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November 20, 2005   06:59 PM PST
Has anyone read Charlie Wilson's War?
September 29, 2005   12:21 PM PDT
came by
July 9, 2005   01:06 PM PDT
eM, I loved the Poisonwod bible too..Enjoyed the first half immensely.
July 9, 2005   10:03 AM PDT
Thens, I wish! Same old me..same old life.
July 9, 2005   09:11 AM PDT
Methinks Alpha is on to bigger things and maybe greater plans :-)
July 8, 2005   01:29 AM PDT
how about some update Alpha?
July 7, 2005   04:32 PM PDT
hi guys!...*shrivels backs into the pile of documents*
July 5, 2005   02:47 PM PDT
Hmmm.. Alpha goes missing and a thousand reasons crop up. First a broken nose and then lack of time and now India? :O
We want Alpha.. We want Alpha... we want Alpha...
July 5, 2005   01:57 PM PDT
she has gone to india. she will be back next weekend.
July 4, 2005   07:20 AM PDT
Seriously, what's wrong with you killjoy kids these days? A chain letter exists, and its purpose is to, viruslike, replicate and multiply.
Grrr! Throwing a spanner in the works and stopping a beautiful concept.
July 3, 2005   03:13 PM PDT
Alpha ji, kindly vaapas aayiye soon!
June 29, 2005   11:26 PM PDT
good to know that u r doin fine...
June 29, 2005   04:53 PM PDT
Thanks for dropping by people.

Me, I'm is my nose. I'm being held captive by evil person called 'Too much Life-too little time'.
June 29, 2005   02:11 PM PDT
hey is everything ok..
June 29, 2005   01:20 AM PDT
Hello, excellent stuff! Just thought I'd de-lurk and tell you :)
And I loved The Poisonwood Bible, didn't you?
June 28, 2005   09:59 AM PDT
Y this silence.
Looking for next Blog
June 25, 2005   11:36 PM PDT
Alpha, looks like you are busy with other things than blogging :-)

Have blogrolled you finally!
June 25, 2005   01:33 AM PDT
No 'Happy Birthday to me' posts this year?
June 24, 2005   11:59 PM PDT
i would have worried if alpha broke her problem...with the lies she is saying her nose will grow back more than before....what say alpha :p
June 24, 2005   02:02 AM PDT
New post plz.
June 23, 2005   07:20 PM PDT
Sorry to let you guys know, but alpha broke her nose recently and is getting it repaired at the hospital. Apparently she was poking it around too much :O
June 23, 2005   10:46 AM PDT
The silence is deafening!
June 21, 2005   09:08 AM PDT
Hey, alpha, no new posts? And you don't come visiting, either...busy busy?
June 19, 2005   09:18 AM PDT
You wanted your father to be a lawyer and have a boyfriend named
June 18, 2005   11:33 PM PDT
Hmmm... nice blog
Saltwater Blues
June 17, 2005   10:54 PM PDT
howdy alpha ... not posting no more?
June 17, 2005   09:19 PM PDT
wassup alpha long time no posts?? counting cars or helping karthik's mom??
June 17, 2005   02:36 PM PDT
Nice blog. And it's more interesting for me to be reading about a Transportation Engineer, since i too am presently a civil engineering student. Its an eye opener with regards to the actual work i might end up doing!!
June 15, 2005   03:19 AM PDT
This tagging thingie has made it to your blog as well? It's infectious!
June 15, 2005   03:09 AM PDT
YOU MISSED OUT ON ASTERIX? How could you? May the sky fall on you by toutatis. Also, may a dragon poop on your bookshelf.
Twilight Fairy
June 14, 2005   07:03 AM PDT
I was tagged too.. but I broke the chain :p :)
June 13, 2005   04:34 PM PDT
ok, time to come out of your hibernation.!
June 13, 2005   12:47 AM PDT
please somebody tag me with this book tag thing. I want to write about the books I like too. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
June 12, 2005   10:50 AM PDT
so many books , such a big rant n u thought u were a busy person? narayan narayan!!!
June 9, 2005   10:24 AM PDT
ohoho.........faithless soul....dumping patrix to see the world. anyways first thing is to come to miami to sign up adoption papers in blood.
June 8, 2005   10:30 PM PDT
m: I don't care about Patrix anymore. You are my mom. Take me wherever you go.

nag: It will happen, hopefully soon... need to figure out a way to find time.

catcharun: good luck..interested in Karthik iyer?

Gabby: I me to rant and then succumb! Anyway desirable daughters, I was going to pick up. Thank God I didn't.

