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Wow!! this site is very busy... i can see that you are such a bookworm LOL. Well, i find it cool.. i like Harry Potter's Story.. it's just that i only had the first book on my bookshelves. maybe you can lend me the other books LOL. ( just blog hopping!! )
November 18, 2005   07:31 PM PST
I watched the movie already...its pretty good! I took about one weekend...one determined, driven weekend with endless supply of snacks and comfortable bed,:D

Btw...the movie GOF...is good. Better than the previous one. Watched it 12am today :D
November 8, 2005   03:42 PM PST
Hmm...whatever happened to Yogustus? You're still in orbit (sort of) but he seems to have imploded...
November 7, 2005   08:25 AM PST
howdy S
Name Muniya
October 24, 2005   01:05 AM PDT
A Blog on Katrina is due. When can we read your adventures ?
Hiren Shah
October 20, 2005   09:05 AM PDT
I came to know that potter's author is the first writer billionaire. Considering that there are many writers and poets who have lived a life of poverty and obscurity, that is a fantastic achievement. I wish I had the time to go through potter.
October 3, 2005   04:47 AM PDT
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August 23, 2005   05:33 AM PDT
ok .. have u finished reading all three harry's one after another (and remebering every line to rewrite the fourth, w/o looking, exactly the way jkr did)? .. if u have, then let's read about ur xperiences with tom and dick (pun not intended, pls note)!!
August 23, 2005   04:15 AM PDT
Lalithaji, kya hua? July 20th ke baad kuch bhi nahin.
August 20, 2005   01:27 PM PDT
have read and then stared at tripled harry umpteen times. nothing new to read ... dont u wanna behave first in keeping ur blog fresh at least wekly????? the kid, no doubt!!!!
August 18, 2005   08:29 AM PDT
hey....your blog is back...I;m so glad...for a few days it felt like dementors were set loose and there was never gonna be any happiness again in the blog world :)
July 26, 2005   11:54 PM PDT
Just yesterday I received the entire 'half blood prince...' version in pdf format over email!! Though am extremely tempted to download it and read it, I know am not gonna do it...it's just not in me to promote piracy. All the hype and hoopla around the negativity of the rowling books notwithstanding, it's hard work and end of day, any author should get her due in terms of money paid for her work. So, when I feel like reading it, i'm gonna buy it off the shelf.
July 26, 2005   03:35 PM PDT
Why why why...everywhere...every f* where....
Pat on me back. Still didn稚 get manipulated...
still go, pick the book form the shelf and leave it back on shelf with a look, 土a look better here!!
July 25, 2005   07:42 AM PDT
..come to think of it, you havent sent me anything for my wedding... hmmm ...
July 23, 2005   01:26 AM PDT
just finished reading the book.

Someone verrrrrrrrrrrry dear to Harry dies and he is killed by <ok..no spoilers.>.

And there is also some suspense for the next volume.

15 bucks for shopping from evanston. it is a 15 minute drive for me.
July 22, 2005   11:23 AM PDT
Zo: If you saved up the used pages, maybe that could fetch you more than $200 once you are famous. You never know Gabby might be into collecting famous people's memorabilia.
No thanks, me not interested. My Barbie doesn't read. Let me know if you have miniature nail polish.
July 22, 2005   11:04 AM PDT
I have a miniature cute 200$ Harry Potter book (the same as the original only smaller i.e. a few hundred pages were ripped out whence me ran out of toilet paper) . Would you or Gabby be interested in buying it from me?
July 22, 2005   11:01 AM PDT
VC: You are too young to be reading Harry potter...or even uttering that word.

fillu: What only 8.75 I get for precious books? I might as well use it as a step ladder or donate it to pudi wala.

pallavi: Good idea..now who wants a gift in exchange for a diamond earing?

Matrix: You cheapie..you think you can just buy some bhel and read Harry Potter for free? I might be sued. Not letting that happen!
July 22, 2005   04:26 AM PDT
Well I was gonna suggest you to go on a "I-will-donate-HP/THBP-to-some-poor-fan-look-I'm-so-great" drive...but since u r waiting for colors to gift u 3 copies each of the rest of series...seems like all the bhelwalas in Chicago will soon 've lots of paper to make their pudis!
July 22, 2005   02:40 AM PDT
I am sure you can gift it back to someone who really wants it.. I have yet to get my copy ... planning to pick it up this weekend :)
July 21, 2005   08:26 PM PDT
Actually, I did send it. The spam filter must have blocked. I forwarded it to yahoo just now.
July 21, 2005   07:08 PM PDT
Now say this fast 10 times - "Potter parties, porta-potties, porter paattis"
July 21, 2005   06:04 PM PDT
bloghopper: you are not with me man. I bought one, got 2 more as gifts. so! and I am not aware of the current diaper rates, so will not bet on the three months supply bit. also not very familiar with baby's peeing patterns.
July 21, 2005   05:54 PM PDT
fillerman: If you sent that email to JKR (coz I aint got no email), she may not appreciate you telling her to sell her copies. Hope you didn't get surges of friendly vibes and decided to send me a copy.

tidbits: You also? Here I'm talking about pre-potter depression.

