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February 28, 2010   11:29 AM PST
Alpha, your insight, fluidity and wit: *outstanding*! Personally I think the Astrologer's suggestion is not bad... althought Karthik's solution may be more "effective" in pleasing his family.

Simply *fabulous*, Alpha! &#9786;
October 4, 2007   09:25 AM PDT
I wonder if the hot blond is still single..
sanjay m
October 3, 2007   11:42 AM PDT
aiyyyyoooooooooo paavam karthik

man this really ROCKED!!
September 26, 2007   06:54 AM PDT cant stop laughing
June 1, 2007   02:23 AM PDT
Made excellent reading. Absolutely funny. My friend Ramesh Nair lead me here. Thanks to him!
November 18, 2006   02:29 AM PST
Good Luck, man!!!Keep writing.....:)
November 17, 2006   10:43 AM PST
LOL...good one!!!
November 17, 2006   10:32 AM PST
I am seeing it already..... oh oh.. dont think fast.. not for me.. but one of the bakras.. sorry, cousins
November 17, 2006   09:00 AM PST
February 1, 2006   09:15 PM PST
Excellent post !! And as I said before, excellent sense of humour :)!
December 28, 2005   10:21 AM PST
1st time reader here couldnt help myself laughing out loud. Taliban..!! ha ha.!! ho ho!!

Wicked Angel
June 30, 2005   04:49 AM PDT
Hilarious. Loved it
June 2, 2005   12:43 PM PDT
You are as funnny as ever, Alpha :)
May 27, 2005   02:15 PM PDT
I am still laughing...toooo goood...u just made my day...

May 25, 2005   06:13 AM PDT
hehehe.. really funny and totally relate-able.. same goes here.. but on the opposite side of the issue.. wotever happens we gals just hafta look good in pics.. after all wots intelligence and maturity yaddah! look hot and pluck away hubbies! :D
May 25, 2005   04:38 AM PDT
Every south indian here faces the same predicament. He He. Rings soooooo truuuuu...
May 23, 2005   04:05 PM PDT
Kj; Thanks...

Ramana: yes yes.
May 23, 2005   06:54 AM PDT
Hey alpha, busy busy?
May 23, 2005   12:48 AM PDT

just dropping a _______________.

u had me ROTFL, holding my tummy. there was a BIG GRIN on my face when reading ur post, when my boss walked in suddenly.


ha ha ha


May 22, 2005   11:55 PM PDT
Alpha, I can only go by what I see. If the other commenter has not seen your one week of no posting, then who do you go with? :-)
May 22, 2005   05:05 PM PDT
Angel/thennavan, Drummie says I have been doing nothing but blogging... Where have you been?
May 22, 2005   01:04 PM PDT
umm....yes it was an extremely funnu post and I'm sure everyone has said that....but don't you think its about time you put up something new...there are a lot of ppl here who need their dose of laughter you know :)
May 22, 2005   06:09 AM PDT
Hahahahahaha :D

Just too good. So wassup nowadays?? You are back on an extremely frequent blogging spree ;) Seems like you have nothing to do :P (just kiddin')
May 22, 2005   12:25 AM PDT
Alpha, are you content to achieve this cruising altitude (I meant your one week hiatus :-))

I thought you were going to pilot the (Iyer) plane higher :-)
May 20, 2005   10:46 PM PDT
Nayi Naveli Dulhan :) good.. :)
May 20, 2005   10:13 AM PDT
thank you one and all...for coming by and saying nice things and laughing. Karthik- poor guy must be thanking you all too.

for people who didn't say nice things..there is always a next time.

for people who called me dude.. there is no next time. I am scarred.

anumita: He isn't married. Where he'll get married at this rate!

Manish ji: what's with the photo in your blog where you are standing like a nayi naveli dulhan?...arey chehra tho dikhao.

m: I will pray that you become a TV person. Then only there is hope for me.