Y: Saaley cucumber!!!! I wish I had just spent 99 cents and bought you a bottle of salt instead! You could have used it in your burgi to give it some flavor at least! My poor stomach that got inflicted with above mentioned burgi.

Anyway, I guess all the good muhrat for calling me has passed away. Lucky you.

richa: How the hell did you get talked into sending 100 bucks, I will never figure out.

ramana: I know.

amitL: Seriously! You might have sent 56 cards to get 3, out of which 2 was from you and one from me.
Don't you dare take cribbing away from me. If you do, you'll get a bird dropping on your head.
June 8, 2005   09:05 AM PDT
LOL.Twin,I remember those picture postcard chain letters...sent out two-three myself,and,remember having made some good penpals courtesy those cards.(Luckier than u,I guess..:))
As for the books chain,well,that's harmless anyway,na?So,why crib??Interesting to know ur choices of like and dislike...
June 8, 2005   12:20 AM PDT
Oh yeah, I do remember those 'chain' letters - 'send this to a gazzillion people or else...' :)
June 7, 2005   11:53 PM PDT
nahi re , not by courier .
it was one of those chain thingys whr you gave 100 bucks to the person who included you in the chain - then try and make 7 memebers urself . get 700 from them , forward 600 up the chain , keep 100 . then expect those 7 under you to forward some molaah to you , when they make further members.
i never got my 100 back , coz no one responded . :(

June 7, 2005   10:16 PM PDT
Catcharun: Dude, Did you have to go to him and mention about this conversation :p Now I am gonna get killed!
June 7, 2005   09:38 PM PDT
alpha : chillin is the right word..i'm in no hurry to get caught or to send my offspring to devon so that they may be seen and sterotyped as UIC kids by you :)..i'm just starting the 'karthik iyer' part of my life

aNTi : i did talk to a thanjavur-educated dude today who apparently hosted u we do have a common link

June 7, 2005   01:05 PM PDT
Donkey! Mera baccha! How are you my shweetu-teetu golu-molu??? Looks like all that kickass boxing really helped u out in Zion. Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you had such a great trip. Got your message...will call soon.
June 7, 2005   12:58 PM PDT
Confessions of a former Insomniac
(Day 123234. Time 2:45 AM)

This silent night has been my friend for so many years and yet...yet...I persist in this foolish exercise of trying to go to sleep...trying to will my mind to stop its ramblings and visit the abyss of dreams...but no. Never. I can't sleep. I can't even shut my eyes. I simply can't. *Sigh*...ok...let me start that new book tonight.

(Day 123234. Time 3:05 AM)

(Day 123234. Time 9:25 AM)
Whoa! I slept last night!!! I don't believe this!!!!! WOW!!!! I SLEPT!!! I SLEPT!!!But...but...HOW??? After all these years...HOW??? Whats that...the book I was reading...YES!!! It has to be the book...YES!

I have found it!...found the solution to my problem!!! And all because of a book called..."SALT"!

Thank You Alphu...thank you...I know I can never repay this favour. i feel alive...*sniff*...*aaaaachooooo*...*sniff*...

June 7, 2005   11:34 AM PDT
Good list Alphs - for somebody cribbing so much, you listed a whole lot of them!

An Obedient Father!! Try "Difficult daughters" !
June 7, 2005   10:32 AM PDT
Hi alpha

What happened to your travel log??
I thought a long travel log about zion national park was coming next.

June 7, 2005   10:24 AM PDT
i am going there 2nd-5th........and are you sure you want me as a mom. check with patrix......he will give you a thumbs down.
June 7, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
Ya.. i know.. those were totally un-related comments that stemmed from your possible sightings around Devon and the reference to UIC babies or kids or whatever terminology that u used to refer to researchers there!
June 7, 2005   09:41 AM PDT
catcharun: I hope you are caught by now and have kids of your own..considering you have been at a fresher's party in 2000. I take back my UIC kids. Didn't know people of my age are still chilling their butts there.

Anti: Kadalai means kadalai. girls means girls..why are you confusing the two? You are putting confusion in my tamil abilities. What has this got to do with my love for aforementioned books?

Shub: *Smiles back three times*

Pallavi: Person who started it knows weakness for books among bloggers and their innate ability to show-off. Hence it has become a hit. I would still be skeptical.

Sanguine: 100 bucks!!? I don't think the letter forced you to send stuff by courier.

Avenger: Now I see why your name is avenger. Remind me not to send you any kind of mail. Please direct your book throwing towards my house.

m: I had seen pictures of those. Breathtaking! Just love the way the mountains are shaped and the clouds that settle on them. Did you go on the boat ride? China is a far off cry for me..though I would love to go there once in my life. Will you adopt me?