Patrix: kanjoos! I was hoping another hard bound copy. i'm running one short of making myself a diwan.

rationale: I thought you might have dissolved it in water and drank it by now (tamil saying).

ash: Sucked? What a pain! I'll read it ayway..I have got mixed reviews.

gabby: what will you do with a free copy anyway..you dont read em. it's too big to be your door stopper.

angel: tell them it's not too late to get into your good books again. Maybe they can atone for their sins by buying the book from me. I'll even autograph it for you.

July 21, 2005   05:50 PM PDT
If you did get the two books as gifts, how come JKR got three months supply of diapers ? Or are you saying you gifted yourself ??
July 21, 2005   01:36 PM PDT
Ummmm.....kaise kahoon....uhmmm....in case you wanna dispose it I'll be more that happy to send you my address....there that wasnt so difficult....
-crazed Potter Fan who didn't pre-order and who's parents don't get the craze
July 21, 2005   12:34 PM PDT
Well sell the extra two !! Since they came as gifts, you're bound to make a profit ... and then you can buy a couple of muchhhhhhh better books... cos I read this one agerly, and I have to say, it SUCKS !!
July 21, 2005   12:19 PM PDT
Who dies? Who dies?

*She'll start giving them out free if we make this painful enough for her*
July 21, 2005   11:06 AM PDT
Happy Potter-6! I am not coming back to your blog until I have read it! (Dont want to know who dies, or comes alive for that matter!)

And yeah, for what I have read of it, it seems good, a lot of "teenage"isms for my taste... but then again, I guess JKR has to please everyone! :)
July 21, 2005   11:06 AM PDT
Want me to send you the online version too? :)
July 21, 2005   11:06 AM PDT
I like harry pottertoo ....and like some one said in a newspaper vent...I also had post-potter depression...
July 21, 2005   10:29 AM PDT
I sent ya an e-mail link for a place to sell your extra Harry potters and make some money. Alternatively, donate it to a school or library.

PS: This is a major downside of "surprise" gifts.
July 21, 2005   08:18 AM PDT
no! like I said I have enough time to brush my teeth these days. It's that or reading a book. Anyway, whatever it is..No divulging who dies OK! Or else there will be another death.
July 21, 2005   07:29 AM PDT
So did u read the book?
July 21, 2005   06:50 AM PDT
AmitL: I think many people don't like admitting that they read Harry Potter. I tried auctioning at work..they all looked at me strange..rolled their eyes and ran home to their own Harry potters. Some of them I'm sure have finished their books and are reading it for the second time.

blogdrive favorites? Like the rediff favorites? Doesn't everyone get there once in their blogging life? But thanks for pointing it out.

chakri: Good. Do u want a few more? Just 16 bucks. With shipping and handling, it'll be 36.

Lee: Thats not a bad idea. Lets exchange addresses..I'm going to be RICH! Yay!

colours: I didn't think of it that way..how abt you gifting me two each of the rest of the five Harry Potter books so that my three kids dont fight amond each other.

chugs: If I have uneven chairs that need a Harry Potter book to get propped up, I shud seriously consider getting another chair.

smiley: I bet you have forgotten that you got poisoned when you were in Chennai.
July 21, 2005   04:28 AM PDT
LOL..I will wait for the movie. I am blessed with short term memory. Even if Harry died, I wouldnt remember it.
July 21, 2005   04:11 AM PDT
keep them handy for when u have to squash those roaches.
will also be useful in propping uneven sofa/table legs.
July 21, 2005   02:49 AM PDT
Maybe you could have 3 children - a book for each ???
July 21, 2005   12:31 AM PDT
HEY! Why don't you send the extra one to me? I haven't bought my copy yet.

1 1/2 Blood Prince was priceless :-)
July 20, 2005   11:43 PM PDT
It is a great book. I just started reading it.
July 20, 2005   11:22 PM PDT
BTW,Congrats..u're on the 'favourites' list on blogdrive main page...wow.:)
July 20, 2005   10:56 PM PDT
LOL..Twin,u should have put up all the three Hari Puttar books for auction on ur blog(..then,that diamond set would have been closer to you), instead of giving them for use as pott(er)y training for a kid.

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