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May 19, 2005   03:20 PM PDT
devi ji bahut ache..
May 16, 2005   01:32 AM PDT
WHOA .. thats a whole lot of stuff that you do... and i agree about the Willow tree sometimes.. we do not see what we are destroying to just gain another point towards progress....
May 11, 2005   06:04 AM PDT
He he .. now i know why the BMC puts up signs like "please bear with for a better tomorrow '.. they are actually warning us that we aren't ever gonna let your roads be!
May 10, 2005   06:47 PM PDT
Muniya: haha! You tricksters! I remember our survey camp vividly..too bad we didn't have naive villagers around.
May 10, 2005   06:07 PM PDT
During our Survey camp we were preparing a rote map for a road ,never to be constructed.
The innocent villagers thought that a road will be laid passing tru their fields.In the evening they landed with basketful of fruits requesting us not to propose the road tru their fields.
Goes without saying that we accepted the proposal!
May 10, 2005   05:29 PM PDT
it was a gal (u lucky man) ... Rabri Devi.
May 10, 2005   03:59 PM PDT
Alpha: As long as it is a gal (and that gal is not you or Gabby), I don't care :p
May 10, 2005   02:46 PM PDT
I was wiping out all evidence to make you proud.

Anti: who's calling you girl and doing muaa?
May 10, 2005   02:24 PM PDT
Damn, you took off my comments too. Good you took off the scans though.

Professional orientation class is a 1 credit course for ME seniors covering Intellectual Property, Patents, Presentation Skills (Written, Oral etc.), Ethics etc.
May 10, 2005   08:47 AM PDT
Name: DUH! Whats with the "gal" word? Now you are gonna regret that "muah"! Where did I ever say I was female? Alpha, is that you? :O
May 10, 2005   07:05 AM PDT
Anti, Gabby: love you girls..muah!
May 9, 2005   10:32 PM PDT
ok you just did that while i was typing that sermon...achhi bachhi!
May 9, 2005   10:27 PM PDT
Fillu: Yeah, I agree. Took it off..stupid me. What professional orientation class? *suspicious*

May 9, 2005   09:22 PM PDT
Hmmm.. Pink tulip shirt! Whoa.. where did that one come from?
May 9, 2005   07:53 PM PDT
madhu: thanks.

Anti: sure as long as you let me wear your pink tulip shirt. and it's called bituminous.

Patty: I dont know how talking about alignments and tar gets me to be more endearing..but I'll take the word of a fan.:) I read your blog in a hurry..need to in more detail. I am speechless. You are too much I say.

Star: stop getting jealous. Patty is your fan too. And for the breakfast eating part, you can check out Gabby's blog.

Fillerman: Jeez..not those condoms parents/in-laws and god knows who all read this blog these days. But your recipe negates the effect. Your request has been taken care of..I mentioned Baldy and added somemore stuff..By the end of it, this post would have become an epic..never thought i had so much to say about work.

May 9, 2005   06:18 PM PDT
Star, the melted condom mix works well to fix holes in the road too.. Have you heard of rubberized tar?

Here is the recipe for airport runway grade roads.

Interesting post Alpha: No Eagles mentioned here? A reference would have been nice.
May 9, 2005   02:58 PM PDT
I think you need to do a post answering questions.

Like- what does a superstar like yourself have for breakfast on Sunday morning after a night partying on the town?
May 9, 2005   02:15 PM PDT
I am not complaining. Actually I like it that you are personalizing your blog...make you more endearing to your loyal readers, myself included.

Looking your next part. I hope I answered your question (kahan hai be tu?)on my blog.
May 9, 2005   12:24 PM PDT
Part II? Wow! I am waiting to hear how you arrive at the optimum mix of concrete and sand and that black semi-liquid that you guys pour in! And do you have a "bring a friend" day at your workplace? I will come, but only if you'd let me wear that orange vest and hard hat!
May 9, 2005   12:18 PM PDT
Nice read! You write very well.
May 9, 2005   11:53 AM PDT
ramana: vintage? wait till you hear more of what I am made to do here.

rationale: you know.

Ash: Phew thanks for forgiving me.. Some people wanted exactly that. How the hell can anyone make their job description any less drier...unles you are a stripper.