June 7, 2005   06:57 AM PDT
When I get one of those annoying mails, I sometimes get so mad that I subscribe to idiotic newsletters on their behalf. They're a pain to get rid off and the email ids are shared with all and sundry so the inbox is inundated with spam.

A book I would throw, and with all the force I can muster is 'The Last Song of Dusk' by Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi. It SUCKS
June 7, 2005   03:55 AM PDT
i know your pain , alpha - of not getting responses to your letter. i invested my 100 rs in one such chain mail .. my hard earned pocket money - i thot i will get rich , very rich . never saw a single penny leave alone the millions that were promised.
i think i was scarred for life *sniff*
June 7, 2005   12:57 AM PDT
yeah tagging seems to be the flavour but its better than chain mail methinks .. :)
June 7, 2005   12:25 AM PDT
June 6, 2005   09:20 PM PDT
hey i put up a link to huangshan- i think it should rival zion- or perhaps surpass it. it might interest you.
June 6, 2005   09:18 PM PDT
Alpha: Seeeee, I have better ways of putting kadalai. And btw, I was actually complaining about the lack of the aforementioned kadalai for the six months that I frequented the UIC campus. It was a dry period, kadalai wise. Not so dry otherwise, but then you know I am a samathu payyan, so that kinda dry dont affect me.
Catcharun: Now, where I have I seen that nick? Anyways, its too common a nick to rack my miniscule brains for. Ya, I moved to Peoria sometime in October and every single weekend I was in Chicago. South Claremont, to be more specific. And then for a whole month in March, I was there when my roomie had to go to India.
June 6, 2005   08:15 PM PDT
alpha : how can u use oxymorons such as UIC kids ?..unless you are referring to the kids of the postdocs, the only group which has spent more time here than i have

anti : fall 2000 freshers partyaaa?? i think i was there..gosh its been so long that i dont even remember if the customary samosas were from devon or from the indian garden on ontario..i guess all the ruckus happened while i was stuffing my face with them..when were u here ? tht too for 6 months..
June 6, 2005   06:29 PM PDT
Patrix: Yes! You had better be indebted. Music???!!!! EGAD! keep me out of that. How much is your bribe rate these days? The salt book will surely make it to the list- Books that need to go. Yogu has prolly trashed the Salt book with his empty dabba of Morton Iodized namak.
June 6, 2005   06:24 PM PDT
Yay! I managed to get you to blog about this tagging thingie...I swear it is the last one. I hear one about music going around *shudder*. Thanks, re! I almost mentioned your "Into Thin Air" :)Yogu would definitely mention Salt.
June 6, 2005   06:13 PM PDT
Anti: only D saw me, how come you are joining the bandwagon happily? Blatantly putting kadalai for D will also make aforementioned desi 'gals' run away. This time from my blog.

m: At least you understand my urges.
June 6, 2005   05:42 PM PDT
hey the list gave you a reason to rant......your favorite sport.
June 6, 2005   05:40 PM PDT
And btw, there are desi gals in UIC? In the 6 months that I lurked around the UIC campus, I never saw even a single desi gal! Well, on second thoughts, that can be explained. Almost all (except one) my friends/roomies there are single Tam-brams with a solid rep to boot. In fact they admit that they caused so much ruckus at their freshers party or whatever in the Fall of 2000, that their rep has precedes them even now, a couple of years later and that desi gals run away in the opposite direction at their mere sight!
June 6, 2005   05:39 PM PDT
Alpha: Even the temporary Chicago dweller in me knows that Devon is a hangout for UIC "kids". So, you were merely stating the obvious. Ok, term this post as the "Ask all the personal questions" post, if you want ;) Cos another one follows - You from UIC? lol...
Nah, don't answer that. It just stuck me that after that Lalitaji post, this is the closest that some of us have gotten to "see" the real Alpha, if D did really see you and not "a different person with same name wearng same clothes lurking in the same place".
June 6, 2005   04:53 PM PDT
D: Woah! This is too much. S prolly doesn't have a clue. I was just going to write a post on her and her weird friends. Thank God you broke your mauna vratham. The sucky part is I even got introduced to you; your name and face has been completely erased from memory. I can only remember Mysore Woodlands. Yes, sureaa paakalaam.
June 6, 2005   04:35 PM PDT
hangout for 'Kids', *blush* thanks.
n e way not sure if S already reads ur blog. Roomba peesiten, would go back to being the silent reader. Apram paakalam.
June 6, 2005   03:56 PM PDT
Thennavan: GAS (Guilty as Suspected)

D: Thank God you didn't ask, the tomato would have jumped out of my stomach. Could have been a different person with same name wearing same clothes lurking in the same place. I guess Devon is a hangout for UIC kids.

