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June 1, 2005   07:22 AM PDT
Good for you! I sent u a message with the 'contact u thing'. Tell me if you get it.
Twilight Fairy
June 1, 2005   01:17 AM PDT
Have a nice time!
May 28, 2005   06:46 AM PDT
LOL :D Are you really off to someplace??? Where where?!!

PS: Buzz me sometimes on yahoo, you are perpetually in invisible only :p
May 27, 2005   10:25 PM PDT
Err,u did say 'marooned with snakes'...or,is it the Gujju style of saying 'marooned with snacks'.:)
May 27, 2005   10:10 PM PDT
You are on camera at Chennai Central's weekend post (sorry to use a canned comment for all the bloggers for informing about that post since I don't have time to write individually to each). That post itself was many hours in the making :-)
May 26, 2005   03:20 PM PDT
Have fun !

Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing tall tales :D !
May 26, 2005   05:34 AM PDT
Apple & Snakes... that reminds me of the Garden of Eden..he he he
May 26, 2005   02:03 AM PDT
am bored of the tortoise.
get me one of them squirrels...will ya..
May 25, 2005   03:02 PM PDT
O Respected one, Have fun! Mebbe u can post some pics of your experience after morphing ur face with Lalitaji's :p
May 25, 2005   06:59 AM PDT
omg- zion and bryce canyon were one of my most memorable holidays. the hiking is out of this world. you have to try and walk at least five minutes in the are going to have a blast.
May 25, 2005   12:55 AM PDT
have a nice trip !!! I am sure you will have fun !!
May 24, 2005   08:05 PM PDT
Lol. Have fun!
May 24, 2005   06:21 PM PDT
have fun !!!
May 24, 2005   04:06 PM PDT
enjoy ur trip.
May 24, 2005   10:11 AM PDT
lol :) first time here , came in here from "My Thoughts"
May 24, 2005   05:44 AM PDT
You going to the desert to count cars?. Throw a penny if you spot a black 1996 Mustang GT with leather tan interior.
May 24, 2005   12:50 AM PDT
May the force be with you, alpha!!
May 23, 2005   11:45 PM PDT
lol ..have fun dear :)
May 23, 2005   11:26 PM PDT
You sure living it up! Sounds like an exciting trip coming up! Have fun!
May 23, 2005   10:26 PM PDT
LOL.Twin,have a great trip,find lots of funny incidents to blog about,and,return,fully refreshed to refresh us.:)Cheers.(Nice horoscope,btw)
May 23, 2005   10:22 PM PDT
Have a fabulous trip!!
May 23, 2005   08:52 PM PDT
Have fun.. me making a long overdue weekend trip to Niagara!
May 23, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
pompy: thanks. you too!
May 23, 2005   04:32 PM PDT
lol. have a great trip.
May 23, 2005   02:27 PM PDT
anti, no cribs man! That was my horoscope. i love backpacking. I am not looking forward to anything else now..not even eating that rotten apple. Snakes, Beware! When I'm back you'll have to deal with a travelouge.

gabby: kaam ka naam?
May 23, 2005   02:21 PM PDT
Abbey Alpha, you are going on a LOOOOOOOOOOONG weekend trip and your cribbing about it? :O

*sometimes looses all characteristics of Ravi Beta when he comes across these things from Lalithaji!
May 23, 2005   02:02 PM PDT
Come back alive Alpha...tere saath kaam hai.
May 23, 2005   11:50 AM PDT

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