, 2005   12:03 PM PDT
Thennavan is going to rape someone? You've got some serious stalkers here.
May 5, 2005   06:20 AM PDT
Who said gifting perishables was a good idea? Once my mum gifted a lovely box of sweets to someone who happened to visit us a week later and gifted us the same box of sweets. Gifting perishables isn't too good for your tummy nor for your relations :)
May 4, 2005   01:11 PM PDT
ha ha ha....
May 4, 2005   07:29 AM PDT
when we were kids mom used to 'pass on' gifts she knew i wud never use (like sissy / girly 'frocks'). Anyway, this one time she did the same with this pink frilly thing and guess what, next yr, it actually came back to us ... from someone totally different to the one we had passed it too!
May 4, 2005   04:38 AM PDT
Hmmm ... Gabby and fillu, looks like alpha has a long prying nose :-)
May 3, 2005   09:48 PM PDT
these stories are getting funnier and funnier :D. I dont mind if you devote another post to the same topic!! hehe
May 3, 2005   08:02 PM PDT
Aaah... returned gifts. We should make a PayPal system for gifts, where you never even get to see it, it just moves from one account to another. ;-)

Check out the first story in "Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri. Implications of returning gifts.
May 3, 2005   07:24 PM PDT
Alpha: Mylapore? Never knew that in a few years, u'd qualify to be a.. never mind...
May 3, 2005   06:03 PM PDT
Alpha, point noted. Inime edirikku therinja baashaiyileye song vidalaamaa? then it must be in Telugu not Hindi, right? Repu ekam nice paattu likhoongaa (and we can sing a National Integration song) :-)
May 3, 2005   05:48 PM PDT
Aiyoo maanam kappal yeri going... a kappal called Titanic. Fillu, nonsense I say! I was just making sure everything is clean and that you are provided for. Because of those snooping sessions, I figured you didn't need any gift.

Next time shoot me if I let any real time friends come close to my blog.
May 3, 2005   05:27 PM PDT
Gabby's comment about Alpha's snooping habit caught my attention. Hmmm... so I am not the only one who has noticed Alpha poking around the house and looking in closets and cupboards? She has not given me too many gifts (nor have I given her, to tell the truth). So what could she have been looking for I wonder?
May 3, 2005   05:09 PM PDT
Seriously people..I have never been so Tamil-raided in my life like this..not even when 50 of my relatives congregate in Mylapore.
Oye Thennavan, what's the point in singing a song the enemy can't even get? No, like anti said, you are the wrong person for situ songs. You are better for dream sequences.
May 3, 2005   05:02 PM PDT
I can't stop laughing at this Anti-Thennavan duet! You don't need to really know tamil/tamizh...LOL@ "songo song; poemo poem"
May 3, 2005   04:09 PM PDT
Anti, machchi nee namma kaiyile wrong pannaathey; wrong person for song aa? namma site le vandu paaru; songo song; poemo poem; maththavanga siteleyum naan vudara comments songo song thaan; Enna nainaa eppadi keedhu udambu? :-)
May 3, 2005   04:07 PM PDT
Thennava: Narayana Narayanan..?

Alpha: Thennavan is the wrong person to ask for songs :p

Gabby: Somethings are better left unsaid. Ghup shup raho and jeeyo zindagi ek dost ke sang!

*decides that he will always gift only perishables!
May 3, 2005   03:11 PM PDT
Di Alpha :-)

Here is one that you want for Gabby (unga rendu perukkum ullaara aachchu, en thalaiyai pottu uruttaatheengo) :-)

Unakkenna mele nindraai o nandalala
Unathaanai paadugindren naan rombha naalaa

Yaaraaro NANBI endru emaantha nenjam undu
Poovendru mullai kandu puriyaamal nindren indru
Paal pola kallum undu niraththaale rendum ondru (REPEAT, a la P. Vasu in Chandramukhi :-))
Naan enna kallaa paalaa nee sollu nandalala