Lee: Welcome back!!! Great to see you around..what baout this post and my proposal..why connect

May 20, 2005   09:21 AM PDT
Now, if I'd only read this before I accepted your proposal...
May 19, 2005   09:54 PM PDT
Alpha, I am giving you some ThamizhManam (fragrance :-)) on my site (hint: keep your speakers on before entering)
May 19, 2005   06:31 PM PDT
Alfoo, updatoo
May 19, 2005   03:01 PM PDT
hey dikri kitna acha likhti hai .. bahut acha laga.. 3 post padi hain aur hans hans ke pet mein dard ho gaya best is this one.. waise GC-RC wali bhi great thi..the best in that were the cast GC , RC , hurricane and toofan :D
and "You can count on me" is good too.. no matter what u write its good.. keep writing :)
May 19, 2005   11:31 AM PDT
you know you could convert your blog into a tv serial.......imagine the episodes........find a backer alpha- if i was a television person- i would take you on right away.

May 19, 2005   08:31 AM PDT
gvenum: That was as late as last offseason before he landed in Miami ;)
May 19, 2005   04:09 AM PDT
And why am i called 'Name'? like duh?
May 19, 2005   12:25 AM PDT
Hilarious one dude. BTW, Just in case if this info is any relevant in your case, Shaq has lost 50lbs in the off season .
May 18, 2005   01:19 AM PDT
Karthik family full of hot iyer. they need to be drowned in idli batter and dat karthik fellow needs to find his cuppa irish coffee i tell u.
May 17, 2005   05:36 PM PDT

*perks up at the mention of the SUPERSTAR!
May 17, 2005   11:52 AM PDT
nice one alpha.

my parents are starting the witch-hunt soon...will send them this to cross-check with their criterion list

tam-bram iyer,
the only star i know is superstar ;)
May 17, 2005   02:54 AM PDT
I spend enough time dodging the Qs..don't u get me into trouble.
May 17, 2005   02:32 AM PDT
I feel so sorry for Kartik!! He will probably die all alone and miserable surrounded by cats.
May 17, 2005   01:47 AM PDT
oh ma am worried abt my brother in aus .
tho only an year has passed since we have been looking for a bride for him ..but this shud speed up the search :D

May 16, 2005   07:01 PM PDT
May 16, 2005   11:38 AM PDT
That'll be the day! When indian's not only accept gayism but adopt and promote it....yeeesh!
May 16, 2005   03:34 AM PDT
Hilarious! Kartik still unmarried?
May 16, 2005   01:27 AM PDT
poor Karthik.. he is stuck in a hole... LOLOLOL..
May 16, 2005   01:09 AM PDT
Hilarious! Snicker!! Hhahahahahahaha! I-y-errr need to get back to work. :-) ha ha!
May 16, 2005   12:42 AM PDT
'iyerland' rock alpha, you ABSOLUTELY rock! What a hilarious post..:") *sniff, sniff*...ROTFL..
May 15, 2005   06:07 PM PDT
second time here. great posts !!

"You can count on me" same thing (counting) happened with me for sometime before though I was lucky to be under a roof couting books .....

Then went back to all ur archived posts and read everything that intersted me.

u rock !!!

blogrolling u hope its fine.
May 15, 2005   08:58 AM PDT
Great Post.
May 15, 2005   01:07 AM PDT
LOl...I could identify with Karthik....
May 14, 2005   09:41 PM PDT
I vehemently and categorically protest - Alpha is a traitor who is out to brush all Iyers the same way. I protest this blacking of the Iyer community.

May 14, 2005   03:32 PM PDT
12 PM...
4 PM....
Ha...ha... (crazy)
May 14, 2005   08:42 AM PDT
Your creativity is really showing these days, mebbe because of your "Alpha" mind? (Clue: latest ChennaiCentral post :-))
May 14, 2005   07:03 AM PDT
Ah, alpha, you are back. This is the tone and writing I've been looking forward to seeing on this page. Do not deviate :) unlike Karthik's hapless mom.
May 14, 2005   04:44 AM PDT
Funnny dude, though I did not anticipate the tragic ending ;)
May 14, 2005   02:46 AM PDT
May 14, 2005   02:15 AM PDT
LOL...Twin,that's a good one.I pity all the poor Karthiks around,who go bald looking for the 'right' brides..quite a hit also, was the 'Iyerish'gal in the chaddi-baniyan..poor guy.Can imagine his sad state..LOL...BTW, why not ask him to give an ad in Dubai?More 'Iyerish' people here than perhaps in India.
May 14, 2005   01:47 AM PDT
You're such a mean byatch...
Putting up my story without even an apology, and btw, it's not Shaq, it's Kobe we were talking about. :p

PS: Pls tell me you have a pretty cousin (male OR female) I could marry... (we'll settle down in LA, of course). :))
May 14, 2005   12:56 AM PDT
That was hilarious... :)
May 13, 2005   09:37 PM PDT
PATRIX: Yeah too much ego man..for me!