Zo: YOU GOT ONE CARD?????!!!! How??!!! Was it the Tipu Sultan grave? Give it back to me!!! I can't see anyone else being so sincere and dumb.
June 6, 2005   03:44 PM PDT
I got one of those chain snail mails as a kid. Sent out 1 card and was suppossed to get back 25, but got back just one :-) Kya alpha, u read books and all. Me much impressed :-)
June 6, 2005   03:30 PM PDT

With my awesome eyesight and brilliant memory for faces, I wouldnt have recognised u with or without a nametag.

Actually hearing ur name being called out, just "alpha" rang out in my head. Unfortunately the realisation was a minute after u left, or I would have asked u.

Now its elementary my dear watson, er ..Nancy alpha drew..
June 6, 2005   03:21 PM PDT
Marrying the girl? Alpha, ISYO (I Suspect Your Orientation) :-)
June 6, 2005   03:04 PM PDT
D: ermm..Did I have a name tag with my blog address on it? Shameless plug that I am. Do we know each other? *Nancy Drew instincts perking up*
June 6, 2005   03:01 PM PDT
anti paiyen: I used to think I was Nancy Drew at one point...wanted my dad to become a lawyer and have a boyfriend called Ken. Or is that Barbie's boyfriend? Whatever!
My fav restaurant is Pizza Hut in Devon. I hate those desi restaurants except Sukhadias, which is a fast food joint. I mainly go there for groceries.

Star: It's Ok to say no offence for something offensive. Now when you call me realistic, I feel that's a bad thing.
June 6, 2005   02:59 PM PDT
wow,just missed catching u red tomato handed. :(, rather caught u rushing out of the vegetable shop, must have been the great escape after the crime:)
June 6, 2005   02:48 PM PDT
You know, people get easily offended, so somewhere in my comments I like to put little disclaimers like "no offense" or "just kidding" or "the voices in my head think you're weird but I try not to listen to them-dont be offended" ...

By the by, yes, your books were realistic- not political, sociological, religious, philosophical or analytical books we read to impress others- but rather books I wouldnt mind picking up myself.
June 6, 2005   02:48 PM PDT
Alpha, what about that international penpal club or whatever? I actually got this scrawled letter from this gal in Derby. And i had just enough patience to reply to one letter after which I found that I'd have better fun playing test match cricket in my second floor mottai maadi ;)
And ur book list is totally high funda. I mean, you've read Lapierre and not Dixon/Keene :p
Ahhh.. Alpha goes to Devon too, in addition to Zion! Chal, let me throw in one more personal question. Your fav. eatery in Devon for the next six months (cos thats what seems to be the lifespan of the average desi restaurent there)?

Thennavan: ROTFL! You are even funnier than me ;)
June 6, 2005   02:38 PM PDT
No offense? You found my list realistic? Was that a compliment?Yeah, I was going to pull out one obscure book from everyone's list and make a list of my own. But that was too much work.

If you haven't read the two, do read them soon. GOST might be a slow picks up. Review? Ask Patrix.
June 6, 2005   02:13 PM PDT
The one good thing about this quiz is seeing what everyone's reading, or rather what everyone wants everyone else to think they're reading. ;) No offense to you- I found your list very realistic compared to some.

Would you review 'Passage to India' and 'God of Small Things' when you get a moment?
What do you mean you dont do blog-requests?
June 6, 2005   01:47 PM PDT
D: I was very much there and so was everyone else. Which one was you? Did you catch me eating tomatoes in the grocery store without paying?

Thennavan: No da..nothing similar to that. In fact, I am taken so much by this comment that I plan on hiring the poor guy, marrying the poor girl. The old man and woman, you take care of.
June 6, 2005   01:41 PM PDT
"Dear Alpha,

Don't discard this comment. Pass it along to five other bloggers and you will receive a lucky reward in the next few days. Your life is about to change totally for the better. A guy who did not forward this comment lost his job. A girl who did not forward this comment had to end her relationship with her boyfriend. An old man who did not forward this comment did not receive his social security check for three months. An old lady who did not forward this lost her chance to grab the first day sale on Memorial Weekend. So, don't delay. Forward this comment to as many people as you can and see a windfall in your life."


I am sure you were not referring to such things, right "PH" ? :-)
June 6, 2005   01:36 PM PDT
Been reading ur blog for a loong time now, and thought would finally make my presence felt. Were u in Devon on Sat eve by any chance? more personal q thrown at u;)

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