- From the only and only Kamal Hassan in "Simla Special" (sung by the one and only SPB) :-)
May 3, 2005   12:39 PM PDT
Dei Thennavan!
'Koi humara na raha?' er..Why is everyone deserting me now? No no, This song is pushing me down the there one that would show Gabby in bad light?
like..yeh bichu yeh bichu
May 3, 2005   12:33 PM PDT
Alpha, here you go:

Koi Humdum Na Raha Koi Sahara Na Raha
Ham Kisi Ke Na Rahe Koi Hamara Na Raha

May 3, 2005   10:04 AM PDT

You WEREN"T tipsy??????!!!! Ailaala!!!
Where's that Thennavan when i need a song like 'Dost Dost na raha...'

Snooping indeed... Did u guys use the body chocolate I 'happened to chance' in the dresser inside a box?

May 3, 2005   09:38 AM PDT
Enough, enough.

See I love the books you give me but I agree, that belt WAS disgusting (weight off my chest, feel 10 lbs lighter) :)

And people you know why, I decided to tell her? I wasn't tipsy or whatever, it's becos Alpha has a compulsive snooping habit! And Jesus knows how many cupboards she would open just to find that belt when she came visiting! Yes, please lock your cupboards, bathroom cabinets and even kitchen pantries when she's around!

Feeling better now. How's the day going Alpha sweetie? All good?
May 3, 2005   08:50 AM PDT
shub: gabby will give me no such pleasures.:( I don't love belts Shub, this time I actually kept her in mind whe I bought that. I looked at the belt and went "eeeew..disgusting, I know Gabby wears such stuff. She will love it."

TF: What's so poor about Gratis? I was the one violated and she got her earrings!

Anumita: Heard of the saying- Your trash is my treasure? I might have picked it up too if you left it out like that.

AmitL: Wow, they did that?! Now that's horrid! haha. Yeah Gabby took me way up there and brought me crashing very soon. Friends ho tho aise!
May 3, 2005   04:55 AM PDT
LOL.Twin,u know,I've had a situation where one of our relatives gifted back the same gifts we had given them two years earlier.:)And,it was difficult to keep a straight face on seeing the 'gift given with love and affection'.:)Had a good LOL at ur Gabby means she actually desired the earrings even more than the belt?Whew.Friends hon to aise.At least she made u feel good when u gifted it,right??
May 3, 2005   03:31 AM PDT
Hilarious!! Gabby actually did that to you?!!
Once while we were deciding what to do with a horrendous gift and placed it outside the door, while cleaning up after the party, someone picked it up and disappeared with it. For once, we didn't complain to security!
Twilight Fairy
May 3, 2005   01:04 AM PDT
LOL.. but I dont blame poor gratis.. you *offered* the gift exchange to her :p..

star - S&M tumbler..? now that makes me think that the gift was something else in disguise :p :)
May 2, 2005   11:36 PM PDT
daaamn Gabby, u shuda stored the belt visibly in a cupbord and let it rot away until alpha chanced upon it n whisked it away for herself! ;o)
alpha, lemme guess, you bought her teh belt cos you reaaallly love belts??! ;o)
May 2, 2005   09:21 PM PDT
thennavan: cool are on a roll.

gamemaster: It was Guesstures and Tabboo. We already had point gifting it.

Rather not-whatever: Unsubscribing is very easy... I would have told my kid to teach you..but sadly I don't have a kid. Or tell me your id, i'll be glad to do the honors myself.
Or another easier thing is to delet the freaking mail that is causing you so much tension.
Next thing, even if you feel you are bound to come to my blog (it happpens when one is my ardent fan), I don't remember any subscribtion that forces you to comment. So there!
I'll try not to miss you. tata!

Anti: I did watch that movie..It was awesome...sniffed my way thru the movie.And yeah, come over..I'll surely give you Priya pickle. Have some of it left.

Gabby: Ganging up? I have a certain standard for my gang.
May 2, 2005   08:23 PM PDT
Thennavan: Sooper song ba!

Alpha: Yipeeeee.. Alpha invited me home for dinner! Alpha invited me home for dinner! Btw, Alpha, u are ordering food from..umm.. Priyas right?

