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January 14, 2006   07:38 AM PST
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June 6, 2005   12:26 PM PDT
pomps: Glad you had fun at mammoth. Wow, thats quite far from where you live and closer to where I live. send pics.

Ramana/ Pallavi: I did have a great time.

Anon: was saddened to see that there was nothing about me.
June 6, 2005   05:41 AM PDT
simply awesome photos.. hope you had loads of fun :)
June 6, 2005   01:48 AM PDT
Hey Alpha, great to have ya back... looks like you had a great time.. :)
June 5, 2005   10:41 PM PDT
June 5, 2005   10:16 PM PDT
you had a good time :)

yosemite did not happen. went to Mammoth. was Wonderful. you been there?
June 5, 2005   08:40 AM PDT
Matrix, I hope you guys didn't assume that I'm covering the costs of the photographer.

VC: I don't think I shud even's hard to describe this place in words and do a semblance of justice. Alaska's description sounds about right.

Thanks for those nice words and reading thru my archives. Alpha came first.

Ashwin: Wonderful pictures yours. Maybe I'll take you as my photographer.

KJ/Coolcat: Hoodoos are structures made out of wind erosion in the Bryce Canyon. They have funny precarious shapes and amazing colours.

June 5, 2005   01:42 AM PDT
welcome back. wonderful snaps. BTW what are hoodoos?

June 4, 2005   05:04 PM PDT
wow.. wonderful description :).
I myself went to another paradise..the smoky mountains. some pics up on my blog.

Nice to know you had a good time!
June 4, 2005   03:23 PM PDT
Alpha - Words HAVE failed you this time. Grand Canyon post - a few thousand words. This post - a few hundred. Is this a trend? Does this mean some day there will be a post on a trip to Alaska which goes something like - "land, water, snow, home."

U write great. Started bloghopping just recently and caught up with all your past posts.
A question - did you come up with Alpha first and then came up with Beta, Gamma & Kappa later, or did you come up with (G)amma & (K)appa first and extrapolated to Alpha & Beta?
June 3, 2005   08:11 PM PDT
Sounds a great trip..with or without undigested maggi. though Patty has put his claim as fotographer, I shall fwd mine too, tell u I'm average Joe when comes to fotography!

one thing I'm not able to get over- yellow and black snakes.
June 3, 2005   04:21 PM PDT
anti: thanks..where's the red carpet?
June 3, 2005   04:21 PM PDT
Gabby & Star: Wait Ok! I am working on photoshop.

Patrix: You photographer? Why not! Beggars can't be chosers! I'm planning on the lamba travelogue..have to torture you all. But patty, please please go to zion.

payal,coolcat: pictures are only half as beautiful.

Tan: why mar the perfect surroundings?

Rhyncus: erm? Did U think I would sulk? I had the time of my life.

Zoheb: Have you been on the Imax rollercoaster? one Oj will be dealt with another.

amitL: Last thing I could think about. wait! last but was the last thing.

EC: You didn't hike in Zion? Blasphemy! Man! Complete Patel you turned out to be! Mansarovar sounds this some restaurant in Mumbai?

m: One of my best hikes. Seriously..words fail me (a cliche that I have to use). I'm glad you did stuff out there too. Were sad that we couldn't do the Narrows.
June 3, 2005   01:34 PM PDT
Welcome back :)
June 3, 2005   07:26 AM PDT
Ditto Gabby!

These pix dont prove YOU were there!!!!
June 3, 2005   07:03 AM PDT
both are probably the most wonderful hiking areas i have ever been to. its wonderful that you went.........i couldnt describe my feelings well enough........the exhiliration is inside oneself- and i guess i am happy that i know someone else that felt the same.
elaichi chai
June 3, 2005   04:04 AM PDT
I was there this time last May! ...didnt do the long hikes n all ... mera number aayega- Mansarovar this August!
June 3, 2005   03:32 AM PDT
Wow! The pictures are awesome! Wish you were in atleast one of them! ;-)
June 3, 2005   03:32 AM PDT
So did you have fun?
June 3, 2005   03:06 AM PDT
Hi,Twin...Welcome back...don't tell me u didn't miss blogging for even a single day???Tsk..:)Going to check out the pics now..
June 3, 2005   12:25 AM PDT
<i>just an IMAX view of the surrounding canyons, no seat belts</i>

Hmmm .... so it was just like being at IMAX without seat belts. Never knew you could get fined for not wearing seat belts in IMAX :P
June 3, 2005   12:06 AM PDT
whoa! breathtaking! What are hoodoos?
June 2, 2005   08:57 PM PDT
Whoaaaa...the pictures are breathtaking!!!
June 2, 2005   07:05 PM PDT
Should we expect a detailed travelogue like Ash? The hike sounds great though and ermmm...I hear you want a photographer.
June 2, 2005   06:19 PM PDT
Oye, stop linking and show us some evidence that YOU were there!!

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