Ricer: My pleasure.

Aar: kheraos? I only heard of Gajanand Rao. Yeah, sometimes its fun if you don't get threatening calls.

Star: Where's filler man when you need him? I don't fix potholes ever since I converted one into a speed putting excess material.

Patrix: You seem hazaar worked-up abt my coming-out phenomenon that you are seeing things now..nahin re..nothing intimate about this than any of my other posts. I was asked to write abt my job and I didn't think it was that I kept postponing it. Brace yourself, Part-II is on the way.
May 9, 2005   10:43 AM PDT
A surprisingly insightful post on your current life..kya ho raha hai? since you have been 'outed', you are drowning us with intimate details of your life :) how much longer before you retire the Alpha pseudonym.
May 9, 2005   10:27 AM PDT
Hey, do you have any international pull with continental agencies in say .... Canada?

The road outside my workplace is a little ragged and pot-holed, can you pull some strings, tar some birds and get it fixed?
May 9, 2005   10:14 AM PDT
Are there kheraos in Amreeka? Isn't PR work nice for a change from the regular 'life inside the cubicle':-)
May 9, 2005   09:41 AM PDT
Wow! I feel re-educated & enlightened
May 9, 2005   09:36 AM PDT
Loved that pic

Wow, this post strted off so .. umm...dry... I had to scroll back and see if I was at Pieces of the Puzzle or had wandered elsewhere.
But you made up for it later.
So all is forgiven.

P.S Was gonna smirk and comment that you guys are the ones responsible for wrecking arthur dent's house...but that wont make sense since u havent read the book. Go read HGTTG, woman !
May 9, 2005   08:03 AM PDT
Nice read!

I knew that you designed roads but I did not think that your work was so 'colorful'! :D
May 9, 2005   03:36 AM PDT
hahaha..this is vintage, alpha! glad to have the funnybone back. :) (And no, am not making fun of ur work in any way whatsoever!) ;)
May 8, 2005   01:04 PM PDT
thennavan: yoikes..i dont want your job...just coz it'll take me a long time to understand the job description itself. And your friend must be making a lot more than me.

Peg: No problem...I'll do what I can. Good luck.

Ashwin: I didn't know this post had a funny part... glad to know things went OHT..that was the intention. I pulled stuff out of a job even I don't know what I was talking about.

Harshil: Reconstruction in summer and snow in winter are doomed if you have to drive around Chicago.

AmitL: Thanks..I had to stop by this sculpture park near my house and take that picture as it was so apt. Municipality and citizens are two different things... just like here. But how can I turn down an invitation to live in a dessert and drink milk sheikh.

Anti: Yes, there have been times I had to go to the site wearing orange vest and hard hat..stop getting jealous.

Gabby: trust you to make me see the easy way out. I saved butterflies, does that count?

chugsie: what did I go and do? Shall I go back to talking about how I pluck my eyebrows?

babblefish: Without my freeway, there would be no hitchhiking. (need to read that book man)

pinprick: An open ended question like that will get my imagination running...but now, for all practical purposes I'm happy doing this. It's fun. *just in case my office folks land into this blog*

Thennavan and Anti: this intellectual conversation that too in my looking very out of place.
May 8, 2005   10:35 AM PDT
a NT(Nice Try) i :-)

This is how we used to tease NT when it made its first show trying to imitate Mac OS server and looks like you made a valiant attempt too at my comment :-) (hey it is already part of your blog handle and in the middle, to boot)

Although I didn't do much programming (and hated the very little I did), I remembered to always close the paranthesis for correspondence with each line and if you had taken a little more effort to notice, you would have seen that I never used an extra ")" than necessary. Indru poi naalai vaaraai - for another attempt at nit-picking :-)
May 8, 2005   06:34 AM PDT
hmm... then what other job would you rather have??
May 8, 2005   01:55 AM PDT
Hey alpha, so you are the one who decided to build the freeway through Arthur Dent's house in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I always wanted to know who it was. Boy he sure wants to settle some scores with you.
May 8, 2005   01:30 AM PDT
i was one of those who wanted to know more about your job. now i am not too sure.
u just fell way down my "coolness scale".
love the fonts on the road signs though. very neat and legible.
May 8, 2005   12:31 AM PDT
LOL... good, you're re-aligning your priorities...No point trying to save the world :)...
May 7, 2005   11:12 PM PDT
Alpha: These lines - <i>So you are the freak whos decided to build the road through my garden?</i> - reminded me of HHGTG! ROTFL! Civil Engineer (or is it Transportation Engineer?), huh? Coincidentlly, just today, me and a couple of friends were discussing how diff road construction crews here in the USA are, compared to the ones we see in India. So, do you get to hold the "Stop" and "Slow" signs while wearing those hard hats and fluroscent coats? Lucky you!