Gabby: Tch Tch Tch.. we Tams never gang up on unsuspecting ppl. And what we speak seems like code only because you don't know Thamizh! Do ur reading up as fast as you can...

Alpha/Gabby: On a serious note, a movie reccommendation! Watch the movie that Thennavan quoted (Autograph)! It is one of the most genuinely made Tam movies in recent years. I am sure you ladies will love it. I think it was made in Telugu as "Naa Autograph", but did not do too well! And last I heard, Raj Kumar Santoshi had bought the Hindi rights and Ms. Aishwarya "I am Indian and I live at home" Rai had turned it down as well!
May 2, 2005   07:13 PM PDT
>>>btw, you seem to be my ardent fan, hanging out and taking time to comment. *honored* *pichle janam ka punya and all*

You seem to be rather presumptous! :-) But the real reason is that I registered to that damn RSS feed on your blog site. There is no freaking way to unsubscribe myself. I get an email every single time you post and hence I come here.

Sorry to burst your bubble. But I am sure you will get over it ;-)
May 2, 2005   06:46 PM PDT
the tamilians are all ganging up and talking in code language to eachother.

*very very dispproving look*
Gamesmaster G-9
May 2, 2005   06:29 PM PDT
Was the game pictionary? In that case, shamelessness is totally justified.
May 2, 2005   05:41 PM PDT
Nyaabagam varude nyaabagam varude nyaabagam varude

Pokkishamaaga alpha koduththa giftsgalellaam nyaabagam varude

- From "Autograph" :-)
May 2, 2005   04:05 PM PDT
vipul" Thanks for visiting.

Rationale: look who's here! Well, that was quite an experience..I better drop by and check on my paintings.

Zo: Hence, you won't either.

Star: I know..It was amusing..I would at least be curious to see what gift I got. My dad-in-law actually called that uncle and said,"I didn't know your daughter sheila got married. Thanks to your gift, we found out."

Gabby: lol...No, your lies are fantastic..I always fall for it.

patrix: Oh exchange is never a problem with friends..I have done that too..but catch me gushing like that on something I find hideous.

matrix: Yeah, cupboards intrigue me.

Anti: No occasion! you'll have to just visit me and buy me a laptop as a gift. I'll get you one kya, two board games.
May 2, 2005   03:45 PM PDT
hmmmm.. Alpha...
I promise never to return any board games that you gift me! So when do I get one? Do u look for occasions? Tomorrow is my birthday!
May 2, 2005   01:53 PM PDT
i knew u were good at unearthing skeletons from a board game??
May 2, 2005   01:41 PM PDT
Regards Gabby's exchanging gifts, well you asked for it...dosti mein exchanging chalta hai, you just didn't guess that it was earrings that she wanted.
May 2, 2005   01:32 PM PDT
sigh. i asked for that. notes to self:

1. don't comment on her blogs.
2. learn to lie better.
3. learn to hold my alcohol.

btw, those were really nice earrings. thanks dahling!
May 2, 2005   01:30 PM PDT
Yikes at the S&M tumbler ....

Did the person not even bother to unwrap and appreciate the gift before wrapping it up and giving it to you?

They probably wanted to save onwrapping paper I guess- and thats why didnt bother unwrapping the tumbler!

Again- Yikes!
May 2, 2005   12:55 PM PDT
This is why I never gift anyone anything.
May 2, 2005   12:36 PM PDT
Aaah! I totally empathise with you on this one... The other day, I got a bday gift from a colleague... "bitter orange" scented candles. And boy! They were reeeallly bitter!

I was going to return it, when my colleague got to know that I was going to that particular store (my big mouth!) and he wanted somestuff from there.

Any guesses? I got him what he wanted and in the bag was the receipt which also mentioned that I had exchanged the candles he'd got me! :D I had to do some smooth talking to come up with a story for that one!

I think if you arent damn sure of what a person likes... get them gift-cards!
May 2, 2005   12:33 PM PDT
It reminds of something similar happened with me..pretty funny indeed..


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