Anti: Yeah's true. Get your act togther..Dont put up pics with tulips if you don't want to end up with Shaq.

Muniya: Not every parent is as broadminded as you. You would be quite shocked to know that some parents have major issues with marrying of their iyer sons to Indian girls ...forget Irish.

Anti and Chakri: Hope you guys hooked up and continuing this exciting conversation elsewhere.
May 13, 2005   08:45 PM PDT
Chakri: i think i might..if they are still allowing ppl to invite others. Let me check. Meanwhile, why dont u email me!
May 13, 2005   08:21 PM PDT
hi anti, all of you.
May 13, 2005   07:19 PM PDT
Why cant Karthik marry IRISH girl and say HELL to IYER parents
May 13, 2005   05:02 PM PDT
Chakri, u asking me?
May 13, 2005   05:00 PM PDT

do u have an orkut invite/
May 13, 2005   04:38 PM PDT
Alpha, btw.. I just joined the Scrabble comm on Orkut ;)
May 13, 2005   04:37 PM PDT
So you know the guy? :O
Arre.. mere haal bhi aise hi hone wala hai kya? Maine socha ki, kya.. paanch chey photos dekhunga, do chaar ladki se baath karoonga aur ek se shaadhi karoonga. Itna tension hota hai kya?
Arre, mummy ko call karke abhi shuru karne ko bolna padega!
May 13, 2005   04:27 PM PDT
No wonder they say the three Tamil egos are I, Iyer, and Iyengar.
May 13, 2005   04:23 PM PDT

GABBY-ur post was instrumental to this.
May 13, 2005   03:25 PM PDT
Gabby: :D, though I made most of it up, many parents are like this. They just won't take a break.
May 13, 2005   02:54 PM PDT
ROTFL :D again.

Sorry, I might keep coming back with these. Karthik's parents crack me up.
May 13, 2005   02:48 PM PDT
thennavan: I didn't use the N-word, Karthik's mom did (10 years later) She can be pardoned as she thinks it's normal.

Zo: I'll pray that you land with do with some modern outlook.

Queer: Poor Karthik..all he did was transmit his woes to me. Will u be interested? Send jathagam to me.

Anti: Have we asked Ash if she is open to marrying poor iyer boys who are allegedly seeking her hand? I dont think in Karthik's case, he wants someone even close to alien is what he doesn't want. At least he shud feel attracted to the photo. I've seen them photos and methinks his parents don't really want him married.
May 13, 2005   02:30 PM PDT
Queer: Contrary to what Karthik seems to be going through, I don't think there is any shortage. ya i see your point though - a paucity of perfect ones! Karthik "seemed" (seemed cos the end of the episode seems to be "right now" with that nice Shaq in full form) to be a high maintanence guy! Hehe, I think such guys will face such a fate :p I think he does not know that gals like Aishwarya Rai are freaks of nature, an act of god which he/she would never bother to replicate!
May 13, 2005   01:49 PM PDT
LOL...oh boy I know exactly what that guys is going through!!! Looks like there is a shortage of guys and gals in the Iyerland;) or rather the perfect ones.
May 13, 2005   12:28 PM PDT
Alfoo is back in form. Poor Kartik. And whats wrong with girls from Tihar? They tend to be fiercely independent, broadminded and modern in outlook.
May 13, 2005   11:50 AM PDT
Alpha, I didn't know you can "write" the N-word. I know you can be sued if you say it (within earshot of someone likely to) but since you have used it in writing, I am assuming you must have consulted your lawyer(s) beforehand :-)
May 13, 2005   11:19 AM PDT
LMAO! Shaq!
May 13, 2005   11:06 AM PDT
ROTFL!!!! :D :D :D
May 13, 2005   10:49 AM PDT
too good.

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