Thennavan: Minor point, but amidst all that talk of Linux chatting with a Windows 2003 etc., I think you misplaced a ")" somewhere. Oh wait, what I thought was a "lol" emoticon might have been just a smile emoticon followed by that errant ")". Btw, ur work reminds me of the experience that me and my sister go through i.e wrt to the IBM-S/390 mainframe looking down . place full of rows simulated Citrix environment with an IBM-S/390 mainframe looking down at the Linux and the Windows 2003 interacting vitually. :p I can't ask my sis about her college issues that she might normally not tell my mom and she cannot ask me about my stuff either, without my mom raising an eyebrow or two looking down from behind my sister's shoulder. Which reminds me, Mother's Day! Have to call her, its already Sunday in India!
May 7, 2005   10:31 PM PDT
LOL.Twin,that's a very interesting job indeed...the pic said it all.:):):)I quite liked the way u expect people to come and greet you with open arms,thanking you for the lovely designed road and giving u gifts and blessings..LOL..Waise, I can tell u,u'd be more appreciated in Dubai.The Municipality here is always looking for ways to make life better for the citizens,with roads being an area of Prime Concern(And,then tax them to use the new roads).Want to give it a try??
May 7, 2005   10:05 PM PDT
This poem reminds me of Carl Sandburg's poem "Chicago". There is always reconstruction going on in Chicago.

May 7, 2005   09:38 PM PDT
All the civil engineering stuff that you described was really cool..but too high-fundoo and OHT!! So i just skipped to the funny part :D.
May 7, 2005   09:02 PM PDT
Thank you alpha for you comment about my new book! I appreciate any help I can get! Oh, and by the way, a good friend of mine is also an engineer for the government and he too has many a tale to tell! Ah, what a life, eh? You just gotta love people! ;-)
May 7, 2005   08:32 PM PDT
Alpha, so you spill the beans on your livelihood :-) Interesting!

Actually I would love to trade places (care to tinker around with why Linux does not talk to Windows Server 2003 which in turn does not want to talk with Apple Server X under a simulated Citrix environment with an IBM-S/390 mainframe looking down this tug-of-war with a smirk on its face in a 5400 sq. ft. place full of rows of blade-servers which we call the data center and makes your teeth chatter as if you were in a Siberian winter :-)). Of course, the truth is that I don't go often that much into the data center and prefer to have all my controls under my desktop in a better looking executive-office suite off-campus :-)

Your job reminds me of my friend Srikanth (a brilliant guy) who did his Ph.D in OR (Oper. Res.) at ASU but had to abort it mid-way on account of funding problems at the Univ. and later joined Sabre (American Airlines). He recently finished his MBA at Wharton and having left the world of transportation and logistics, has joined ranks with Wall Street "banias" analyzing the stock market :-)
May 7, 2005   05:58 PM PDT
rhyncus, what?! You don't have a mustache? Not even one pail? Bicycle... now that I hadn't imagined. I was hoping you were dragging the cows/buffaloes to every home you provide milk. Every job is interesting..esp..some milkman who blogs... now I can completely understand the love for the batatawada lady.
May 7, 2005   05:50 PM PDT
OK. If you got the image of a moustachioed Rhyncus bicycling down the road every morning with two large pails balanced on the are way way off. :) Its not even that interesting. Sigh.
May 7, 2005   05:48 PM PDT
Rhyncus, how does one sell milk really well? Do u have a zamindar as a boss? Do u put lot of water like our doodhwala? What kind of cows do u use? What feed? I would really like to know. Please write a post on this.
May 7, 2005   05:43 PM PDT
Sigh. And I just sell milk. And that too, not as well as my boss would want.

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